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Countertops Buying Guide

Planning to remodel your kitchen? You have picked up quiet an expensive project, but all money that you spend will be worth it. Redesigning projects do not just beautify your home, they also increase the value.  Among all the aspects of a kitchen remodeling project, selecting a countertop is an important part. There are many companies which offer wood, marble and granite countertops in Phoenix. Depending on the materials and quality that you opt for, the prices vary. While looking around for a suitable product, here are some things which can help you in making a decision.

Think on a broader scale

When you search for a suitable option at a company that offers wood, marble and granite countertops in Phoenix, AZ, they will often show you small samples of the material. The actual products vary with this, and until you have taken a look at them, you cannot really be sure if they will complement with the rest of your kitchen design. A better approach is to view pictures of ask the representatives to show you actual kitchens where they installed that countertop. If they cannot do this, you should at least request them to show you actual materials rather than just a sample. At times, you may have to pay for this, but this gives you better idea. If your chosen materials are laminate or recycled glass, there will not be much difference, but if you are opting for a stone, there can be variations in just one slab as well. So view this beforehand, and make sure you are satisfied with it.

What type of sink will you have?

If your sink is going to be under mounted or will overlap the surface of your counter, then your countertop material must be waterproof.  Examples of these include stone, quartz, stainless steel and concrete. As long as you are not choosing stone, you can match the rest of the materials with your sink.

Choose an appropriate edge

Countertops are available in a variety of edges such as round, squatted bull-nosed and beveled. Round edges are the safest and do not cost a lot. Bull-nosed edges are more stylish, but more expensive as well.

Consider bringing down the costs

Remodeling kitchen can be expensive, and you should try to bring the costs down as much as possible. As far as countertops are considered, you can do this mixing the materials. For instance, you can have a more quality material for the bigger countertop and for the corner one, you can do with a less expensive material as well. Just make sure that the  designs you choose are similar. Generally, a slab for a countertop is about 1.25 inches thick. If you buy a slab with a thickness of .75 inches, it will do just as good.