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Phoenix Granite Countertops: Factors to Consider When Buying

Phoenix granite countertops are probably the most popular option in their category, primarily because of their beauty, easy maintenance, and durability. No matter how old your kitchen is, you can get Phoenix granite countertops installed without much hassle and while doing so, you can make your kitchen more valuable and attractive.

Phoenix granite countertops are offered by many companies and are available in a large range that varies in terms of colors, styles and designs. If you are looking for Phoenix granite countertops, please be sure to consider the following factors and then choose the product which suits your needs and budget.


Color is one of granite’s most distinguishing features. Available in several different shades, the colors of Phoenix granite countertops depend on the mine from which the raw material is obtained. Generally, these vary from beige to pink to red to green. You can even find black and white granite stones in the market. In some cases, all the hues combine to result in multicolor granite that has a very spectacular appearance.

You can opt for any color that goes with the wall paint and decorations in your kitchen. Whether you go for contrasting colors or make use of the same tones, your kitchen will look quite edgy and modern.


As already mentioned, granite is a durable material which is why these countertops are a preferable choice in so many kitchens and bathrooms. However, if an appropriate finishing is chosen, durability and quality can be enhanced further. Finishing for Phoenix granite countertops is available in the following main options.

Polished Finish

Polished finishing gives granite countertops a shiny reflecting surface that intensifies the already beautiful colors and patterns. Your stone looks more elegant and beautiful, and the porosity is also reduced. This increases resistance of the countertop to chemical substances and humidity.

Honed Finish

Honed finishing makes the surface of a granite countertop smooth, but it does not add any reflective properties. It also increases the porosity, and if your kitchen is widely used, this finishing should not be your choice.

Brushed or Antique Polishing

If you want a dramatic effect, you can go for a brushed or antique finishing which gives Phoenix granite countertops a textured appearance.

Flamed Finishing

As the name suggests, flamed finishing is one in which granite is exposed to heat and then rapidly cooled down. The resultant material is highly textured and offers an increased resistance against slip.


Granite is a material that is regarded as one of the hardest stones used in interior decoration. It has an impenetrable surface and does not crack easily. Scratches and abrasions are also not eminent on the surface. Moreover, granite does not stain easily, but you should still seek advice from your vendor and inquire if sealant would be necessary for you or not.