Here’s why you should remodel your bathroom with Superior

For many people, remodeling kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, offices, and even patios and outdoor spaces comes before the bathroom remodel. After all, it’s hard to get excited about a bathroom, right? It’s a bathroom, after all. It’s not like you’ll spend your whole afternoon in there, or hold a party with chip dip served on the vanity. It’s just not a glamorous place to upgrade.

We’d argue that you should give your bathroom a second thought. In this blog post, Superior will lay out the case for you to remodel your bathroom with us. You’ll give your ideas on remodeling another look—and let your design imagination loose.

If you’re ready to get started, get in contact with us.

remodel your bathroom

Superior can turn your outdated bathroom into the bathroom of your dreams.

You should remodel your bathroom

Let’s start with the master bathroom. This is usually not used by guests, but you use it on a daily basis. You shower there and get ready for the day there. That matters. If your bathroom is old and your shower is horribly outdated and your bathtub is uncomfortable, that matters. At one point or another, we’ve all had that shower that smells kind of funky and that you have to jiggle the handle just right to get the hot water going. It’s time to upgrade.

Even if you can’t picture yourself enjoying a remodeled bathroom, consider your home’s value if you were to sell it. Many buyers today are looking for master bathroom upgrades, especially for the shower and vanity. Bathrooms aren’t quite as important to homebuyers as kitchens (we also specialize in kitchen remodels), but a great bathroom can be the tipping point between “We’ll consider it” and “Let’s make an offer on this house.”

The same principals apply to the guest bathroom. You may not go all-out on the shower in this space, but a great guest bathroom remodel is something that guests to your house will be impressed by, while also boosting your home’s value.

Looking for even more ideas? Check out this article from Forbes on things to consider before you have Superior remodel your bathroom.

Why you should remodel your bathroom with Superior

Here are just a few of the reasons you should plan to remodel your bathroom with Superior Stone & Cabinet:

  • Cost: This is perhaps the most important thing homeowners and property managers alike take into consideration when weighing a bathroom remodel. As one of the largest wholesale suppliers of counters, cabinets, flooring, and bathroom accessories in Phoenix, Superior is able to offer very competitive prices. We directly import our materials from the source, cutting out the middleman to save you money.
  • Selection: You want options. We have them. Our 60,000 square foot warehouse has a mind-boggling amount of bathroom combinations. Best of all, since we carry all the materials you need to remodel your bathroom, Superior is your one-stop-shop. No driving from store to store and dealing with different sales people. We can add everything together and roll your bathroom remodel into one estimate.
  • Quality: Superior has all the materials you need to remodel your bathroom at great prices. But, they’re also high-quality countertops, cabinets, and more. When it comes time for install, our professional install team doesn’t cut any corners putting together your new bathroom. They take care of everything, and have the experience to do good work quickly. The result? We can often remodel your bathroom in little more than a week.

Ready to get started?

Best of all? Superior offers free in-home estimates. That’s right: one of our installers will come to your home to take measurements, give you honest advice, spark ideas, and provide you with a no-obligation estimate.

You can also stop by our showroom at 3479 E University Dr Phoenix, AZ 85034. No appointments are necessary—we’d love to meet with you! Want more information? Give us a call at (602) 437-0088 or contact us online.

Three reasons to buy quartz countertops for rental property

If you’re a property manager or you own a rental property, you know that tenant tastes have changed over the years. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to rent out a property with an outdated kitchen or bathroom, and you’ll have to either wait longer for a tenant (costing you money) or lower the rent price (costing you money). It’s time for an upgrade. In this blog post, we’ll discuss three reasons to consider buying quartz countertops for rental property in Phoenix.

Quartz Countertops For Rental PropertyThey are more durable than most granite

As a property manager or rental property owner, you know that tenants and residents can be rough on the interior of the apartment, condo, or house. It might not even be that the tenants are actively trying to damage things, but rather that things break, wear down, or get damaged over time, especially with a regular turnover in residents.

Granite slab countertops are a major investment. They’re perfect for your own home, but they can be a risky buy for rental properties: they require regular upkeep and protection, and they’re not stain resistant. Prefabricated granite is a sounder investment for rentals, as it costs less and is more protected against damage. But, this is an area where quartz really shines. Quartz is made out of quartz crystals covered in a resin mix. The quartz is hard and durable, while the resin adds stain resistance and protects it against scratches. And, unlike granite countertops, quartz doesn’t need regular upkeep.

The only area that quartz doesn’t perform as well as granite in durability is how much heat it can take. Granite countertops are famous for being able to have hot pans put directly on them. Doing this to a quartz countertop, however, could cause discoloration and even cracking. You’ll need to inform your residents that quartz countertops should be treated just like any non-granite countertop when it comes to heat: with a hot pad or trivet placed between the counter and hot pots or pans.

