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Bianco Antico

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Bianco Antico granite countertops boast a warm white base with striking veins of black and beige. This intricate design gives each piece its own distinct personality, making it a standout addition to any kitchen or bathroom. The durable and low-maintenance qualities of granite ensure that your countertop will maintain its beauty for years to come. With its natural beauty and versatility, Bianco Antico granite is a perfect choice for those seeking a sophisticated and functional surface. Whether paired with traditional or contemporary styles, this countertop is sure to elevate the look of any space.

Was $50/sqft. Now only $43/sqft!


Granite (Natural Stone)


Prefab (Precut to exact sizes to save you money.)


High (Very resistant to stains and scratches.)


Yes (Available for pickup today!)

Price ($-$$$)

On Sale!

Color Tones

Beiges, Blacks, Grays

Edge Type

Full Bullnose

Countertop Sizes

98"x26", 110"x26"

Backsplash Size