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Measuring for Granite and Cabinets

If you decide to measure your kitchen or bathroom for new cabinets or granite here are some tips to help you out.


Always draw your room from a top view to get an accurate view of the room. Make sure to measure all walls from one end to another. Write down measurements as close as possible at least to the 1/2″. In the drawing be sure to indicate locations of your appliances and sink. Also measure these locations to ensure they are put in the correct spot in the new design. If you are keeping your existing appliances measure their height, depth and width. If you are getting new appliances then bring model numbers or specifications. Don’t forget to measure all window and door locations. This includes the width of windows and distances from both sides to the walls. It is also a good idea to measure the height of the window from the floor as well. Finally always measure your ceiling height from the floor to ensure the uppers and crown you select will work. If you have all of this information when you show up at the cabinet shop it will go much smoother for you.


Measuring for granite is not as hard as measuring for cabinets but still requires accurate measuring. When you measure granite always do a top view drawing as well. Measure all areas that you are wanting the granite to go. Mark all areas on the layout that require a bull nose end by using a “O” symbol on the line. Draw a parallel line along the back edge of all the areas that you would like a back splash. If you are thinking of doing a full back splash then you must measure the distance between the counter top and the bottom of the upper cabinets. It is also important to look at your overhangs if you have a sitting area. When using most granite tops 10″ is the maximum overhang you can have without having additional top support. If you have a wall behind your island or peninsula be sure to measure the thickness of the wall. If you have any questions call your granite company for instructions. When in doubt measure it.