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Kitchen Renovation Tips: How to Choose the Perfect Granite Countertop

Granite countertops in Phoenix Arizona

Did you know that it takes a temperature of 1,215ºF to 1,260ºF in order to melt granite? This means that a granite countertop can withstand a hot pan and is perfect for your kitchen renovation.
But, is granite really worth the investment?
In this article, we offer our top kitchen renovation tips and discuss granite countertop benefits. Read on to find out what your kitchen is missing.

Consider Your Kitchen Style

First on our list of kitchen renovation tips is to consider the existing style of your kitchen. While most types of granite countertops fit with most kitchen styles, there are some that are more complementary than others.

What Are Your Goals?

When considering your kitchen style, you should also factor in how content you are with its current appearance and your goals for your renovation. Consider what you plan to change now or in the near future.
This may affect your choice. For example, if you aren’t happy with your kitchen cabinets, don’t match your granite countertop to them.

How Much Room Do You Have?

When choosing granite kitchen countertops, many homeowners get too focused on their favorite style of granite and forget to consider the size of their kitchen. The right granite countertop should expand your kitchen.
Certain types of granite countertops can make your kitchen feel smaller while others add more light and visual interest. While you shouldn’t let a small kitchen limit you too much, it’s a factor worth considering.

Match Your Primary Color to Your Kitchen

One of our kitchen renovation tips is to match the type of countertop to your kitchen’s primary color.
Since granite countertops tend to have two colors to choose from, match the primary color to your kitchen’s main color.

Consider the Pattern

Granite patterns vary and can range from small veins and swirls to large veins and swirls. The right one is based on personal preference, kitchen style, and how subtle you want the countertop to look.
Thin veins blend into the main color of the granite more easily, so they’re less noticeable. If you have a visually busy kitchen, small veins offer better contrast while large veins are more dramatic and eye-catching.

Granite Quality

If you want your granite to look amazing and last longer, be sure to choose high-quality slabs. Important factors to consider include the following:

-Surface pitting
-Color variation
-Inclusions and pitting

All marble is rated on a level-based system ranging from one to five. Five is the most expensive and highest quality while one is the lowest.

Types of Granite Countertops

Now that you know the most important considerations when choosing a granite countertop, you should understand the different types of countertops available to you.

White Granite

For homeowners wanting a simple, neutral style but still something visually interesting, white granite is a great option. Other white countertops can be boring and featureless, but white granite is a great balance.
White is a great color for most home features, including any type of wood. It also complements most colors, including white and black.

Black Granite

A black granite countertop is a perfect choice for someone wanting a dramatic addition to their kitchen. It tends to hide veining and swirls, so this is ideal for someone wanting a solid color.
Black is a modern choice, especially for those with a large kitchen area. Dark colors can make a room feel smaller, so be sure you have plenty of room to work with.

Beige Granite

If white is too plain and black is too dramatic, beige granite countertops are a compromise. Plus, it’s easy to see the beautiful brown and/or gray veining and swirls throughout.

Brown Granite

For homes with a light-colored kitchen such as those with light wood cabinetry, brown is one of our favorite types of granite countertops. It can give your home a rustic, country look that feels friendly and inviting.

Colored Granite

One of our top kitchen renovation tips is to consider making your granite countertop the focal point of your kitchen. Jewel-toned granite is a great way to achieve this such as with red, green, or even purple granite.
If you choose this option, we recommend keeping the rest of your kitchen neutral. Otherwise, the rest of your kitchen may compete with the granite for focus and your kitchen may seem unbalanced.

Benefits of Granite Countertops

The number of factors to consider when choosing a granite countertop can be overwhelming, especially in the midst of a full kitchen remodel. However, there are many benefits of choosing granite over other types of materials.


One of the most obvious granite countertop benefits is that they’re attractive. Granite can be surprisingly affordable and yet it looks sophisticated and luxurious in almost any kitchen.


Out of all of the different types of countertops, granite is one of the most durable options. After diamonds, it’s one of the hardest materials in the world, which makes it perfect for homes prone to accidents.
This means they’ll last for decades, especially if properly cared for. Even if granite is a stretch for your budget, consider the longevity you’ll get out of your investment.

Resistant to Heat

If you’ve ever scorched your countertops with a hot pan, you’ll love having a granite countertop. Granite is heat-resistant and won’t burn like other types of countertops. However, you should still use pot holders for longevity.

Resistant to Stains

When installed professionally and with a proper sealant, a granite countertop is resistant to stains. This is ideal for chefs or those who cook frequently.
However, granite is porous, and spills should be cleaned immediately to prevent damage to the sealant.

Put Our Kitchen Renovation Tips to Use

These kitchen renovation tips can transform your kitchen from plain to eye-catching. Regardless of the style you want to achieve, choosing from the different types of granite countertops can help you get there.
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