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It is always a wonderful experience helping eager homeowners with their home renovations. With all of the many projects we have worked on, we know that renovating is no walk in the park. Recently, we were featured on the DIY Network on Renovation Realities. Husband and wife, James and Allysa Boothe, were bound and determined to give their outdated kitchen a much needed make over.


In the Midst of DIY Chaos, the Countertops were a Success!

Aside from the fun and playful couple quality time that James and Allysa were experiencing during this project, their renovation excursion was turning out to be quite the struggle. From demolition of walls, to installation of the cabinets, they were dedicated to follow on the DIY route. They reached out to Superior Stone and Cabinet for their handsome granite countertops. The couple was extremely pleased with the quality of the granite, as well as the installation.

In the end, the couple finally decided to leave their kitchen in the hands of the professionals. What they hoped would have been a few day project costing under $10,000, turned into a month long project and $600 over budget. To avoid the unexpected costs and lengthy projects, Superior Stone and Cabinet can bring some stability to your home renovation.

The Superior Difference

There are many benefits to partnering with Superior Stone and Cabinet before venturing down the DIY path. In a recent full home remodel, we handled everything from countertops, cabinets, flooring, and tile work in every room in only 8 days! Here are some of the ways we can make the renovation process less daunting.

  • Set budget
  • Speedy renovation
  • Custom design
  • Quality products
  • Lower prices on material
  • Confidence in craftsmanship

When Renovation Truly Becomes a Reality

When it comes down to it, we commend the Boothes on working together as a team to tackle their kitchen renovation, and make progress towards a more beautiful home. However, if you are thinking the DIY route is not for you or if you have started and find you need some help, we would love to talk with you about your home renovation plans, and help you however we can along the way.

Jeff Chaignot - Project Manager

Jeff Chaignot – Project Manager

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  1. Alyssa Boothe says:

    I’m the better half of the couple that was featured on the DIY Network and want to say how amazing Superior Stone and Cabinet’s were to work with. We were very, very pleased with their professionalism, their prices and the outstanding customer service we received. When we were picked for the show we didn’t have much time to prepare and get everything together before filming was supposed to begin. Superior Stone and Cabinet came through and delivered even under tight time crunches. We would recommend them to anyone and use them again any day.


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