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Designer Quartz Countertops in Phoenix, Arizona

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Have you seen those fancy stone kitchen countertops in your favorite celebrity’s home tour video and wondered what they are made of? Well, these countertops are made from quartz — a hard crystalline mineral that also happens to be the fourth strongest mineral on earth.

Quartz countertops are getting popular each day and are the top choice of designers and homeowners for bathroom and kitchen counters. Since quartz countertops combine functionality, fashion, and durability, they are often termed as timeless, both in terms of their life and popularity.

Designer Quartz Countertops

When it comes to designer quartz countertops that you can find in Phoenix, the most popular name that comes to mind is Viatera Quartz Countertops. Viatera by LX Hausys is a designer collection of quartz that allows you to channel your creativity into the canvas of your home. Their quartz surfaces feature bold designs in subtle colors that are inspired by nature.

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Here’s why you should choose designer Viatera quartz countertops for your home:

They Are Stain Resistant

Viatera quartz is not made of 100% quartz. Instead, it combines 93% natural quartz with polyester resins to create a non-porous material that offers extreme stain resistance. Since quartz is a mineral that is extremely resistant to absorption, it offers stain resistance for both solid and liquid materials. Unlike other quartz countertops that you would find in the Phoenix market, Viatera does not need a sealant for its non-porous abilities, which makes it an ideal material for bathroom and kitchen countertops.

They Are Scratch Resistant

93% of Viatera is made up of natural quartz, which is the fourth-strongest and hardest mineral on earth. Thanks to this attribute, it is almost impossible to scratch or chip Viatera quartz. Therefore, it is an ideal material to be used for kitchen, bathroom, and floor surfaces as you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged anytime soon.

They Are Heat Resistant

Bearing in mind that they would be used near heat and stoves, Viatera countertops are heat-resistant. However, this does not give you a free pass to place hot pots or pans on these countertops without trivets. To ensure that your Viatera countertops maintain their beauty, you should always use hot pads or trivets when dealing with hot pots, pans, and other containers.

They Are Superior to Granite Countertops

When compared with granite countertops, which are the second most popular countertops after quartz, Viatera offers unmatched quality and beauty. Quartz is much clearer than granite, and when combined with polyester resins in Viatera, this material offers an extremely durable and non-porous surface that is resistant to stains, scratches, and heat. This quality sets it apart from any other material used for countertops.

They Are Consistent

Since Viatera is a collection of designer quartz, their manufacturing process is a standard process that involves the use of modern technology with nature to offer a high-quality surfacing product. Therefore, the colors in their Viatera quartz are extremely consistent. Although there may be slight variations in the color as quartz is mined from the earth, they are mostly consistent and authentic.

They Come in a Beautiful Color Palette

Viatera quartz is inspired by the raw beauty of nature. Their color palette features the most exquisite hues that range from soft and subtle colors to intense and energetic colors. These colors, combined with the natural clarity that quartz has, offer an unparalleled match that cannot be found in any other material.

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How to Choose a Timeless Designer Quartz Countertop?

Now that you know about the best designer quartz countertops in the market, here’s how you can choose the right one for your kitchen, bathroom, or floor:

1. Choose a Natural Style

Quartz mimics the natural stone appearance, which has been a timeless beauty for centuries. With beautiful patterns and colors, you get to instill the beauty of mother nature into your home. You can choose from subtle to bold colors and designs that go with the theme of your decor. Avoid designs that have busy patterns. Choose minimal patterns as they offer a timeless elegance. Busy designs would overpower the look of your kitchen.

2. Go for Neutral Colors

If you are into home decor, you must already know that neutral colors have been all the rage for a very long time now. They offer an enduring presence that goes with every style of your interior, be it contemporary or traditional. When going for a quartz countertop, it is best to stick with bright whites, grays, beiges, and off-whites. These are traditional hues that set the tone for your interiors.

3. Consider the Existing Tone of Your Interior

To ensure that the quartz countertop you choose goes perfectly with the other natural materials in your house, go for timeless colors as mentioned above. You need to match the color and pattern with the other natural elements that you have in your houses, such as bricks, stones, wood, and metal. Warm tones in quartz complement the warm tones of wood furnishings. In comparison, cool tones would go better with brick and stone fixtures in your house. Since quartz countertops are more of a permanent addition, you need to carefully consider the design with the rest of your house.

Final Thoughts

Since you have picked quartz countertops for your kitchen or bathroom, let us first applaud you on the choice you made. Quartz is an excellent choice for kitchens, bathrooms, and flooring. But to ensure that you are getting the full benefits of this material, make sure you go for designer quartz collections as they are more reliable and durable.