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Types of Tiled Floorings in Phoenix AZ

Are you confused and unsure of which tiled floor you would like to choose? Tile floorings in Phoenix AZ are available in a wide variety and are sold at discounted rates. However, to make your decision easier, here’s some information about all the various kinds of tiles that you can install in your house:

Ceramic Tiles:

These tiles are made from clay and then firmed in a kiln. They are the most commonly used tiles today. Aside from being available in a large variety of designs, they are also easy to clean and water resistant. They do not get scratched easily, however if heavy items are dropped onto ceramic tiles, they can chip or break. These tiles can also be very slippery when wet and can be cold to touch during the winter.

Stone Tiles:

Stone tiles are expensive than most other types of tiles but the natural earthy look is usually worth the expense. Natural stone is more durable than most other substances but these tiles are difficult to install due to their heavy weight.

Glass Tiles:

If you wish to enhance the elegance of your home, then glass tiles are the perfect option. They add a touch of luxury to the room and give it a vibrant effect. Glass tiles are also easy to clean but are slightly more expensive and are more prone to scratches and breaks. Glass tiles can be transparent or glazed and can be painted to adjust them within any color scheme.

Porcelain Tiles:

Like ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles are also easy to clean and install, and are cost effective. However, they have a very hard surface which makes them difficult to walk on. They are also quite heavy in weight sometimes.

Marble Tiles:

Marble floor tiles are available in unique designs and give a smooth glossy finish to your floor. However, installing these tiles can be a challenge as they are quite heavy. Moreover, marble is very expensive and even though it may feel good and cool in the summer, it can become extremely cold in the winter season.

Slate Tiles:

Slate tiles are cut from naturally layered stone and are very expensive. These tiles are long lasting, water resistant and slip-proof. However, they have two major drawbacks. The first disadvantage is that these tiles give a very rustic look and may not be appropriate for a very modernized living room or bedroom. The second drawback is that since these stone tiles develop naturally, so no two tiles are exactly the same. The colors and hues may be similar but if they are not carefully placed, it may result in a very disjointed appearance where every tile seems separate from the rest. Slate tiles can sometimes also have a rough surface because of which it may be unpleasant to walk on these tiles.


In order to choose the type of tile you need, firstly, make sure that you well-aware of the kind of wear and tear your floor will be going through after being installed. After having thought about your flooring, consider the pros and cons of each tile type and then finalize your decision as to which tile matches your requirements perfectly.