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Why Should You Choose Laminate Flooring Phoenix AZ for your Kitchen?

Laminate flooring is a relatively new flooring option that has rapidly gained popularity. Made from synthetic materials, laminate comprises of several different layers that are fused together using pressure, heat and adhesive. Generally, the product resembles wood, but it is not manufactured from that. The raw materials that are used comprise of fiberboard and resins. Laminate flooring in Phoenix AZ can be installed in any room of the house such as hallway, dining room and living room.

Laminate flooring is mainly preferred because of its versatility, easy maintenance and affordable prices. Here is a detailed look at why Laminate flooring Phoenix AZ has received more attention than other alternatives.

Convenient Packaging

Hardwood flooring, which is a similar option to laminate flooring, is available in the form of long planks that have dimensions as long as even 10 feet, making the installation a bit difficult. Laminate flooring Phoenix AZ is available in the form of smaller sized planks that are just about 4 feet, and so the packaging offers convenience. Some companies also offer tiled laminate flooring Phoenix AZ .


Laminate flooring in Phoenix AZ is offered in many designs that resemble hardwood materials, nature stone, ceramic and many other flooring options. This is because of the printing process that has become so advanced, incorporating not only the design, but the texture as well to a certain extent. The resultant laminate material is very similar to the original replica.


The surface of laminate flooring in Phoenix AZ is designed in a way that it can resist stains and spills, making maintenance simple and easy. Laminate floors can be cleaned with simple equipment like a vacuum cleaner in just a short amount of time.


The installation of laminate flooring in Phoenix AZ is offered by many companies, but all of them follow more or less the same techniques. The task is really simple and requires no sort of adhesive to affix the planks or the tiles on the ground. The only requirement is an underlayment material, which is rolled onto the floor and then laminate tiles and planks are attached to it. Even if the room is fairly large, the entire process does not usually last for more than a day or two.

Simplicity is not the only thing that makes the installation of laminate flooring in Phoenix AZ attractive. Another great feature is the fact that the process can be conducted anywhere no matter what the existing flooring is. Carpet is the only exception, and other than this laminate flooring can be installed over simply any surface.


Laminate flooring offers durability in the sense that it resists smudges and stains, and so can be used for longer periods of time. The material neither discolors nor fades easily when compared to other alternative options.


Laminate flooring does not put your health at risk because the material prevents the growth of bacteria and mold. If you treat it with an anti bacterial coating or an allergen, it would be even better.