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Choose Between Framed and Frameless Kitchen Cabinets Phoenix has to Offer

Whether you want to buy a new kitchen or remodel an old one, there are a few initial choices you ought to make related to its components. When it comes to choosing from the kitchen cabinets Phoenix has on offer, besides deciding on some basic characteristics such as style and color, you also need to decide on the type of framing – whether you prefer face-framed or frameless kitchen cabinets.

For some, this might seem like a minor and insignificant decision, but since kitchen components are intended for daily usage over a long period of time, you might want to give a good thought before making a final decision.

What is the difference?

The main difference between these two types of cabinetry lies in the edge of the cabinet box. In framed cabinets, the cabinet box is covered by a 1.5-2 inch wide border, which is partially exposed, while in the frameless ones, the cabinet doors are directly hinged to the sides of the cabinet box.

This way, the box, as well as the entire cavity, is covered with a door. The frameless kitchen cabinets Phoenix residents can choose are also known as full-overlay cabinets. Another commonly used term for frameless kitchen cabinetry is Eurostyle or simply Euro.

The advantage of frameless cabinets is that they do not require a frame, which enables maximum use of space. Also, frameless cabinets are slightly larger than those constructed with face frames.

On the other hand, the frame in the framed cabinets provides strength and sturdiness. The doors are usually attached to the frame’s side, but they can also be mounted to the front of the frame. The exposed part of the box is known as a reveal.

How to choose from the kitchen cabinets Phoenix has to offer?

Various styles and designs are now available for both types of kitchen cabinets. Even though the wide range of available kitchen cabinet styles might seem overwhelming at first, having in mind the helpful tips pointed below will enable you to choose the right type of cabinets for your kitchen.


Many homes are not spacious enough, so people living in smaller homes are facing a real challenge in keeping things organized. The main struggle is to succeed in increasing the aesthetic appeal and using techniques that can help maximize space.

The frame in framed cabinets makes the box more solid, but it narrows down the space intended for dishes, utensils and kitchen towels.  Meanwhile, frameless kitchen cabinets have more space, but they are more wobbly.


The design of the kitchen cabinet should express your personal taste. Typically, the style of the kitchen fits the overall design of the home. When choosing the design of the kitchen cabinet, the first question you need to ask yourself is: “Does it feel right for me?”


Getting new kitchen cabinets is a great opportunity to give your kitchen an updated look. In the past, the face-framed cabinetry method used to be popular, but nowadays designers are influenced by a modern way of living, so they tend to create simpler and more practical solutions.

Regarding the style, you must not make any mistakes, thus the first decision you’ll have to make when considering a kitchen cabinet style is whether you want your kitchen cabinets to match the overall home décor, achieve a slight difference, or make a drastic change. The style of the cabinets will influence the cabinetry type and vice versa.

If you’re keen on an old-fashioned style or a traditional appeal, you should definitely go with face framed cabinets. Framed kitchen cabinets provide a classic appearance that cannot be achieved with modern frameless cabinets.

With an extensive selection of door styles available, full overlay cabinets may now be considered modern or traditional in appearance based on the chosen door. If you still haven’t decided which kitchen style suits your home best, these are the three most popular categories you can choose from: modern, traditional and vintage.

Modern cabinets are very sleek and sophisticated with European-style sheet glass and lacquered wood. Styles like Shaker, cathedral and arched cabinets, and raised or recessed panels, are typical for traditional cabinetry and easily create a homier and cozier atmosphere.

The third option is the vintage style which tends to add a historical appeal to your kitchen design. A vintage cabinet style featuring decorative molding and a beaded board will instantly take you to another time. Check out the wide range of kitchen cabinets Phoenix has to offer and choose the ones that fit your style.


It is quite possible to find frameless cabinets at a lower price, due to the lesser manual mounting requirements. But, the price also depends on the material and style. Thus, if your budget is limited, make an effort to combine an acceptable price with great taste to create a stylish and inspirational kitchen. Nevertheless, with the myriad of kitchen cabinets Phoenix vendors offer, it’s likely you would be able to afford the desired appeal of the kitchen.


The most commonly used wood substrates for the framed cabinet’s box are: plywood, particleboard or medium density fiberboard (MDF). Frameless cabinets are also composed of manufactured wood products, such as plywood, structural particleboard or MDF, but they are edged with a laminate or wood veneer.

The cabinets arizona stores offer come in oak, maple, cherry, birch, beech, mahogany and many other variations. Stainless steel kitchen cabinets can also be a choice for some homeowners due to their features. In case stainless steel is your choice as well, consider adding glass panels (leaded, opaque, patterned or clear glass) to stainless steel cabinet doors so as to achieve a personalized look and an attractive balance of the stainless steel surface.

Whether you choose a more traditional look or decide to add some art to your kitchen cabinets with eclectic hardware choices, try to express your ideal style through these small, but impactful design details and take the chance to customize your storage, creating enough space for every single dish and towel.