Here’s where all that durability really makes a difference: most quartz countertop manufacturers provide a much more extensive warranty for quartz than for granite. In fact, the manufacturers we work with at Superior offer a 15-year limited warranty. In a rental property, that’s a great value.

They are also less expensive than granite

Slab granite countertops are one of the most expensive options for counters. While owners of granite countertops will tell you that cost makes a big difference, that’s for their own home. For your rental properties, you’ll need a more economical option. Quartz is far less expensive than granite countertops, making it a perfect option for all 150 kitchens in the apartment complex you manage or the one kitchen in the rental property you own.

In an individual home, slab or prefabricated granite countertops can increase home value and the curb appeal of a house. That’s not to say that quartz countertops can’t raise your home’s value. Rather, it’s just that some homebuyers will be picky about the exact kind of countertops they’re getting in the sale.

However, in a rental property context, your renters may not even be able to tell the difference between quartz and granite, especially because there are many quartz designs that mimic the natural stone grain of granite. With quartz, you’re getting a durable, great-looking countertop that attracts tenants without breaking the bank.

Superior has large supplies of quartz

Superior Stone & Cabinet is one of Arizona’s premier countertop, flooring, and cabinet wholesalers, and we sell and install quartz countertops for rental property throughout the Phoenix metro area. As a wholesale direct importer of quartz straight from the manufacturer, we save money by not only cutting out the middleman, but by purchasing our quartz in bulk.

Thanks to our 60,000 square foot warehouse and showroom, we’re able to keep a large inventory of quartz countertops for rental property in stock. This means that we can fulfill large orders for apartment complexes and multiple properties, often without a reordering delay.

In addition, we have more than 90 colors and styles of quartz currently, so you’re sure to find something that’s a perfect fit for your rental property. Don’t forget: we also sell and install cabinets in rental property, as well as flooring.

Quartz countertops for rental property

If you’re ready to get started, either give us a call at (602) 437-0088 or stop by our showroom—no appointment necessary—at 3479 E University Dr, Phoenix, AZ 85034. You can also contact us online for your free, in-home estimate. Just let us know where your office or home is, and we’ll come and meet you to take measurements and give you more information about our quartz countertops for rental property.

We’ve moved to a new location

Have you seen a ton of moving trucks around lately? That may be because Superior Stone & Cabinet moved to our new location at 3479 E. University Drive last week. While our team will certainly miss our old warehouse, this new facility is much bigger, has more space for our showroom, and will allow us to carry a far wider selection of the countertops, cabinets, floors, and fixtures you trust Superior to provide.

Room to grow

Even as one of the largest wholesale suppliers of granite, quartz, flooring, and cabinetry in the Phoenix metro, we were beginning to feel a little cramped in our old place. Our new building is twice the size and contains space for a much larger and more detailed showroom. This is important: our customers need showrooms in order to envision how different flooring styles will look in their home, business, or office. Now, with more overall showroom space, you’ll be able to see a wider variety of our products.

New showroom

A floor model in our new showroom.

New products in the showroom

On the warehouse side, the extra space allows us to carry a larger inventory, including some new products. We’re now showing and installing quartz slab countertops, along with our original quartz countertops. In the near future, we’ll be bringing in granite slab countertops. Our new space allows us to take on more custom projects. One area of emphasis—in addition to our residential countertop, cabinetry, and flooring products—is on commercial and office products and setups. When you stop by our new location, you’ll find an entire section of our store dedicated to flooring and kitchens for modern workplaces.

Same quality, same low prices

We may have upgraded to a new space, but our approach to business has not changed. We still offer great counters, cabinets, floors, and wall tile at wholesale prices—our larger space means we can continue to directly import products in great quantity from the source instead of going through a middleman. Superior Stone and Cabinet remains your one-stop-shop for home and commercial improvement products.

Want to check out what we’ve been up to? Be sure to swing by our new convenient location at 3479 E. University Drive in Phoenix, AZ. We’re right off the I-10, just minutes from downtown Phoenix, Sky Harbor International Airport, and Arizona State University. Our showroom staff is ready to introduce you to our wide selection of counters, cabinets, and floors.

Four questions to ask yourself when shopping for a bathroom vanity

A bathroom vanity can be a stunning addition to any bathroom in your home, instantly adding an aesthetic appeal and more storage options. But, how do you go about selecting the right bathroom vanity? Besides the usual questions about what kind of granite and cabinetry work you like, Superior Stone and Cabinet recommends that you ask yourself the following questions, and then give us a call to schedule your free in-home estimate.

2d08c6af-df76-41f0-af38-61009d5d06b8Do you want a unique look or a match?

