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10 Questions to Ask Before You Buy Replacement Cabinets


If you’re ever searching for improvements that will take your home to new heights, a remodel could be just what you need. A cabinet replacement could be the star of the show for your next remodel. Use these 10 questions as a guide when you’re looking for top-quality replacement cabinets.

1. Does My Kitchen Just Need a Facelift or Do My Cabinets Need Replacing?

First things first, figure out whether a cabinet replacement is the best decision to make. It’s arguably the most noticeable change that you can make in a kitchen.

Consult with a kitchen remodeling professional to get their advice on whether your kitchen might need new paint, wallpaper, or other fixtures. If they survey your kitchen and find that you still want new cabinets, you’ll have plenty to choose from.

Figure out what kind of replacement cabinet you’d like so that you can figure out what price range suits you.
Come up with a budget and speak to professionals that can offer price quotes.

2. Will I Keep the Existing Layout of the Kitchen?

When you set up a project with a cabinet pro, they will help you explore options and will take measurements throughout your kitchen. Knowing what kinds of dimensions you’re working with will help figure out what layout is necessary.

Ask the pros whether they’ll fit the cabinets into your existing layout, or whether they’ll need to change it to handle your cabinet replacements. This will let you know what comprehensive work you’ll hire a kitchen remodeler for.

3. Do I Need More Electrical Outlets?

Always consider function and use when you’re looking into new cabinets. Based on the installation, a pro might suggest that you install more electrical outlets so that you can still hook up all of your appliances.
They will position your replacement cabinet doors in a way that gives clear access to outlets so that you have the power that you need. Otherwise, the professionals might need to install new outlets that allow easier access.

4. What Systems Do I Have for Meal Prep?

Speak to a cabinet pro that offers versatile, modern cabinet options. Many cabinets have fixtures that can help you with meal prep and storage. Ask about options with different doors, shelves, and compartments whenever you’re seeking a cabinet door replacement.
This will help you store labeled plastic containers, jars, and other storage for your meal-prepping needs.
Some examples of fixtures that can help you with your meal-prepping needs include:

  • A pull-out knife drawer
  • Storage compartments for cutting boards
  • Space for small electrical appliance storage
  • An expansive spice drawer
  • Pot and pan systems
  • An area for cutlery and dishes

Explore all of these options with your cabinet pro so that you find the right fit.

5. What Systems Do I Have for Cleanup?

Cleanup is half the battle when you want to get the most from your kitchen. Understanding what systems are available for cleanup will help you maintain function and appearance.
Some of the systems you can use include:

  • Tupperware Organizers
  • Built-in Trash Containers
  • Chemical and Soap Storage

6. What Systems Do I Have for Dry Goods Storage?

Dry goods are a key feature in any pantry or system of cabinets. Having a place to keep beans, lentils, rice, oats, and other forms of dry storage will help you get the most out of your kitchen.
Make sure to ask about the following:

  • Pantry Shelving
  • Can Storage
  • Organization Bins
  • Bread Storage
  • Root Vegetable Storage

7. What Landing Zones Do I Need?

Landing zones are a critical component of any kitchen cabinet system. Ask your pro how they can help you, and what fixtures are available.
Some of the ideal components you can add include:

Grocery Landing – This includes cabinet, counter, and pantry space for people to keep their groceries. A landing is especially helpful if you do large grocery trips with food prep.

Keys, Mail, Homework – Homeowners need a consolidated space to put their odds and ends. Ask about this space, which will hold your house keys, pieces of mail, and more.

8. Who Else Uses the Kitchen and What Do They Need?

Always consider the people who will use the kitchen on a day-to-day basis. This will let you figure out which features will help them do what they do best.
Some features to consider include:

In-Drawer Charging Stations – You have to be tech-focused in this day and age. People who operate in your kitchen might want a place to charge their devices so that they can watch recipes on YouTube or enjoy content while they cook and clean.

Seating to Hang Out – Of course, make sure that there are some comfortable seating areas for leisure. Consider the style of the seats so that people have space, legroom, and comfort.


9. What Extras Would I Like in My Kitchen?

Make sure to get clarity on this question. Today’s kitchen comes with a variety of options that can keep it modern and a joy to spend time in.
Some extras that you might like include:

Wet Bar – A wet bar is perfect for home relaxation or entertaining company. It provides a station for mixing drinks of all kinds, along with a separate sink.

Display for Cookbooks – Having a display for your cookbooks lets you create a home-like aesthetic for your kitchen to store your best cooking literature. It’s also a central place that you can use to keep them whenever you have a recipe that you’d like to try out.

Entertainment – Having access to Bluetooth speakers, LCD screens, tablets, and other entertainment will make your kitchen a joy. Consider adding these elements so that there’s never a dull moment when you’re preparing food.

10. How Can Superior Help Me With My Vision?

You’ll be able to get the kitchen of your dreams when you hire Superior Stone & Cabinet. These professionals provide an assortment of quartz, granite, and wood options for countertops, cabinets, flooring, and so much more.

They match style and function and can assist you with remodeling projects of all types and scales.

Get the Most Out of Your Replacement Cabinets

Buying replacement cabinets doesn’t have to be an unnecessarily difficult process. Superior Stone & Cabinet can help you find what you need to transform your kitchen. We serve residents in and around Phoenix and would be glad to call you among our satisfied customers.

If you’re ready to get a free estimate or answers to your questions, contact us