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Top 10 Reasons to Buy Your Granite Directly From a Wholesaler

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As a top-quality countertop material, granite soared in popularity during the 90s. As demand increased, the price fell. Before that, the material was not affordable for the average homeowner. It required highly skilled labor, and mining granite was hazardous. With the introduction of better technology, safety measures, and its rising popularity, this countertop material is easier and more affordable to buy today.

Here are just some reasons why you should consider getting wholesale granite if you are a contractor, interior decorator, or homeowner:

1. Get Upfront Pricing

Since wholesalers sell granite in bulk, they maintain a set price per piece. That means you will know what you are getting, along with the exact cost of your whole purchase. In other words, you won’t be surprised with hidden fees at the end of a contract, or when you are ready to pay for your order.

The wholesaler will let you know the whole price of the order from the start so you can remain within budget for an extensive renovation project. The peace of mind you get from a wholesale transaction is unmatched.

2. Get the Lowest Prices

You don’t have to go through a mediator to get wholesale granite. Wholesalers get all of it, including quartz, onyx, and marble, directly from quarries across the globe. So they never run out of the material you need. Since granite is transported directly to their warehouses and not moved from one store to the next, they save money, resulting in a lower price. In other words, by cutting out specific logistical steps, you get a great price on quality granite in bulk.

3. Handpicked stones

Wholesalers know that their stores are only as good as the quality of the granite they offer. That’s why they visit their quarries regularly to handpick the stones they need. Their choice is based on variety, quality, along with the best-negotiated price they can get for their clients.

4. See Full Slabs

A picture of a granite slab does not do justice to the real thing. That is not precisely what you will be purchasing since no two stones are the same. Each has distinct veins and patterns depending on the quarry they are mined from.

So if you fall in love with a sample, you may be disappointed with the actual stone you get. The experience you get from wholesalers will be completely different. Besides getting access to the actual slabs you will get, they will also be booked in your name so no one else can buy them but you. You will get precisely what you pay for.

5. Wide Range of Options

By choosing wholesale, you will have access to a vast pool of granite products so you can be as creative as you can. Besides granite, you can also get various stone products during your visit to the wholesaler. This includes marble, quartz, and other stone products that give indoor and outdoor décor a unique look. Wholesalers are also proactive in ensuring their clients get what they need and can help you narrow down your choices using their extensive experience and insight.

6. Fabricators are Separate

Your granite supplier may or may not provide fabrication or installation services. That is not the case with wholesalers. When you buy for them, you can also choose your own fabricator so you can get the best price for a personal, or client’s project. You can also find professionals who can get the specific type of siding you want. With the choice in your hands, you have the power to make smart budgeting and creative decisions for your clients.

7. Supportive sellers

A professional and experienced granite wholesaler is committed to delivering cost-efficient and high-quality products for its customers. A steady stream of loyal customers will ensure they remain in business and profit from each purchase. So they will often go out of their way to reduce customer grievances, especially for those who require a frequent supply of quality and a wide range of stone products.

8. High-Quality Slabs on Demand

Wholesalers get granite in the form of large slabs and use them to shape your vanity or countertop. These stone blocks are sourced directly from the Earth’s crust and then cut into usable slabs that can be transported and exported easily. That is the only processing it requires. Each stone is handpicked from the quarry and reviewed for hardiness, appearance, and consistency before sending it to wholesalers.

9. Help Customers save Money

The cheaper you can get granite from wholesalers, the more cost-efficient you can keep your prices. With high-quality stone on-demand, you can ensure anyone looking for quality countertop and stone products will come straight to you. Leave your competition in the dust with this partnership.

10. Never Run Short On Granite

A granite wholesaler who can keep you supplied with a steady flow of top-quality stone is worth their weight in gold. Whether you need a few pieces or a large order, you can rest easy knowing your supplier will not disappoint.

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