Many customers are seeking a bathroom vanity that not only matches the rest of their bathroom, but fits with the overall aesthetics of the home, including other bathrooms and even the kitchen. For example, the kitchen has white cabinets with a lighter-colored granite finish, so they’ll want their bathrooms to have a similar scheme. However, other customers go the opposite direction: the bathroom vanity is set off from the rest of the home, so why not have it be completely different?

No matter what you decide, Superior has the wide selection that needed to turn your bathroom into a thing of beauty and style.

Will the bathroom vanity help you sell you home?

As with most significant home upgrades, you’re probably at least a little concerned about how the renovation will impact your home’s resale value, should you ever need to move out. Overall, a new bathroom vanity can really help you sell your home as part of an overhauled bathroom. In fact, many homebuyers today specifically look at the master and guest bathrooms to gauge the overall quality of the home. Consider a quality vanity an investment in your home’s future that you can enjoy starting today!

Is this part of a larger bathroom overhaul?

Whether your new vanity is a one-off or if it’s only the start of a larger project, let Superior Stone and Cabinet know, and we can provide you with expert, experienced advice to help you decide and envision how it all fits together. This process includes looking at the type of tile your bathroom might need. It all starts with our free in-home estimate, which will help you determine what you can do with the bathroom and what your options are.

Advanced Bathroom VanityAre you getting the most options possible?

We’re not a small, fly-by-night operation. We have more than 30 different granite colors available in our huge Phoenix showroom, as well as many more types and colors of cabinets. The best way to get started in selecting your counters and cabinets is to visit our showroom and see the variety for yourself.

Beyond the color of granite and cabinets, learn more details about bathroom vanities and the choices available to you, including storage and fixture options.

Let Superior help you decide

Superior Stone and Cabinet offers high-quality bathroom vanity setups at wholesale prices. If you’re ready for a new vanity, but you’re having trouble deciding how to get things started, give us a call to schedule your free in-home estimate so that we can help you create a vision for your bathroom’s future.

How to Get the Most Out Of Your Kitchen Remodel

According to a recent survey conducted by Home Advisor, the average kitchen remodel cost homeowners $19,920, but when you are remodeling on a budget, it can be difficult to determine how to get the most out of your project without the hefty price tag.

Many homeowners are concerned with how they should spend their budget and ultimately what goes into the project itself. If you are considering a kitchen remodel, you may be wondering where to start and how to go about turning your vision into reality. We have been a part of many kitchen remodels and are here to share what goes into a kitchen remodel and the added benefit of having one.

Benefit of a kitchen remodel

DSC_1165First and foremost, most homeowners begin a kitchen renovation because it is time to update their space or they are tired of staring at their outdated room. The kitchen is one of the most trafficked rooms in your home, and therefore, one of the most valued rooms in your home. By dedicating funds to a quality remodel, you are increasing the value of your home a significant amount.

Increases home value

Many homeowners like to keep the value of their home in mind when remodeling their kitchen. It is important to not only keep your home in mind but also the homes around you. You do not what to put a great deal of money into to a kitchen if those around you are more understated; however, if you live in a high-end neighborhood, you will want to add value to your home that rivals those of your neighbors.

What goes into your remodeling project

When tackling any remodeling project, there are a lot of variables that you should take into consideration. What color scheme should you select, what flooring is best for your family, and in regards to kitchen remodels, what countertops and cabinets should you select. At first, this may seem daunting to tackle, but by understanding where most of your budget will be spent, you can better understand where to splurge and where to save.


The National Kitchen and Bath Association has noted that 29% of kitchen remodels is dedicated to cabinetry and hardware. Since this is a significant portion of your remodel project, this is often the place where homeowners look to trim down on cost.

At Superior Stone and Cabinet, we help homeowners save hundreds of dollars on their remodels by selling them USA made, quality materials and a fraction of the cost. On top of that, we come out to your home to provide a free estimate on your project, so you aren’t surprised by any of your costs.


customized-granite-countertops-azKitchen countertops account for 10% of your remodeling costs, and there are many debates as to what materials to select for your home. It used to me as simple as granite or laminate, but now there are so many options out there that it can be overwhelming to select one for your home. Over the past few years, we have seen quartz countertops grow in popularity due to their high-quality appearance and low price tag.


High-quality appliances are typically the final place where homeowners tend to spend their remodel budget. Stainless steel refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers and other various appliances help bring your kitchen together. No matter what type of appliance you choose to purchase, you will want to invest in something that works well with your new remodel.

How to prepare for your remodel project

When preparing for a remodel project, it is crucial that you create a realistic budget and stick to it. Be sure to account for surprise costs that creep up during your remodel. Hiring a professional you can trust is one of the best things you can do as a homeowner. They are skilled at the task at hand and will have your best interest at heart. Keep to your timeline as best as you can and enjoy the process!

iStock_000026120340LargeIf you are ready to remodel your kitchen, our team of trained professionals can help turn your dream into a reality. We offer affordable countertop and cabinet options for your kitchen, so you never feel nickeled and dimed. We will walk you through every step of the planning process and install to ensure you feel comfortable with the progress of your kitchen.

