A Guide to Carpet Flooring

A Guide to Carpet FlooringCarpet is a popular flooring option that makes any room look brighter and more appealing. There are many options for carpet flooring in Phoenix that differ in terms of textures, patterns and colors. Here is what you should know if you want to select the best carpet, available in Phoenix, for your needs.



There are many types of carpets in Phoenix, the most common of which are given below.

Berber Cut Pile

A Berber cut pile is a carpet that feels thick below your fee and adds beauty to every room because of its beautifully colored yarns. Mostly laid in the kids’ rooms and casual rooms, the carpet is simple to clean and maintain.

Berber Loop Pile

Resembling wool, the Berber loop pile carpet can bear a lot of traffic and is prone to wear and tear. It has a natural appearance and does not let stains and marks become that noticeable.


Suited for the dining and living rooms, this is a very popular option for carpet flooring in Phoenix. It adds elegance and appeal to any room, mainly because of its smooth and soft finishing.

Textured Plush

Available in a variety of styles and setting, the textured plush is resistant to marks, which makes it a good choice for any room where there are a lot of activities and frequent traffic.


Carpets can be differentiated on the basis of fibers from which the product is made.


Nylon is an economical material that is durable but is not prone to stains. It is available in many colors, and you can opt for it if your budget is limited.

PET Polyester

PET polyester carpets increase the luxury of your room and make it look more stunning because of their incredibly bright colors. The carpet can also resist water soluble stains.

Triexta PTT

This option is the perfect choice for a stain resistant and luxurious carpet. It can even bear wear and tear, and is easy to clean and maintain. The only downside perhaps is the high price associated with it.

Carpet Color

A carpet is colored by two main methods: pre-dyed and post-dyed. The pre-dyed or solution dyed method involves drying of the yarn prior to sewing. The produced carpet has a nearly permanent color and hardly ever fades since the carpet is colored throughout the thickness.  Carpets dyed by this method are more expensive.

In a post-dyed or stock-dyed technique, the carpet is tufted and then dyed. As such, the carpet is colored on the surface only. As long as you clean the carpet well, fading should not be much of an issue.


Now that you know all the main facts about carpet flooring, you can easily make an educated choice. Consider your budget and needs, and accordingly decide a carpet for yourself.

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