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How to add space to a small kitchen

If you are redoing you kitchen it is important to remember that you don’t have to follow the exact layout and configuration as you currently have. Styles and function change though out the years and your kitchen may be out dated. Here are some tips to help you take advantage of modern designs and technology.

Add cabinets to the backside of a peninsula or island. This is a great place to store rarely used items

– Install a lazy susan in the corner. A lazy susan will take advantage of usually unusable space

Build up the island or peninsula on to two different levels. This will give you higher cabinets on back and more counter storage.

Take the uppers to the ceiling. You can increase the height of the upper cabinets all the way to the ceiling if you have a gap above them.

Add pull outs. This can be drawers in the bases or a pantry as well as a pull out spice rack

Add in a pantry cabinet. This is the best idea for gaining mass storage if you have the room.

Increase the depth of your uppers. Uppers usually come 12″ deep. You can increase them to 15″ and still not interfere with your movement.

Avoid using glass door cabinets. Although they may look nice they do not provide usable storage. They are just for displaying items for show. Usually not used dishes.

These are just a couple of tips. There are a lot more options for increasing your storage. Talk with a cabinet representative to get more ideas.