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Wood Choices for Kitchen Cabinets

Most people in US today prefer the cabinets made of wood, but selecting the type of wood that is best in terms of durability and style is a difficult decision. The reason is that cabinets account for around 50% of the total cost of kitchen remodeling. Arizona kitchen cabinets are really popular throughout US because they use appropriate wood for different parts of kitchen cabinets. We have asked the experts about the wood choices for kitchen cabinets and they have given their expert opinion about the appropriate wood selection for cabinet faces, cabinet body, and cabinet frames and doors.

Cabinet faces

Solid wood, according to some experts, is the best choice for cabinets’ parts because of its strength and durability. However, it is really costly. Therefore, substitutes for solid wood cabinets are particle board and plywood which are inexpensive. Now, the pricing of cabinet faces relies on the type of wood used. For example, Cherry is cheaper than Teak but Maple is cheaper than Cherry. In the same way Oak is less costly than Maple.

Cabinet body

Particle board or plywood is generally used for making the body of kitchen cabinets in particular for the sections that are flat and do not require shaping to create shelves and sides of cabinet.

Classic plywood recommended for cabinet body is 9.5 – 19 mm thick. The reason for this thickness is that we expect that kitchen cabinets will retain their shape and will be able to withstand load over a long period of time so if you are looking for strength, then experts highly recommend high quality particle board or plywood due to the fact that they don’t distend due to moisture.

Besides strength, stiffness is also a major determinant of life of kitchen cabinets. Stiffness increases proportionally with the thickness of the cabinet body. You can assemble cabinet body made of plywood with nails and screws but for body made of particle wood, you need to join them with glue or groove joints.

Cabinet frames and doors

There are many options for cabinet frames and doors. You can either use solid wood (Maple, Oak, Teak, etc.), plywood, medium density fiberboard, particle board or you can use a combination. Moreover, lamination can be done or only the surface of the cabinet doors or frames can be coated. The finishing can be done with lamination. Natural wood differs on the basis of color, pattern, grain size, and finishing as well as the lighting condition.

Comparison of solid wood and particle board

When it comes to pricing, solid wood is definitely more expensive than particle board but it has high strength and durability. Solid wood can be repaired by any good furniture refinisher apart from the manufacturer. On the other hand, the particle board has to be repaired by the manufacturer. Water resistance is one factor that differentiates the two. Unlike wood, particle board will swell if water reaches the center of the board.

However, if you are looking for kitchen cabinets for a kitchen that will be remodeled roughly around every 13-16 years, then particle board will suffice. Do check the best Arizona kitchen cabinets available in the market or you can get experts’ help if you need further assistance.