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Remodeling Kitchen Cabinets – Functionality, Style and Design

Kitchen remodeling is a costly and extensive process. Kitchen cabinets Phoenix AZ are one of the biggest purchases among your kitchen items so it is not a choice that you should take lightly. Functional, stylish and trendy kitchen cabinets are definitely worth the investment, whereas a poorly constructed set of cabinets will cause regular frustration.

1. Choices and Quality

Remodeling Kitchen Cabinets – Functionality, Style and Design

When remodeling your kitchen, half of your budget would constitute to expenses for cabinetry, so cost is an important factor. If you are looking to cut costs, you can definitely do it without compromising too much on the quality and design. However, remember what you invest in is what you will get. The cheapest cabinetry work is constituted of substandard materials that easily get damaged and need replacement, whereas they are made in ways that makes them frustrating to use.

Kitchen cabinets Phoenix AZ can be easily divided into three distinct categories; custom, semi-custom and stock. Stock purchase is walking into a home improvement store and purchasing the items right away from the shelves, whereas there are few or no choices for upgrades or improvement. For a lot of people, this is the most budget friendly option as they can get the exact kind of cabinets that they want. Semi-custom cabinets are those that allow you to select your choice of cabinet models from a list of options; however, these are more costly but allow you greater control over your purchase. On the other hand, custom cabinets are designed completely according to the instructions of the customer. In fact, these are the most costly among all options, but they give you the freedom to design your kitchen cabinets with great control.

2. Materials

Materials used in kitchen cabinets Phoenix AZ have considerable impact on the overall costs as well as on the quality of the product. You can choose from MDF, particle board, metal, solid wood, plywood, melamine and laminate. MDF and particle board are low cost varieties and these can be covered with veneers to give an impression of solid wood. Contrarily, plywood is much more durable comparatively and can be covered completely or used in its natural form for a contemporary look. Solid wood is luxurious and expensive as well. Depending on the furniture manufacturer, you can select from cherry, oak, maple, bamboo, or mahogany or even some other exotic woods.

3. Hardware

The hardware becomes totally invisible after installation, but has a huge impact over the functionality of the cabinets. The slides of the drawers differ slightly, for example, the best slides use ball bearings while others make use of rollers or nylon wheels. The location of the slides, either bottom or side mount, affects the vacant drawer space. Also, the pivots on the kitchen cabinet can be mounted completely on the interior or using a piece that shows on the outside which gives a more traditional look. Some pivots are manufactured to work as soft-close in order to reduce knocked-fingers and noise.

Build a Unique Kitchen with Designs That Emanate Your True Style

Build a Unique Kitchen with Designs That Emanate Your True Style

Your kitchen and the resources installed there, such as cabinets, are great sources to know your true style and aesthetic taste. Back in the day, there were standard designs incorporated into every kitchen cabinet except for a handful of fancy and luxurious choices that were hallmarks of opulence. However, with the passage of time, and much evolution in the art and design industry, there are innumerable designs out there today. These designs are variable in the sense that they are adaptable to be more resourceful for the homeowners.

In this post, you will find even more refreshing ideas, tips on colorful accents that can create a unique and inspirational kitchen. There are designs that can make kitchen cabinets Phoenix jump off the walls and floating cabinets that allow them to hover between the walls, whereas there are built-in appliances as well, which blend into the walls. Different options can be used to make your kitchen trendy, special, as well as a fun place to be at.

Floating cabinets are great ways to add the factors of larger space and flow in the kitchen. By installing floating cabinets, you can bring in more angles of vision in and out of your kitchen. Moreover, these also allow more light to come in which is great if you live in a small house, apartment or condo. Kitchen cabinet doors that have glass fronts can really do well with this look since there will be lots of room for light and space.

Moving on, installing floating cabinets can also help you make up some extra counter and storage space to boot which is great when you have to enjoy your meal with more people. Most importantly, they look extremely trendy and fantastic when done the right way.

Colorful accents can also bring in the right amount of color to your kitchen if you really want to make the space vibrant and bright. However, before you experiment with colors, you will have to make sure that they go right with the space available and other equipment and furniture installed. Bringing in wrong colors that are too flashy can make the appearance of your kitchen too gaudy. Moreover, certain color combinations do not go well within residential kitchens. By using dark colored wallpapers, you can also bring in elements of vibrancy in your kitchen. Wallpapers work as great backdrops for kitchen cabinets Phoenix.

Moreover, built-in appliances are also great to give an impression of a certain theme across the room. Wood tones are extremely popular because of their timelessness and warmth. However, it is also a little difficult to get the right kind of appliances that go well with wood tone. Kitchen cabinets Phoenix that are custom made are great to hide away appliances. Custom cabinetry is always great if done properly. Space is the major hurdle for many homeowners; however, they can create beautiful kitchens utilizing the available space by installing the right kinds of cabinets.

Combine Services and Save Big Money

When you are looking to do remodeling on your home remember that overhead is factored in to any job you do. The more companies you go with the more overhead you are paying. If you do your tile through one company, your cabinets through another and your countertops through another; You could pay thousands more than doing all your business through the same company.

This also applies to breaking up rooms. If you price out rooms individually instead of one overall pricing the company will add overhead to each room assuming you may not do all of them. I know it is nice to see each room separately but in the end it will cost you more. Also, when you do a house remodel try to remodel rooms together when possible. Its not good do a kitchen and then a couple months later do a bathroom and then a couple months later do another bathroom. It will save you a lot of money grouping them all into one job.