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Popular Kitchen Flooring Options Phoenix

Interested in remodeling your kitchen? Did you think about a suitable flooring option? Here we present you the most popular choices for kitchen flooring in Phoenix.

Ceramic Tiles

Is your budget low and can you not decide upon one style within it? If so, the ceramic flooring option is greater for you. There are a variety of colors, shapes and patterns available, and you can easily design your kitchen exactly like you want. Whether you want a sleek appearance or a traditional one, a ceramic floor will appeal to you.

A ceramic floor can stand increased wear and tear, and is prone to stains. All this makes it really simple to clean. The goods may be many but with a ceramic floor, you will have to comprise on durability and hardness. The floor can crack easily when something falls on to it.

Natural Stone

One of the most preferred options for green kitchen flooring in Phoenix, natural stone tiles are made from granite, slate, limestone or travertine. The most attractive thing about this flooring is the variety because no two stones are the same in any aspect. The combined look is visually appealing and provides your kitchen with a modern and elegant feel.

The natural stone floor possesses increased durability and hardly requires any maintenance. They feel cool below your feet and are perfect for hot climates. However, natural stone is expensive and additional costs are incurred during installation.

Solid Wood

Solid wood is another environment friendly kitchen flooring option, available in Phoenix. It can stand heavy traffic and see years in your kitchen if you maintain it well. The available range of wood floors is extremely large, including everything from maple to pine. Moreover, wood is an options that is suitable in every time period and will never make your kitchen appear outdated.

Towards the cons, wood cannot bear stains and you cannot afford to spill liquids on it frequently. If this happens, you will have to wipe them right away.  You will also need an occasional polish to maintain the look.


Vinyl is an economical option that is available in so many designs and styles. Whether you want an appearance similar to wood or ceramic, vinyl can cater to you and provide you with a look that appears very realistic. As already mentioned, vinyl’s main feature is the low price and the fact that it can be easily cleaned. However, it is associated with a shorter lifetime compared to other options.


Concrete is a chic and classy flooring option that can add more to the beauty of your kitchen. If you reside in an area where weathers are warm, concrete can help you in maintaining a cooler kitchen. However, it is not great at resisting stains and you will have to get it sealed every once in a while.