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How to Pick Kitchen Cabinets for Your Rental Property

Pick Kitchen Cabinets

Are you considering getting new kitchen cabinets for your rental property? We know how you feel! Kitchen cabinets must make a statement since they’re the most prominent element of what is the proverbial heart of the home. That said, this isn’t when you should sell yourself short and go for the most affordable options available. Even though a specific cabinet may have a high upfront cost, it will prove its worth with time.

We get it – the several options and considerations you need to make can make you feel overwhelmed. But we’ve got you covered! Read on to how you should pick rental cabinets for your rental property.

Determine Your Kitchen’s Style

Kitchen cabinets can make or break the visible design elements in your kitchen. That is why your cabinet’s door style is perhaps one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make. Consider your overall kitchen style when you’re making this decision. Several door styles can suit modern and traditional kitchens; your choice ultimately depends on your preference. If you’re finding it difficult or figure out your cabinet’s style and colors, experts like Superior Stone & Cabinet can be of aid.

That said, picking a cabinet that matches the style and color scheme of your kitchen is vital. Your rental home’s décor will play a role, too. Are you thinking of staying with the home’s overall style, or are you thinking of changing it? Regardless of the decision you take, identifying your house’s style will help narrow down the options. This will also make your designer’s job a lot easier.

The Finishing

Most of us already know the cabinet color we want when picking cabinets for a kitchen. That said, some of us underestimate the role of the finish we select for the kitchen cabinets. If you’re trying to create a natural look in your kitchen, consider picking a solid wood finish. In this case, you can use wood that is stained, painted, or finished.

If you’re trying to create a decorative touch instead, you can pick a more modern finish; for example, crackle, distressing, or glazing. If you want to have cabinets that are easy to clean, then you should consider picking lighter cabinets. These cabinets can do a better job of hiding dirt compared to cabinets with darker colors.

Navy cabinet doors or bright white doors look great! After you’ve picked a finish and style for your cabinet, start thinking about the operational bit. How do your tenants plan to use your cabinets?

Understand the Blueprint of a Kitchen Cabinet

Going through complex jargon when you’re out shopping for kitchen cabinets can be downright annoying. That said, it is imperative to understand what the terminology means to know exactly what you’re paying for and what you’re missing out on. Here’s a brief introduction to some common terms you’re going to hear or see.

First, here’s the one thing you need to remember: a kitchen can be placed in two locations: the wall or the base.

Types of Cabinets

A base cabinet goes on the floor. The cabinets have both drawers and doors. They also have a toe kick which provides a consistent look.

Wall cabinets are those cabinets that are attached to a wall. These are often more decorative than any other cabinet you can find. Some cornered wall cabinets have an option for glass paneling, too.

Pantry cabinets are generally taller than most other cabinets in your kitchen. They run from the top of the wall till the toe kick. As a result, they have ample space for storage.

Lastly, you’ll also hear words like organizers, pulls, and knobs. A knob and a pull can let you open cabinets, but they can also give an option to install unique hardware in your kitchen to make it look special. On the other hand, Organizers can help you balance the storage space in your cabinets so you use all of the space available.

These little elements are built inside the cabinet box, which is a skeleton for a kitchen cabinet. That said, even after making an educated decision, you can still run into a few problems common with kitchen cabinet. Here’s a heads up so you may know what’s coming your way.

Common Kitchen Cabinet Problems

In 1830, the words kitchen cabinets referred to political disputes, but now, they mean serious business for interior design enthusiasts. Every home cook understands the importance of kitchen cabinets that operate just the way they should. But the day they decide to bail on you, you may come across the following problems.

Structural Problems

These can vary. You may see bent shelves, which can happen when weak wood is used to create a kitchen cabinet, and then that cabinet is given the tough job of holding heavy jars or dishes. We all know what will happen the day the cabinet’s wood decides to call it a day.

Aesthetical Concerns

Remember how we talked about the kitchen cabinet’s finish playing a vital role? When people decide to go with a subpar finishing option, the polish may wear off sooner than expected, leaving their kitchen looking like it’s a decade old. To make matters worse, a worn-off topcoat can weaken the overall strength of the wood.

Doors that Won’t Close

Opening and shutting kitchen cabinet doors may loosen them up over time. This can be disappointing since one door that won’t close can ruin the entire look of your kitchen. Most of all, open doors may become a potential safety hazard and hit someone in the head accidentally.


There’s an extensive list of options you’ll see when you go kitchen cabinet shopping for your rental property – but can all of them be trusted? Now that you know the vital role a kitchen cabinet can play in your kitchen’s overall feel, are you willing to wing it with a subpar kitchen cabinet?
To buy cabinets that last long and uphold the aesthetically pleasing look of your kitchen and your home, consider going to a top-quality cabinet store like Superior Store and Cabinet. Their offerings are miles ahead of the competition!