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Awesome Ways to Create The Illusion of a Larger Kitchen

Skimpy counter space, scanty places for appliances, cramped work space – does it all sound like your kitchen? Tiny is the word most homeowners fear to use to describe their kitchens, yet compromise with one. Whether you like it or not, your kitchen emanates your true style as is said by many renowned interior designers. So, if you have got the style sense, then size does not really matter. All you need is to do the next best thing: take up a project for kitchen remodel in Phoenix to create the illusion of a larger kitchen.

1. Reinstate the Solid Cabinet Doors with Glass to Draw The Crowd In

Replace your solid cabinet doors with glass as they lighten the appearance and expand the vision through to the back. This will create an illusion of an extended kitchen; however, do not clutter your interiors with knick-knacks since it will defeat the purpose. Complementing the crisp look of glass with aesthetically pleasing interiors will never drive the crowd out of your small kitchen, but draw it in.

2. Select Furnishings with a Little Footprint

Choose petite chairs, slim islands, narrow tables, and streamlined stools that do not take up most of the floor space. Also, avoid installing chunky furniture legs and thick bases that bring in visual mass. By paying attention to scanty details, your kitchen remodel phoenix project can become a huge success.

3. Design with Clean Lines

Ornate cabinetry, big corbels, and fussy details can actually make a kitchen appear gaudy. Instead, you should keep the interior well tailored and sleek in order to even out the appearance and develop a welcoming feel.

4. Deviate the Attention Upward

Select visual elements and patterns that help divert the attention of the visitors towards the ceiling. The ceiling boards and vertical lines on the walls can be used to lend an impression of elevated heights.

5. Merge the Kitchen into a Larger Space

You can also extend your breakfast area into your kitchen. This can easily be done by building a low half wall to provide a natural extension to your cooking area.

6. Add Open Shelving

Install open shelving to reduce visual weight and create the illusion of an expansive place. To give a sleeker appearance, select floating shelves over models with brackets. These shelves are widely used in small projects for a kitchen remodel in Phoenix.

7. Unleash Your Painting Skills on the Kitchen Cabinetry

Restricting cabinetry and wall paint to a single shade also constricts the visual boundaries of the viewers. According to the traditional school of thought, pale colors will certainly reflect light and create the illusion of a larger space which is in fact sound judgment. However, you should not hesitate before using dark colors either. Dark undertones including chocolate, charcoal, and navy, draw away the vision quickly, hence creating the impression that walls are much farther away than they really are. Doing so will also make it easier to fit an item or two of larger size.