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Cabinet Hardware Trends And Styles At Superior Stone & Cabinet

cabinet styles

Cabinet Hardware

Kitchens are one of the most visited rooms in your house. They should be a place where you want to spend time cooking meals for your family and friends, and bake delicious goodies. The kitchen cabinets you pick will help set the mood for the whole space. It’s essential to incorporate what’s popular in the design as well as add your own personal style to the room. Our team of professionals is here to guide you on what to look for and some of the cabinet hardware trends and styles in Phoenix.

What to Look for In Kitchen Cabinets


When starting your renovation project, the most important thing to consider is the functionality of your space. You should invest your money in kitchen cabinets that work well for you and your space. When choosing cabinet options, it’s important to be mindful of these three things.

1.Use Your Space Optimally. Many clients leave valuable space unutilized as it is difficult for them to access it. Corner cabinets don’t have to spell disaster for your kitchen space. There are several methods to make your kitchens functional without compromising the visual appeal.

2.Hide the Eyesores. Use your kitchen cabinets to hide any eyesore in your kitchen. At Superior Stone & Cabinet, we offer plenty of storage options for your kitchen cabinets so you can hide your garbage bins or kitchen sponges.

3.Easy to Access. Cooking meals can be challenging if you aren’t able to easily access the thing you need the most. If you cannot find the chopping board to cut up your vegetables, it can throw off the entire cooking process. If you know you have to use particular things in your kitchen more than others, make sure to keep them within arms reach in your cabinets.

Visual Appeal

Your kitchen needs to be a place where you like to spend time. If it doesn’t look the way you like, you’re less likely to want to spend your time cooking. There are a number of styles and colors when it comes to choosing your kitchen cabinets. When picking your cabinet of choice, you should pay attention to your own style along with interior trends.

Cabinet Hardware Trends

We all know that trends come and go. Nevertheless, when it comes to kitchen cabinets, hardware trends that are popular right now can last a lifetime.

Here are some of the most popular cabinet hardware trends that might work for you as well!

1. Customized Cabinets

Your kitchen needs to reflect your own true personality. Cabinet manufacturers and suppliers are creating styles to match your personal aesthetic. This way, your kitchen will stand out from the rest.

2. Sophisticated and Clean

To make sure your kitchen’s design lasts for several years to come, it is essential to infuse a sleek and sophisticated design into your kitchen. We recommend our customers to go easy on the embellishments.

3. Neutral Colors

White-colored kitchen cabinets were quite popular back in 2015, and this trend is very popular even today. In 2022, we expect minimalistic colors such as white, grey, etc., to dominate the kitchen space.

4. Functionality

Kitchen spaces aren’t just about visuals. An increasing number of homebuyers are searching for functional additions in the kitchen. When renovating your kitchen, think about incorporating concealed storage inside your cabinets.

5. Shaker Style Cabinets

Shaker-style cabinets have always been quite popular for homeowners. It’s a classic style that has lasted for several years and has started to gain popularity and momentum in recent years. The clean lines work pretty well in both classic and modern homes.

Trending Cabinet Hardware Styles

If you are renovating your kitchen and searching for new cabinet pulls and knobs, it is a good idea to review some of the most recent styles to see if there is one that speaks to you and truly meets your style.

1. Satin Bronze

Even though classic silver pulls have been used for many years, an increasing number of homeowners are opting to match their counters, backsplashes, and cabinets to something more timeless darker brass, bronze, and copper.

Satin brass pulls don’t just look amazing; they can add a specific style to your kitchen. Specifically, brass and bronze evoke the style of a kitchen from the 1950s – a style that’s becoming popular again.

2. Brushed Bronze

These drawer and cabinet pulls are trending and are an excellent combination with stainless steel fixtures and appliances. Such warm metallic fixtures are going to match the rest of your kitchen.

Bronze pulls also look great on white kitchen cabinets. This is a great design that will add color and warmth to your kitchen and will surely garner praises from your guests.

3. Be Unique

Many homeowners who want to add a unique touch to their kitchen are using mismatched and antique knobs. These result in a unique and distinctive kitchen aesthetic with an eclectic flair.

Nevertheless, do think carefully before choosing this option. If you plan to sell your house in the future, you might have to replace those pulls and knobs beforehand, as they might not appeal to every homebuyer.

4. Go Classic

If you don’t like bronze and brass, don’t worry! There are classic styles that are still trending – and perhaps will not be out of trend for quite a long time.

Brushed nickel is a perfect pick for pulls and knobs and matches nearly every kitchen. In fact, it also has a timeless feel to it. Moreover, brushed nickel goes really well with stainless steel appliances that are now present in several new homes.

Last Few Words

If you’re ready to kickstart your kitchen remodeling projects, our team of professionals is here to help you out! Our 60,000 square feet showroom in Phoenix is fully stocked with plenty of storage options and cabinet styles that you can choose from.