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Kitchen Island Buying Guide

If you want your kitchen to be more valuable and stylish, a kitchen island is a great choice. It even gives you with extra counter space which makes it even better. In the simplest of terms, a kitchen island is just an additional workspace that is usually in the heart of your kitchen. The most basic islands are just extra counters and at their extreme, kitchen islands can be complete with sink, appliances, and storage.

Whichever style you opt for, make sure you buy the island from a reputed company that offers kitchen countertops in Phoenix. But before you do so, here is what you need to know.

Suitability and Space

In most kitchens, an island does look great and provides you more space. But if your kitchen is small or too narrow, it is not a great idea. Should you try to fit one in your kitchen, you will always be bumping into it and it will just serve as an obstacle.

For small kitchens, instead of an island, you should just increase your storage options.


Just want extra space? A minimalist island will do you good. This is as high as a table and will make it easier for you to prepare your food. You can also opt for a standard cabinetry and countertop unit, which also provides you with space. Want an advanced version? Go for built-in range that features a dishwasher and under-counter microwave.

If storage is your only purpose, a cabinetry unit is a great choice. We recommend a combination of closed and open storage for more versatility.

Should your kitchen be too spacious and you have plenty of friends over, you should go for a bi-level kitchen island. On one side, there is space for you to prepare food and the other side features a breakfast bar.


There are so many people who believe that a kitchen island must be of the same style as your cabinets. This can be, but it is not a necessity. We suggest that you should choose a style that compliments and then opt for a darker finish for a trendy look. As for the doors, eschew solid doors are a great choice.

Even if the style is different, it should compliment your kitchen design and make it look attractive.

Countertop Choices

Countertops that are featured with a kitchen island have to bear heavy traffic, which is why they must be of a durable material. If you have the budget, we suggest granite and quartz. Corian is another durable material but it offers reduced resistance to heat.

For people on a low budget, laminate is the best choice. It is available in a wide range and is easy to maintain.

So contact a reputed company which offers kitchen countertops in Phoenix if you want more space.