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Tips for Finding Discounted Kitchen Cabinets

Discounted kitchen cabinets help homeowners increase storage space in their kitchens, improve its appearance, and increase their overall value. This article will present some tips on how you can find discount kitchen cabinets in Phoenix.

Garage Sales

Let’s start with the old school methods. Garage sales and thrift shops are not rare, and most of the times, there are good furniture pieces on sale. Of course, you need to have the buyer’s eye and bargaining qualities. Not to mention, you need to be lucky as well as sometimes people are selling customized cabinets with great features.

Apprentice’s Cabinets

Make a habit of visiting cabinet shops in your locality. Of course, they may or may not have discount kitchen cabinets in Phoenix on display. But the point is that shop owners usually have apprentices in training. You can always look for kitchen cabinets that these learners produce and you will find them at cheaper rates. Of course, they would have slight defects as well, so make sure you look for the best of the lot.

Mass Produced Cabinets

Established manufacturers dish out mass produced kitchen cabinets that are available from the brand’s outlet or from big box stores. The benefit is that you will get your hands on a variety of designs at a cheap rate. However, these will be made of thin wood and plastic instead of metal. So be prepared to compromise on quality.


Nothing is cheaper than doing it yourself. However, you need the time and skills to build your cabinets. Once they are acquired, you can use inexpensive wood and save literally hundreds of dollars in purchase and installation costs.

A slightly costlier than building from scratch (but still cheaper) than buying new kitchen cabinets is to purchase ready-to-assemble pieces. These are easily available in the market, and basically they are cut in specific measurements. Purchase those according to your kitchen space and assemble them together.

Use the Internet

Finally and most importantly, you should learn to utilize the internet to your advantage. There are several ways in which the internet can help you save money on kitchen cabinets.

To start off, searching becomes faster on the internet. This means that you find discount options at lightning speeds as compared to walking around thrift shops and garage sales. Online shopping websites also feature used furniture where you can get in-depth information about the product before you place the order.

Moving on, since searching for kitchen cabinets becomes faster, you can always look for a cheaper alternative to your present choice without spending extra time. A lot of times, people go with a costlier option since they had no time or energy to move to the next store.

Finally, when purchasing any product, not necessarily kitchen cabinets, you should not only look at the cost but also include all the expenses that went into buying it, such as fuel. These additional costs can be saved when you purchase online.

Final Words

While these tips may help you get discount kitchen cabinets in Phoenix, remember that if you are planning to remodel your kitchen or increase its value, it is ideal to go with high-quality original products.