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The Basics of Kitchen Cabinets Phoenix

Planning to get some new cabinets for your kitchen? Do you have any idea about the basics of kitchen cabinetry? These are just not about the design, but a lot of other things are involved as well. Knowing about them helps you to a plan a budget and buy discount kitchen cabinets Phoenix that will be more affordable.

Door Style

The term door style means the design you see on the door when it is closed.  Kitchen cabinets feature a number of interesting door styles that can either be conventional or modern. Each style has been uniquely named such as the Sedona or the Heritage. Generally, a door comprises of a unique frame that borders a central panel. Designing can be done on both the frame and panel, and on even one of them. As for the frame, it can be rectangular, arch or square depending on the specific door style.

Door Panel

As already mentioned, the door of a cabinet comprises of a central panel. This panel either appears to be raised above the cabinet or has been designed flatly. The material used for the panel is veneered plywood, solid wood or laminated flip board. Accordingly, the price varies, with solid wood being the most expensive option.

Drawer Front

The drawer front is the name given to the design on the drawer, which complements the overall design of the cabinet. Generally, most of the cabinets, offered in Phoenix, feature a flat drawer front, achieved by a single wood slab. In some cases, you may come across a design on the drawer front that will be similar to the door style.


Overlay is another common term associated with kitchen cabinets. This is basically referred to as the manner in which the cabinet door will fit over the frame. Both the design and cost of the cabinet largely depends on the chosen overlay.

In a full overlay, only a small part of the cabinet frame shows around the drawer and the door, which results in a modern and seamless cabinet look. A partial overlay is one in which there is an inset of nearly 3/8 inches on all the four sides. There is also a zero overlay in which the cabinet door fits into the frame completely, and there is no overlay. This style is often featured in the European style cabinets.

End Panels

The end panel is the side part of the cabinet. This should be made from a quality material so that moisture can be resisted and general wear and tear can be tolerated. Generally, finished plywood, unfinished plywood or laminated wood is used for an end panel.

There are many companies that offer discount kitchen cabinets in Phoenix. The available range is quite wide in terms of styles, colors, materials and sizes. Determine your budget and accordingly make a choice.