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Cleaning Your New Cabinets

After you have new cabinets installed in your home eventually you will have to clean them. Lots of consumers make the mistake of using the wrong chemicals on their cabinets. Most cabinets made today are quite different then the way they used to make them. Cabinets are sealed very well, then have a stain sprayed on, and then a clear coat of laquer is applied.

Due to this staining process, using oil based polishes on your cabinets is not a good idea. The way an oil based polish works is, it is absorbed into the wood resulting in a shiny finish. Today’s cabinets will not absorb this oil. The oil will just sit on the surface resulting in a dull appearance. Once consumers see the dull finish they usually apply more oil polish. This build up is very hard to remove and takes lots of elbow grease.

So what is recommended by most cabinet manufactures is to just us a damp cloth to dust the cabinets. Areas where there is oil splatter from cooking use a small amount of Murphy’s oil soap mixed with lots of water. Your cabinets should keep there shine for years to come if you properly maintain them. Always call the cabinet manufacture before applying anything to your cabinets.