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4 Perfect Color Options for the Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets come in a variety of designs, colors, and finishings. That is why it’s not surprising that many find picking the right kitchen cabinet a daunting task. The range of color options for the kitchen cabinets can make it difficult to select the best one. However, by keeping in mind certain design tips, you are sure to select the perfect color for the kitchen cabinet.4 Perfect Color Options for the Kitchen Cabinets

You must let the interior décor of your house guide you selecting in selecting the best color option for the cabinets. Generally, classic colors such as white and gray perfectly complement the traditional home design. On the other hand, black and gray colors look best for modern home design. The light brown wood color option looks good on both traditional and modern homes.

Here are 4 best color options that you should consider when selecting a kitchen cabinet for your home.


Black color cabinets look sleek and classy, particularly in a modern home design. The benefit of black color kitchen cabinets is that fingerprints or smudges will be less visible. The downside, however, of a black-colored kitchen cabinet is that the dust and dirt tend to be visible. Moreover, the scratch marks will also show easily on a black color cabinet.


Gray color kitchen cabinets may seem like a bit of an out-of-the-ordinary color option, but that is exactly why the color option is a favorite among many homeowners. Instead of going for the usual black, light brown, or white, a number of people select gray color kitchen cabinets, which looks particularly good in upscale, modern design homes. While gray color cabinets won’t completely hide the dirt or dust, but they won’t show the same way as black or white, either.  In addition, the scratches are less visible with gray color kitchen cabinets.


White color kitchen cabinets remain a popular choice for traditional design homes. The white color cabinets can perfectly complement the elegant look of the traditional homes. Also, the scratches will not show easily in white color cabinets.

Similar to white black color cabinets, the downside of the white color cabinets is that they tend to show dirt and smudges. The white color option is not a good idea for the kitchen cabinet if the household contains small children. Also, homeowners that don’t like to spend time scrubbing dirt off the cabinets every day should not install white color kitchen cabinets.

Light Brown

Light brown color tends to versatile that can complement different home designs. The benefit of selecting the light brown color is that the scratches and dust that accumulates on the cabinet will be less visible. The light brown color cabinets can also stand the test of time as they coordinate perfectly with one home remodeling task to another.

Need to learn more about color options?

For more advice regarding selecting a kitchen cabinet, you must consult a professional home décor specialist. At Superior Stone & Cabinet, our designers offer free in-home estimates to help you pick the perfect cabinet color. Give us a call today to learn more!