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Selecting the Best Granite Countertops

In Phoenix, granite countertops are fairly popular because of the numerous advantages they offer. Granite countertops have great levels of durability, are prone to scratches and look beautiful in any kitchen. There may be a high price tag associated, but it is worth it in the end. As such, you should select granite countertops with extreme care.

Granite countertops are available in a number of designs and features and are a great investment. Here is some advice about choosing the right granite countertops for your kitchen.

Select your favorite color

In Phoenix, granite countertops are available in many colors including yellows, reds, tans and browns. Choose your favorite shade among these because it will have a prevalent effect on your kitchen. We suggest that you should first decide on a countertop shade and then decorate the rest of the kitchen so that it complements your chosen color.

Yes, it does mean you will have a lot of decoration to do, but from a monetary point of view, repainting the walls is more economical than installing a new granite countertop. You can always give your walls another coat of paint if you do not like them without spending too much, but the same cannot be said for granite countertops.

Consider the light

Great, you have found just the perfect piece of granite for your countertop at the showroom. However, this same piece may not appeal to you so much in your kitchen. Why? Because of the difference in the amount of lighting. The appearance of granite countertops is the affected by the amount of light that falls on it. So when you select a material of countertop for your kitchen, be sure to consider this.

You can ask your chosen flooring contractor to give you a sample to take home. Now if you like it, go ahead and buy it. Otherwise, search for a better product.

Factor in the size of the room

The shade of a granite countertop affects the size of the room in which it is installed. Black granite makes the room appear smaller whereas blue and green make the room appear larger. If your kitchen is small, you should go with these shades.

Decide the edging which you want

There are many edging options for granite countertops. Obviously, the elaborate options are more expensive, but they are available. Among all the choices, squared edging is the simplest option and the most economical ones as well. However, it can easily chop and increase chances of an injury as well. The edges are sharp and can hurt you.

Bullnose (a half circled edge) and waterfall (a sloping edge) are also popular alternatives and are affordable. Bevels and ogees are the most expensive edging options; they feature intricate designs, improving the appearance of your countertop.