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Restaurant Remodeling

Renovating Restaurant Spaces


Creating Restaurant Spaces

Enhance your restaurant ventures with Superior Stone & Cabinet’s bespoke remodeling and installation services. Our top-tier stone countertops, stylish cabinets, and other premium materials are perfect for giving any dining establishment an enticing makeover. Whether you’re renovating an existing restaurant or outfitting a new one, our offerings can significantly boost its appeal and value. This investment not only elevates the aesthetic of your space but also positions you to attract more customers and increase your profitability.

Why work with us?

At Superior Stone & Cabinet, our expertise in large-scale apartment remodels sets us apart. We take pride in our wholesale, direct importer pricing model.

  • Commercial Wholesale Pricing
  • Any Size Restaurant Project
  • We Are Commercial Remodeling Contractors
  • We Can Work With Your Schedule
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We Remodel All Restaurant Spaces

Fine Dining

Revitalize your fine dining restaurant with elegant remodeling. Enhance ambience through luxurious décor, sophisticated lighting, and exquisite furniture, creating an unforgettable, upscale dining experience for your guests.

Quick Service

Transform your quick service restaurant with efficient, modern remodeling. Focus on streamlined layouts, durable materials, and vibrant branding to optimize customer flow and enhance the fast-paced dining experience.


Coffee Shops

Utilize Superior Stone & Cabinet for your coffee shop’s interior to infuse elegance and durability. Their premium countertops and cabinets offer a blend of style and practicality, enhancing ambiance and functionality.

Large Restaurants

Renovating large restaurants involves upgrading spacious interiors with stylish, durable fixtures, enhancing dining areas for comfort and efficiency, and creating a memorable, inviting atmosphere for a diverse clientele.

Restaurant Remodeling Materials


Get cabinets for your apartment complex.

Superior Stone & Cabinet offers an extensive range of high-quality cabinets, ideal for enhancing any restaurant’s interior. Our cabinets are not only sleek and contemporary in design but also highly practical, providing abundant storage space essential for a busy culinary setting. Elevate your restaurant with our superb cabinetry, designed to meet the unique needs of a dynamic dining environment.

Restaurant Countertops

We install granite and quartz.

Transform your restaurant with Superior Stone & Cabinet’s exquisite quartz and granite countertops. These premium materials offer both visual allure and exceptional durability, perfect for the demands of a busy dining environment. Easy to maintain and aesthetically striking, these countertops can significantly elevate the ambiance of your eatery while also enhancing its value. Choose our beautiful, enduring surfaces to make a lasting impression on your patrons.

Our showroom has may tile samples for you to choose from.


Your commercial flooring experts.

Elevate your commercial kitchen and restaurant interiors with Superior Stone & Cabinet’s exquisite tile flooring. Crafted for both style and endurance, our tile options are perfect for areas with significant foot traffic. With their easy-to-maintain nature, these floors promise to keep your culinary and dining spaces looking elegant and fresh.

Conveniently located in Phoenix.

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Our showroom is located at 3479 East University Drive in the heart of Phoenix, Arizona.

Located minutes from downtown, Sky Harbor International Airport, and Arizona State University, Superior Stone & Cabinet is easily accessible from the following communities in the Valley of the Sun:

Phoenix • Scottsdale • Glendale • Mesa • Chandler • Gilbert • Tempe • Peoria • Paradise Valley • and more!