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Are Granite Countertops Child Friendly?

Granite countertops and kids

Have you ever wondered if kids and granite countertops would be a good fit? When people think of granite countertops they think of luxury, elegance, and style. They don’t however think of granite countertops as being kid friendly, easily cleaned, and difficult to destroy. Some families feel that granite countertops in a home with children just don’t mix. Well that is not the case. Here are some top reasons why you SHOULD have granite countertops in a house with children.


Granite is a natural stone that is extremely strong. Where other countertops scratch or dent easily, granite stays solid and can handle being treated a little tougher than other materials. Which is excellent with children as they are not known for being extremely careful with household items.

Stains don’t soak in

This stone is also very stain resistant. If your granite is properly sealed by a professional, stains from sauce, juice, markers or whatever else it might come in contact with, will easily be removed without permanent damage to the stone. And anyone who has kids knows that cleaning up spills or accidental artwork without a stain is always a success!

Heat is no problem

Granite countertops will also resist heat. Hot cookware in kitchens or hair appliances in bathrooms when in direct contact with granite, will leave your countertops unharmed.  Hopefully, unless you have teenagers, your children won’t be handling hot pots and pans too often, but being able to set hot cookware right on the countertop while little ones are at your feet hungry for dinner, is a valued convenience!

Keeps bacteria out

Kids encounter enough germs and bacteria, countertops should be a safe zone. Granite in general, does not absorb substances easily,  and when your granite countertops are properly sealed, the stone doesn’t allow for unwanted bacteria to soak into its pores at all, creating a safer and healthier home for your family.

Granite is the way to go!

Granite adds so much beauty to a household and can brighten up an entire kitchen or bathroom, but it also is a phenomenal choice for a home with children. With its long lasting capabilities, and advantages over other materials, your granite countertops will remain in great condition, even after your children are grown.