Here are our tips for pairing counters and cabinets in your new kitchen

If you’re remodeling your kitchen this year, chances are that you’re also planning on tackling both your cabinets and countertops at the same time. If that’s the case, you’ll want to pay attention to how the two most important features of your new kitchen interact. In this article, we’ll review how you should go about pairing countertops and cabinets together in your new kitchen and what design aspects you will need to consider.

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Speak with a local designer

Here in Phoenix, Superior Stone & Cabinet is your kitchen remodeling team. Contact us for a free in-home estimate from one of our designers. Or, visit our centrally located showroom to see our counter and cabinet pairing concepts in-person.

Start by selecting your countertops

Whether you’re selecting granite or quartz countertop, the wide variety of colors and styles of countertops means that you should start here, instead of picking your cabinets first. At Superior, we have more than 30 granite colors and over 100 quartz variations to choose from. When you stop by our showroom, you’ll get a chance to see our large selection for yourself and begin to mentally match your favorites to some cabinets.

We recommend speaking with one of our in-store design experts. We can help you match countertops and cabinets and develop a color palette concept for your kitchen.

Choose one statement piece

Only one part of your kitchen should have the spotlight. In other words, either your cabinets or countertops should be the focal point of your kitchen, but not both. If you opt for deep, dark cabinets, go for lighter-colored quartz or granite to provide a pleasing contrast. One popular combination is a dark gray or charcoal cabinet partnered with white quartz. However, you can also go in reverse: many homeowners pair a darker, smoky quartz or granite countertop with white or off-white cabinets.

When all else fails, consult with our experts about what other homeowners have done for pairing countertops and cabinets. There’s no need to re-invent the wheel for your kitchen. By reviewing what other remodels have used, you might just stumble upon a winning idea that you can emulate in your kitchen.

Be fashionable

Monochromatic is in right now, and its simplicity and clean appeal isn’t likely to go away soon. We mentioned pairing darker gray cabinets with white countertops, but we’ve also seen some homeowners going for an all-white minimalist approach, with white cabinets and white quartz. They then use accessories such as vases or kitchen appliances to draw the eye in and make the kitchen come to life.

Consider your home’s aesthetic

Of course, that particular monochromatic style should match the rest of your home. If your living room, dining room, and bedrooms all use a traditional country-style decor, you might not want to go for such a modern look unless you’re planning on remodeling those spaces as well. Instead, pair a red or brown wood-finished cabinet with natural stone.

Start your remodeling journey at Superior Stone & Cabinet

If you’re just starting to think about your kitchen remodel, we recommend bringing in an expert opinion early in the process. What’s great about our design team is that we can talk in terms of real materials and real prices, so you can make sure that your dream kitchen matches up with your real-world budget. Of course, we’ll also help when it comes to pairing countertops and cabinets.

One of the best things to do is call us for a free in-home estimate, so that we can take measurements and talk with you in-person about your kitchen transformation.

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