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African Canyon

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African Canyon granite is a premium natural stone quarried in South Africa, known for its unique and luxurious aesthetic. The golden-yellow surface is accented by blue and white veins that resemble winding rivers, creating a distinct and elegant appearance. The predominant texture features blues in various forms, including dotted veining, long streaks, and small pockets of black texturing, giving the stone a truly unique and intricate visual character. African Canyon granite’s regal charm enhances any space, as its overall composition is a solid color of gold, despite the intricate textures. The durability and low maintenance makes it a popular choice for architects, builders, and homeowners.


Granite (Natural Stone)


Prefab (Precut to exact sizes to save you money.)


High (Very resistant to stains and scratches.)


Yes (Available for pickup today!)

Price ($-$$$)


Color Tones

Blacks, Blues, Golds, Grays

Edge Type

Standard Straight Edge

Countertop Sizes

98"x26", 110"x26"

Island Sizes

98"x36", 98"x42", 98"x52"

Backsplash Size