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Learning How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets

Most home improvement tasks are so simple that you can perform them yourself with ease. All it takes is a bit of effort and commitment. The kitchen is one area of the house that if not maintained properly can leave a bad impression. In the kitchen one common problem that a lot of homeowners face is discoloring of the kitchen cabinets. After a while kitchen cabinets Phoenix can lose their shine and original color. To solve this problem you can simply repaint these. Let’s now discuss the basic elements of repainting kitchen cabinets.


You should prepare properly before repainting kitchen cabinets in your home. This means that you should firstly get the necessary equipment for the job and also remove any appliances and items that may block your path. Most cabinets are very easy to repaint except plastic laminate cabinets. You will need to use special techniques to paint such cabinets. You may talk to a retailer for advice before starting the paint job.

Clean the Cabinets

Unhinge the cabinet and unscrew the bolts holding it in place so that you can easily clean it. It is crucial that you thoroughly clean the cabinet before starting the paint job. Use a good quality cleaning detergent so that all the dirt and grime is removed. If the surface of the cabinet is dirty and greasy the repainting will not be successful.

Buying the Paint

Inexperienced homeowners often make the mistake of buying the wrong type of paint to repaint their kitchen cabinets Phoenix. It is important that you avoid this common mistake and buy the right type of paint. Mainly there are two types of paints for you to choose from. These include alkyd paint and acrylic enamel paint. Alkyd paint should only be used if you have a well ventilated kitchen because the fumes from this paint can be damaging to your health. Acrylic paint on the other hand is much safer as it is a water based paint. Alkyd paint however does provide a much more durable finish as compared to acrylic paint.

Start Painting

Now it’s time to start painting the kitchen cabinet. But before you proceed you need to prepare the surface and degloss the old finish. Make sure that you are wearing protective goggles and gloves while performing this task. Use sand paper of 120-220 grit to sand the surface. Make sure that the surface is dull and smooth. As an alternative to sand paper you can use a liquid de-glosser and achieve the same results.

Complete the Job

To complete the job use the paint brush to stir up the paint and then apply on the kitchen cabinets. Make sure that you paint evenly all over. Apply paint only in light coats on the cabinet but make sure that you at least get two coats for a perfect finish.

This was the simplest way you can paint kitchen cabinets. If you need any expert assistance you should get help online.