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A Full Home Remodel in just 8 days!

Remodeling a home is an elaborate project. For a quality remodel, it takes an eye for design, the right materials, and skilled workers who know exactly what to do. Of course every remodel is unique, but on average, we can do a full remodel in only 8 days! To let you experience this for yourself, we have documented a typical remodel and will take you step by step through each day of taking this drab home and transforming it into a house any homeowner would be proud of.

Before and After

It is extremely encouraging to take a look at the before pictures after a remodel is over. You are able to see the exquisite progress that was made in just 8 days. Just over a week before our remodel, this home was unimpressive and lifeless. With some colorful and artistic touches, top of the line materials, and expert craftsmanship, we were able to breathe life back into this home and create a space that is sure to make any homeowner smile.

Day 1- Demolition, wiping the slate clean

In order for the remodel to begin effectively, all carpet, tile, cabinets, sinks, and showers needed to be removed. To truly transform a space, it is always better to begin with a blank canvas. So we took everything out of the house that needed to go. This allowed us to embrace the space and begin to identify the home’s true potential.

Day 2- The new cabinets have arrived!

Now that the old cabinets are no longer standing in the way, we are free to bring in the new and improved. The clients had many styles and colors to choose from, but they decided on the beautifully designed Birch Wood cabinets. They are the perfect way to start this remodel off right. Not only do the cabinets arrive on day 2, but they are already beginning to be installed. The shower is also being waterproofed, ensuring that it is ready for some crafty tile work tomorrow.

Day 3- New cabinets are installed

The cabinets are solid, secure, and ready for some countertops. Meanwhile, the shower is receiving a serious face-lift with attractive tile work and lovely stone that will be sure to make a statement in this remodel.

Day 4- Here comes the granite

While every piece of this remodel added detail and depth to this home, one of the main focal points was definitely the granite countertops. With a super warehouse filled with granite options, the clients were able to confidently make a choice that was an excellent addition to their remodel. In the kitchen and bathroom, the granite countertops were installed and were the perfect compliment to the handsome cabinets. In addition to the arrival of the granite, the artistic tile work in the shower was completed, as well as, the tile on the floor of the master bathroom.

Day 5- And then, there was the floor

Now that the cabinets and countertops in the kitchen and bathrooms were successfully installed, it was time to focus on flooring. The clients were able to choose which type of flooring they thought would work best throughout the house. American Walnut laminate flooring was added to the living room space, and the rest of the house was tiled. This was a big job that added that WOW factor to the house that we were looking for.

Day 6- It’s all about the details

To add even more elegance to the kitchen, a tile backsplash was added. This backsplash created a feeling of warmth and comfort to the kitchen. The backsplash was a detail that truly made this remodel extraordinary.

Day 7- Finishing up the tile work

Grouting was our next step in making this remodel a success! The grout for the backsplash, as well as all of the tile floors was added and perfectly tied all of the tile work in the house together.

Day 8- The carpet closes the deal

Last, but not least, the carpet was installed in the bedrooms to give them a cozy and comfortable feel. With a large selection of colors, patterns, and textures, the clients opted for bedroom carpet that was just right.

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