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Everything You Need To Know About Granite Countertops 

Granite Countertops

Granite stone may be a bit pricey, but it comes with long term benefits. A granite countertop for instance can last for over 20 years with proper care and maintenance. This is why they have been used in kitchens and bathrooms for decades. You may have seen your family members and friends rave about their recently installed granite countertop, and rightfully so.

Let’s have a look at some of the most frequently asked questions about granite countertops, their benefits, drawbacks, and more. Once you are done reading this article, you are sure to have made up your mind about investing in a granite countertop.

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What Is The Difference Between Granite And Quartz Countertops?

This is a common question most homeowners ask when engaging in home renovation projects. The answer can be explained as follows.

●Granite countertops give a more natural finish as compared to quartz countertops.

●Quartz countertops are less resistant to heat. However, they are more stain-resistant than granite countertops.

●You can cut your meat and vegetables on granite countertops but not on quartz countertops. The scratch marks on quartz countertops are sure to appear right away.

Why Should I Invest in a Granite Countertop?

You can never go wrong with having granite countertops in your home. They are elegant, efficient, and durable. Let’s have a look at some of the additional benefits they offer.

✔They are dirt resistant. You will be less likely to see dust settling onto the granite surface. This is why going for bold granite colors is not a cause of worry for many.
✔Granite countertops are scratch-resistant.
✔Since granite is heat resistant, you can place your pots and pans right off the stove and oven on them.
✔Granite stone is unique and highly durable. This makes it the perfect addition to your kitchen, adding value and dimension.
✔They are perfect for kitchens and bathrooms. This is because granite holds bacteria-resistant properties. You can even have an inbuilt sink with a countertop that is made from granite as well.

What Are The Drawbacks To Keep In Mind?

While granite countertops have a lot of benefits, there are a few aspects that you should be wary of.

In the long run, granite countertops can absorb moisture. This is why they require frequent sealing and coating. If you get a granite countertop installed by a professional service, you can rely on them to have it resealed every 6-12 months or so. You can even do this yourself using store bought granite re-sealer. Just wipe down the surface with some soap and water, apply the sealant and let it dry.

Are DIY Projects Worth It?

While DIY projects may seem like the ideal way to save money, in reality it is not the case. This is because, with one wrong move, you can render your efforts useless. Granite is a tough stone, and thus, it requires expertise and careful handling. Especially when it comes to cutting through the stone. A circular saw with a diamond blade offers the most seamless cut. Therefore, skip the idea of installing a granite countertop on your own and hire a professional. Once they are done with the job, you are sure to observe the high quality finish right away!

Best Granite Countertops

The glistening and gleaming crystals that add value to the granite can only be found at those service providers that have the right experience and exposure to granite stone. They don’t cut corners when it comes to providing the right return on investment. At Superior Stone and Cabinet, we offer just that! And we give a free estimate on our services and granite stone products.

To learn more about the variation in prices that granite countertops come with, you can click here for a comprehensive guide.

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