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Facts About Granite

Granite Countertops:

    • Come in over 3,000 colors each one with its own unique pattern and movement.
    • When properly sealed and maintained, are virtually scratch, stain and chip resistant.
    • Are great for making cookies, candies, bread dough and other foods that are best prepared on a cool surface
    • Are heat resistant. If you forget to grab a heat pad for that pan of lasagna, it won’t matter if you set it on your granite countertop.
    • Are a very hard surface. The only surface that is harder than granite is a diamond.
    • Add a minimum of 10% to the re-sale value to your home.

Of course, like anything else, there are some disadvantages to having granite countertops installed.


    •  Are expensive due to the labor for its removal from the quarry, the work involved in cutting it and the work necessary for installation
    •  Will dull your knives if you use it as a cutting board
    •  Should be installed by a qualified professional-it is not a do it yourself project
    •  Need to have the sealant re-applied a least once a year to prevent staining or fading.

Even with the disadvantages, granite countertops are making strides in kitchen, bath and patios. They are a beautiful way to add style and personality to your home. So, take your time and select the granite countertops that will make your living space all you want it to be.