Effective Kitchen Design and Remodel Process in Arizona

Kitchen design or redesign can seem overwhelming, especially if you lack that design gene other people seem to be born with. Luckily, there are experts and professionals out there who have experience and design sense. They can take your cluster of random ideas and fuse them into the kitchen of your dreams.

In order for you to get the most out of your design experience with the kitchen design pros, there is a process to go through. It is important that all of the necessary steps are covered, in order for your remodeling process to run as smoothly as possible. Consulting the design experts can save you time, money, and maybe a few headaches.

The kitchen design process only has a few steps; but for an intensive project such as a kitchen design and remodeling, you will find that all of these steps are vital for a successful outcome. Sure, many people try to tackle kitchen design and remodeling on their own, but it is recommended to seek out the advice of a professional to make sure the job is done correctly, and just the way you want it.

Free In-Home Estimate

Whether you are getting all new cabinets, beautiful granite countertops, new flooring, or completely overhauling your kitchen, the process should ALWAYS begin with an in-home estimate. Your in-home estimate is a necessity for the professionals to see what the space looks like and get a feel for your expectations. During your estimate, the design expert will take measurements, and you better believe you want an expert doing this! This way, all of your remodeling materials such as cabinets and countertops will fit like a glove, instead of being a centimeter or two off, which could be a disaster, and cause your project to come to a screeching halt.


While the design expert is in your home taking measurements, make sure to be very clear about what you are envisioning for your new kitchen. Feel free to ask questions, and bounce some ideas around to help give both you and your design expert a clear picture of what you need and want. Pull out magazine clippings, or show them your favorite pins to your kitchen board on Pinterest. Feel free to be creative and put all of your ideas out there. Your design expert is sure to be honest with you and help you get the most out of the design experience.

Choosing the Materials

This is the fun part! It is important that you see the materials for yourself in person, because what it looks like online or in a catalogue might not be precisely what it really looks like in person. So taking a trip to see the materials first hand, is more than worth your time, and maybe a few dollars in gas money. Make sure to consider your previous discussion with your design expert while you are hunting for kitchen materials. Sometimes, you get so focused on the kitchen that you do not consider the rest of the house. You want your new kitchen to flow with the rest of your home, and to make sure all materials: cabinets, countertops, and flooring, blend together nicely as well.


If picking out new kitchen materials is not enjoyable enough on its own, you can work with your design expert to see what different materials would look like in your brand new kitchen for some serious design fun. This is done through a 3D rendering. The design expert will layout a replica of your kitchen on the computer. Then, they will change out different materials of your choice. They can change out the cabinets, countertops, and flooring until you find just the right combination.

By seeing the materials up close, feeling there texture, and even well, smelling them, if you absolutely need to, you will feel confident that you are picking out the perfect materials for your kitchen. The 3D rendering is a pretty little design bonus that will help you visualize your new kitchen before it is even remodeled!

All systems are a go! It is installation time!

Your design expert has come, measured, and chatted with you about your “Dream Kitchen Pinterest Board.” You have spent some time choosing your most favorite materials; and thanks to the 3D rendering, you are sure you will love your new kitchen. Now what? Well, we will tell you. It is installation time!

Depending on the intensity level of your kitchen remodel, it could take from 1 to 5 days to complete your project. (Click here for tips on surviving a kitchen remodel.) The team of expert craftsmen will come to your home and will begin the remodeling process. They will carefully remove the existing materials, make any discussed changes to your kitchen’s layout, and when everything is perfect, your new cabinets, countertops, and flooring will be installed.


Last but definitely not least, you need to stand in your new kitchen. Open and close all of the cabinet doors, twice. Run your fingers along the cold smooth granite countertops. Lay down on the beautiful new flooring, (because it will probably never feel that clean again). Now, enjoy your beautiful new kitchen!

 What to Remember

  • The kitchen design and remodeling process can be a nightmare for homeowners. Seek help!
  • During the Free In-Home Estimate, get the kitchen measurements taken, and discuss your inspirations.
  • See the materials in person, and use the 3D Rendering to help with your decisions.
  • Schedule a convenient time for the remodeling process; it could take a few days.
  • Do not forget to take a moment or two to enjoy your beautiful new kitchen.

Choosing a Professional

When choosing a company to help you tackle your kitchen design and remodel, make sure they are clear on all of the steps in this process! At Superior Stone & Cabinet, we have some awesome design experts and experienced craftsmen to help walk you through this process and make it as easy as possible. If we can help you with your kitchen design and remodel in anyway, please give us a call! (602) 437-0088. 


Remodeling a kitchen – 6 easy steps

Remodeling a kitchen – 6 easy stepsAre you fed up of a compact kitchen? Do you wish you could have more space to move around easily? Have you gotten tired of chipped counter tops and faded cabinets? If you wish to remodel your kitchen but find it to be too much of a hassle, then get involved in the Phoenix Kitchen RemodelingProject.

Remodeling a kitchen is relatively easy if you know what you want done and how. By following the steps given below, you will be able to achieve your goal simply and inexpensively.

Think it through:

Firstly, think about what you need within your kitchen. Make a list of what’s available and what’s missing. Decide if you want new floor or a shiny smooth counter top, or if you’re tired of looking at your paint-scratched cabinets, then maybe its time to change those.

Fix a Color Scheme:

Based on the wall paint and lighting available in your kitchen, you need to decide whether to use a dark or a light color scheme. You can also decide to use contrastive colors or bright colors to give some vibrancy and dimension to your kitchen. Its usually better to choose a color that requires less cleaning and maintenance.

Choose What’s Right:

After deciding what you want remodeled, its time to choose the right materials. If you want a new floor, make sure you look at all the different varieties available. Floor tiles may be metallic, glass or ceramic, etc, whereas wooden laminates come in a wide variety of designs and colors.

If you have decided to change your cabinets or your counters, choose the color scheme and designs with care. Bulky cabinets and counters in a small kitchen will only make it more crowded and stuffy.

Be Organized:
The next thing that you need to do after selecting the outer look of your kitchen, is to work on the details. Make sure that you have made the most of the available space. The end result should be a clutter-free and organized kitchen. There should be a place for everything. Make sure you have enough room to store all your kitchen appliances properly.

Take a Little Help from the Professionals:

If you find your task too daunting and challenging, do not hesitate to take help from the experts. Contact companies that remodel kitchens on a daily basis. When you approach them, be very clear and specific about what you want in your kitchen. Make sure you get a deal that gives you value for your money.

Make a final inspection:

After the remodeling is complete, make a final inspection. Assure yourself that everything is as you required it. Whether you have done the remodeling yourself, or whether you have taken some professional help, either the way, the end results should meet your expectations.


Remodeling is an expensive and physically demanding task. You can not remodel your home every week or every month, so when you finally decide to do it, make sure its worth it. Choose what you wish to change and modify it accordingly, to successfully accomplish the Phoenix Kitchen RemodelingProject, which will result in a well-organized and spacious kitchen.