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Wiping Down Your New Cabinets

When you receive new cabinet in your home it is important to follow proper cleaning instructions to maintain the integrity and beauty of the wood. Cabinets made today are usually not made like your fine wood furniture that you have in your house. Cabinets today are sealed and have a spray on finish over them and are clear coated to protect the finish. Due to this process of sealing the wood, certain oils and polishes should not be used on the cabinets.

Oil based polishes are designed to be soaked into the wood to provide a shiny surface. Due to the sealing of the cabinets these oils will not be absorbed and with just dry on the surface causing a residue that is very hard to remove. Removal of this residue usually is done with a small amount of Murphy’s Oil Soap along with lots of elbow grease. For this reason it is recommended to use just a damp cloth to dust the cabinets and nothing more. If you have oil splatter around the stove area generally a little Murphy’s Oil Soap will do the trick. Always try this out in a inconspicuous area first before doing a main area.

Your cabinets will last years and years if  properly maintained.