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New Kitchen Construction


Job Information

Location: Buckeye, AZ

Main House Countertop: LG Quartz | Color: Aura
Guest House, Outer Countertop: Granite

Main House, Outer Cabinets: OakCraft | Style: Prairie | Color: White
Main House, Island Cabinets: OakCraft | Style: Whitman | Color: Black with a burn-thru finish
Guest House, Cabinets: OakCraft | Style: Prairie | Color: White

Meet The Homeowner

Jennifer is a contractor. So, when it came time to construct her dream home here in the Valley, she knew she had to find the right people for her new kitchen cabinets. That led her to the doors of Superior Stone & Cabinet. Her cabinet installation process started at our showroom, right here in Phoenix.

“On a professional level, as a general contractor, we would recommend them because we can send clients there. We know that they’re well-taken care of. Jeff is going to meet their needs, and their cabinets are going to be exactly how they should be when it’s time to install, and it will run smoothly along with the rest of their project.”

Jennifer – MJB Construction, LLC

The Project Started At Our Showroom

Jennifer had experience working with Superior Stone & Cabinet through her business. She stopped by our 60,000 sq/ft showroom and warehouse, conveniently located in Phoenix near Sky Harbor.
From there, she was greeted by Jeff, the member of our team assigned to her project. Jeff walked Jennifer through options and styles for kitchen cabinets. Since Jennifer was building a custom home, she provided blueprints to Jeff and our team. What’s more, Jennifer’s new home would have both a house and a guest house with different needs.

Even with the blueprint in hand, our team felt it was best to visit the new home build and triple-check the measurements. By doing so, we were able to get a feel for the home and talk more with the future owners about the project. Jeff kept in constant communication with Jennifer throughout the project, keeping her up-to-date on deliveries, dates, and Superior’s progress. He provided the customer with a timeframe for installation that fit the rest of the construction project.

We Installed The New Cabinets

As the materials arrived at the new home, Jeff also did. He wanted to ensure that everything came in looking great and in the right order. The Superior Stone & Cabinet team then got to work, installing the cabinets using the triple-checked measurements.

No surprises: Jeff’s work of checking the measurements ensured that the cabinets were a perfect fit. What’s more, Jeff supervised the entire process, ensuring that the work was done right and on-deadline. Finally, with the cabinets installed both in the main kitchen and in the guest house, Jeff led a quality assurance process to make sure everything was correct.

Another Satisfied Customer

In the end, Jennifer now had a stunning new custom home, complete with great-looking, professionally installed kitchen cabinets and counters. As a contractor, Jennifer was impressed with Superior Stone & Cabinet’s attention-to-detail, communication, and products. In the future, she will recommend Superior to not only other homeowners, but to her clients.