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Remodeling Your Kitchen without Straining Your Budget

So you have plans to remodel your kitchen, but your budget is the biggest obstacle. You just do not have enough savings to give your kitchen a new look. Is there any solution to this problem? Yes! First of all hire a reputed Phoenix kitchen remodel company that offers the best rates in town without compromising on quality. Secondly, follow the suggestions which we have for you:

Spray paint your cabinet doors

So you want to give your cabinets a new look. Yes, you can reface the cabinet doors, which is an economical option. However if your kitchen is old, we advise you against this. When you reface the doors, you will also have to replace the hinges as well. Now as time passes, the structure of your cabinet weakens and it starts to sag.

A much better idea is to spray paint your cabinets in any color that you like.

Replace the hardware

Replacing the hardware of your cabinet gives the structure a brand new look. You can go with any design that you like and the effect is quite stunning.

Cover your countertop with granite

You are so tired with your old kitchen countertop. Now if you replace it, you will have to bear huge expenses. If you just change the top, you will get a new appearance but after comprising on the durability. Instead, ask a reputed remodeling company in Phoenix to cover you countertop with a quarter inch veneer of granite. Now, you will have the new look and retain the durability as well.

Use accent lighting to play around with the ambiance

Proper lighting is an integral part of any remodeling project. Do it properly, and you will beautify your kitchen. Install some pendants or other decorative elements to make the appearance more elegant.

Change the ceiling lighting

Does your kitchen have halogen lighting? The glare of this light is really strong. A better option is to install energy efficient LED bulbs. These have a long life and can easily be installed without any ceiling repairs.

And have enough of it

One more point worth mentioning. We have come across so many kitchens in which there is just not enough lighting. You should install more fixtures so that your kitchen looks cheery and bright. Cannot figure out what you want? Your kitchen remodeling company should be able to advise you.

Paint the ceiling

You do not have to paint the entire kitchen; just give the ceiling a fresh coat. With time, the ceiling gets covered with smoke and dirt; paint will make your kitchen look better.

So how much did you spend in remodeling your kitchen? We are sure you will have achieved this is in a budget friendly way. If you want more advice, take help from a reputed Phoenix kitchen remodel company.