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Are Granite Countertops a Good Investment for Your Home? Check Out the Best Granite Countertops AZ Has to Offer

Granite has been used for thousands of years – and for a good reason, as it is not only durable and highly resistant to corrosion and abrasions, but it also has a luxurious and elegant look that really appeals to people. Granite can perfectly fit in every room of your home, especially in the kitchen. You can never go wrong if you decide to invest in the best granite countertops AZ has to offer.

Brief overview of granite countertops

Granite countertops have become very popular among homeowners lately, especially among those who want to add extra value to their home with several basic, yet important kitchen upgrades. Just like the human fingerprint, each piece of granite is unique in its own way and is naturally shaped by nature. There are countless materials that aim to mimic the color, texture, feel and appearance of granite countertops, but none of them will ever rise to the same level of quality and performance.

There are numerous types of granite countertops available on the market, and the modular ones seem to be very sought after nowadays. Easy to install, hassle-free and cost-effective at the same time, the modular granite countertops are very profitable and they can be installed either by the homeowner or by a professional independent contractor. Having said that, here you will find deeper insight into the most notable benefits of granite countertops, and why they are a great investment for your home.

What makes these countertops a good long-term investment?

1. Granite countertops will always be considered a high-end upgrade

Perhaps the most important benefit of opting for granite countertops is that they will not depreciate in value as time passes. In other words, if you decide to sell your home five, ten or twenty years from now and you want to focus on affordable home upgrades that will recoup the most after you put your home on the market, then look no further than granite countertops. They will be just as expensive and luxurious, decades from now!

2. These countertops add comfort and style to your kitchen

Not only do granite countertops add value to your kitchen, but they also add a touch of style, freshness and elegance. Luminous and very exquisite at the same time, these countertops are the perfect choice for modern kitchens. Besides, they require minimal maintenance in the long haul, making them the perfect choice for busy homeowners who do not have too much time at their disposal, but love to have a squeaky clean kitchen at all times.

Unlike many other materials that require special (and often expensive) cleaning products, granite can be easily cleaned with a damp piece of cloth, lukewarm water and soap. The thin protective film that covers the granite is very resistant, and there is little you can do to actually damage it. However, you can apply an extra thin layer of special wax if you want to make sure that your countertops maintain their natural shine over the years.

3. Granite is extremely durable

As mentioned above, granite is very durable, which means that you do not have to worry about accidentally dropping a hot pan on it or cutting bread on the bare countertops – neither will damage them. Moreover, granite is also very resistant to stains: while it is true that certain countertops do need to have their sealing replaced once every several years, they are highly resistant to stains and most of the chemicals found in household cleaning products.

The sealing of these countertops actually has another benefit – it is not porous (unlike most wooden cutting boards, which create the perfect environment for bacteria to thrive), which means it’s much more sanitary than traditional countertops, as we know them.

4. There are plenty of colors and textures to choose from

Granite is also an extremely versatile material, and it is known to maintain its properties and color for years to come. Apart from this, you can easily have custom-made, personalized arizona granite countertop models that match the general décor of your kitchen. All you have to do is select the desired shade and take the right measurements. It is safe to say that granite truly is a timeless material, one that will never become old-fashioned!

5. Granite can be used both indoors and outdoors

Luckily, the granite countertops AZ offers are so versatile, that you can easily use them both indoors and outdoors. They are a great choice for a classy indoor kitchen, and they are an even better option for an outdoor summer kitchen. Highly resistant to harsh weather conditions and UV rays coming from the sun, granite will maintain its natural shine and pleasant shade for a very long time.

6. The customization options are endless

The kitchen is certainly one of the most important rooms in your home: the chances are that this is where you spend a few hours each day, be it for cooking or eating. This is why it is important to upgrade your kitchen just the way you want to – if you want to give it the ultimate makeover and need to make sure that it stands out from the other kitchens in your neighborhood, you should certainly consider investing in granite countertops. You can easily tailor the granite sheets to your liking: this durable material can be cut into squares, ovals, arches and so on.

Besides, it is up to you to decide whether you want square edges or special rounded edges, although the latter are often a better choice for families with small children, as they are commonly seen as “child-proof”. You can even take your granite countertops to the next level by having a special heating mechanism embedded into them, just to make sure they are warm and pleasant to the touch, before you use them.

The bottom line

To sum it all up, a massive granite countertop can come with a hefty price tag, but this is not a general rule. If you have a tight budget, yet you still want to enjoy all the benefits mentioned above, you should know that there are different factors that can influence the price of the countertop.

The main factors include the thickness of the granite sheet, the color (the rarest shades are often the most expensive ones) or the chemical treatments the countertop has been subjected to in order to make it more resistant to staining or abrasions. One thing is for sure: these countertops are a fantastic choice and they can deliver a positive return on your investment, in case you ever decide to sell your house!