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How do I improve my bathroom?

Bathroom Improvements

If you want to improve your bathroom there are many different avenues to take. Options like painting, new tile floor or shower surround, re-stain or new cabinets, new plumbing fixtures or towel bars, change your mirror to a framed mirror, install a new sink and counter top, or maybe just some accent pieces.

– Choose some tile. Not only choosing a great color but choosing a different install pattern or use different color inserts

– Changing the counter tops. This is a big step but will definitely will give you a bigger return on your investment if you go with a granite top

– Changing out the sink. A new fresh sink can add a remodeled look to a bathroom as long as your counter top is in good shape

– Updating the cabinet. If your cabinets are in good shape a good cleaning and refinishing may do. If you are changing the counter top though, sometimes new cabinets are less money.

– Choosing a new plumbing fixture. This is a great thing to update your bathroom if your fixtures are old and worn out. Giving the appearance of a full remodel.

– Changing to a framed mirror. Taking out a full mirror (builder grade) and installing a new framed mirror can really update your room. Just be careful removing the old one.