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Renovating Your Kitchen on a Budget

Do you want to remodel your kitchen, but are restrained by your budget? No problem, heed our advice and you will be able to get it done.

Replace your cabinet doors

Completely replacing your cabinets may be expensive, but not when you only replace the doors. Talk to a company which offers kitchen cabinets Phoenix and they will suggest some great door designs for you.

If your kitchen is too old, you may also have to replace the hinges. With time, they weaken and reduce durability of the cabinets. You can also think about spray painting your doors if you want to lower your budget even more. And by the way, if you are good with DIY methods, you should be able to manage this by yourself.

Get new cabinet hardware

Is replacing the doors expensive for you? No problem, let’s narrow it down even more. Just replace the cabinet hardware, and your cabinet will look as good as new.

Contact a company which offers kitchen cabinets Phoenix and they will show you some great hardware that complements your existing cabinet.

Coat your countertop

Do you hate this old countertop of yours? It looks so old fashioned, does it not? Problem is you just cannot afford a new countertop right now. Contact a professional service and instead of replacing your countertop, they will recoat it with granite. The appearance of your countertop will be completely transformed this way, and you will only be spending a fraction of the cost.

Install some accent lighting fixtures

Want to brighten up your kitchen and make it look trendier? Improve your lighting with some accent lighting. Pendants are a great choice in this regard, and add a modern, elegant look to any kitchen. You can also go for other decorative lighting fixtures if they are within your budget.

Switch to LEDs

Do you still have those halogen lights in your kitchen? Their time is long gone. Halogen lights are not a great option for ambient lighting because their glare can cause fatigue. Replace all your halogen bulbs with the LEDs. They may cost you more initially, but remember, they significantly reduce your electric bills.

Repaint the ceiling

Painting your entire kitchen might not be in your budget, but you can always coat your ceiling with neutral white anytime you want. This is another task, which you can manage by yourself. As for the effect, a newly painted ceiling will brighten up your kitchen and make it more attractive.

Or maybe you can paint a wall

Can you flex your budget a bit? We are still not asking you to paint the whole kitten. Just paint one of the walls. Go for a bright color like orange or blue, and your kitchen will look classy when you are done.