Custom Cabinet Design Ideas For Your Home Remodel

Custom Cabinet Design IdeasRemodeling your home? Superior Stone & Cabinet offers several cabinet options, including custom cabinet choices. In this blog post, we’ll share some of our favorite design ideas.

Why should you upgrade to custom cabinets?

Cabinets are at the heart of any home kitchen, and garners special attention. New cabinets can change an outdated kitchen into a modern one that captures approving glances of others.

Nowadays, cabinets come in a variety of design and color options that you can select according to you taste and preferences.

You can spice up your kitchen with decorative cabinets that boasts attractive colors and finishes. Whether you prefer a traditional look or fancy something modern, the following design ideas can prove invaluable in your new kitchen remodeling project.

1. Select cabinets with an unique style of wood

Wood cabinets impart a natural look to the interior home décor. Of all the different wood styles, maple cabinets are particularly attractive since they have an illustrious shine.

When selecting wood style cabinets, you should keep in mind that the lighter cabinets tend to conceal dirt better as compared to dark cabinets.

2. Creative custom design ideas

An attractive custom cabinet design idea is to surround the refrigerator with cabinets that easily blends in without drawing too much attention. Also, you can install vent hoods that blend perfectly with the cabinets.

In addition, you can leave counter space on either side of the oven with enough space for cooking utilities used for basic preparations such as baking sheets and others. See some of our completed cabinet projects for ideas.

3. Install a cabinet in your dining room

You can have custom design cabinets in the dining room to store dishes, placemats, and other items required for serving the food. Also, you can have granite or natural stone top that can double as a buffet for serving at parties.

You don’t need to custom design the countertops as the stores have a large number of prefabricated counters that can be used for the purpose.

4. Yellow color to brighten a dark room

Yellow color cabinets brighten a dark room. This is particularly a good color option if the kitchen area is small with no natural light. Splashing yellow color on walls, floors, and cabinets can fake natural light inside the house.

Remember to select a glossy finish cabinet as it will reflect the most light and look the best in a dark room.

5. Vintage blue color for a cheery look

Blue color can make a bold statement about the kitchen being a cheery place. You can achieve a vintage blue shade by applying blackened umber glaze to the cabinets and then painting it with a turquoise glaze.

Stippling, buffing, and scrapping the cabinet can give it a timeless look that will always remain in style.

Call Superior Stone & Cabinet for custom cabinet ideas and a free in-home estimate

If you want to know more options about kitchen cabinets, you can contact Superior Stone and Cabinet. We have a large number of cabinet door styles and color options that you can choose to perfectly complement your kitchen and dining area. We also have multiple storage options.

You can contact us to receive a no-obligation, free in-home estimate for the kitchen cabinet remodeling task.

Superior gives you cabinet storage options


An efficient and easily accessible way to store spices.

We’ll be the ones to say it: cabinets have gotten a lot better looking in the past ten to fifteen years. Once seen in an almost purely utilitarian light, today’s kitchen and bathroom cabinets are the aesthetically pleasing centerpiece of your home. Available in almost every possible color and stain of wood, cabinets are enjoying a golden age.

While they may look good, don’t forget that cabinets have a functional purpose: storage and organization. It doesn’t matter how fantastic your cabinets are if your dishes are stacked up on your counters for a lack of space. Lucky for you and your kitchen, Superior Stone and Cabinet offers cabinet storage options that are not only great looking, but will convince your house guests that you’re an organizational genius.

For the cluttered

pull_out_cabinet storage

Make it easy to access your pots and pans.

Are you in need of some kitchen organization help? We can’t do anything about your spouse’s lifetime collection of coffee mugs, but we can help you store them better. Our cabinet storage methods will make your life easier and your counters clearer.

  • Hidden trash cans: This system allows you to place trash cans within the cabinet structure, where they can slide out from hiding for easy access when you need them. If you’re tired of tripping over the trash can on your way to the sink, hidden trash cans might be a space-efficient option. This can also help you become a better recycler, by giving you a dedicated space for sorting bins.
  • An organized spice rack: Nothing’s worse than having to interrupt your cooking to search in the back of your cabinet for wherever you put the oregano. No one has thyme for that! (Sorry). An innovative spice option—including a vertical, slide-out orientation—could make all the difference.
  • Pull-out pot shelving: Despite our best intentions and efforts, most storage of pots and pans goes downhill, to the point where simply matching lids to their pots is a remarkable achievement. With a pull-out system from Superior, you can easily access and organize your pot and pan collection.

For the entertainer


Efficient storage of wine bottles.

Do you like to have friends and family over for dinner and drinks? Don’t just have them marvel at the look of your cabinets—wow them with a whole range of expanded functions that take your kitchen from mere hangout spot to entertaining machine.

  • In-cabinet wine bottle rack: If you love a great glass of wine with company, an in-cabinet bottle rack makes for an amazing conversation piece. If you’re the type that likes to collect, this allows you to store bottles out-of-sight until you need them. Who knew that your cabinets could be so much fun?
  • Glass hanger: Your glasses with stems are probably taking up more room in your cabinet than they should. A simple glass hanger affixed to the outside bottom of your over-counter cabinets not only allows for you to efficiently store your glasses, but it looks classy and elegant.
  • Easy access to plates: How do you store your plates? One way to have easy access to dining plates for guests is to upgrade to a cabinet fixture that allows you to store plates vertically.

With Superior, you have cabinet storage options

If you’re ready to upgrade to new cabinets, stop by our 60,000 square foot showroom in Phoenix. We’ll sit down with you and provide you with a free estimate for all the cabinet storage options you’re looking for. Are you also looking for new countertops? We can help with that, too!

Ready to get started? Give Superior Stone and Cabinet a call, or stop by our location at 3717 East Broadway Road.