We provide a free 3D design mock-up, so you can see what your kitchen remodel will look like before we even get started! Visit to schedule your free inspection today.


Bathroom Remodeling in Phoenix, AZ

Bathroom remodeling is such an awesome and worth while project that will not only give you an awesome space to enjoy, but will ultimately increase the value of your home and make buyers more intrigued if you should ever want to sell it. Sometimes, all that is needed is some new flooring that is elegant and makes a statement. Or maybe you want to mix things up with a new vanity with custom cabinets and a gorgeous countertop. Or it could be that every part of your bathroom is outdated and needs to be upgraded. Whatever bathroom remodeling project you are wanting to undergo, it’s important to find the right company to help. At Superior Stone and Cabinet, we have helped many homeowners throughout Phoenix, Arizona remodel their bathrooms into a spectacular space.

Helping Homeowners with their Bathroom Remodel

Vanity 014

Vanity 014

Bathroom remodeling is often pushed aside, or reconsidered because of the hassle that is associated with any remodeling process. However, with the right team in place, your bathroom remodel doesn’t have to be such a huge undertaking. It can be a fun process that will be completed faster than you think.

Decide on a Plan of Action

This is something that our professionals can definitely help you with, but ultimately, you will need to decide on what you want to get done to give your bathroom a little sparkle. Whether it’s flooring, cabinets, countertops, or a complete bathroom remodel, it’s important to have an idea in your head about what you expect. Once you have made this decision, it’s time to find the right company to help make your bathroom dreams come true.

Finding the right company to help with your bathroom remodel

Whether you work with Superior Stone and Cabinet for your bathroom remodel or not, we want to make sure that you are finding a quality company that will help you with your remodel every step of the way! Look for a company with the following qualities:

  • Experience and knowledge
  • Professionals to assist you
  • Variety of materials
  • Competitive price


Stone countertops in your bathroom provide a beautiful feature that stands out and gives your bathroom a touch of elegance. When choosing the right countertops for your bathroom, it’s also important to consider durability, color, and style. Granite countertops are always a popular choice in bathrooms. They will give your bathroom a sleek and classic look, while outlasting the wear and tear of ever day use. Find the countertop option that would work the best for you and give your bathroom a new elegant feel.


It is important for the cabinets that you choose in our bathroom to provide storage options for practical use and functionality, while providing a beautiful sense of style and class. When choosing your cabinets, you get the freedom to customize the practical elements that will work the best for you and your family, as well as the stain and design that will highlight your individual style and will tie into the rest of the elements in your bathroom.


The flooring that is chosen for your bathroom will provide a subtle charm that will bring the whole room together. Most people opt for tile flooring in their bathrooms. It is durable, easy to clean and gives you a wide variety of options to choose from that will compliment your bathroom perfectly! Whether you want a more natural stone such as travertine or marble, or are leaning more towards a porcelain or glass tile, we can help you get it installed and looking great in no time at all.

Our Bathroom Remodeling Process

  • Free In-Home Estimates: Now that you have a good idea of what you want to do in your home, we will come to your home and discuss your vision, expectations, and budget for your bathroom remodel. We will take a look at your current bathroom and discuss some ideas with you. Lastly, we will give you a free estimate of the cost of your project.
  • Material Decisions: This is the fun part! You can work with our design specialist to produce a 3D rendering of your space and help you choose the right cabinets, countertops, and flooring for your new bathroom. We have a warehouse full of different materials in all different styles for you to choose from!


  • Creating a Clean Slate: Once all of the materials are chosen and the design is finalized, our team will come to your home and begin clearing out the materials in your bathroom that will be replaced. This includes tile, cabinetry and countertops. When they are finished, you will have a clean slate for all of your new bathroom elements.
  • Installation: This is the truly wonderful part! The part where the magic happens. Piece by piece, you will begin to see the bathroom of your dreams coming together. Many times, it is difficult to envision how all of the elements will fit together, but it’s awesome when you finally get to see it happen. Our team will perfectly install all of your bathroom elements.
  • Enjoy: After the process of research, budgeting, picking out materials, designing, and remodeling it will finally be time to step into your newly remodeled bathroom and enjoy! Take in all of the details, features, colors, styles, and elegance and be proud of your new space!


A bathroom remodel is going to be an investment. One that is well worth the money, however it is going to take some budgeting and calculating of costs. That’s why it’s a blessing when you can find some savings in your remodeling project. At Superior Stone and Cabinet, we buy direct and sell to our customers at wholesale prices, making our costs more affordable than other companies.

Getting Started on your Bathroom Remodel


Remodeling your bathroom is exciting! Start looking around for bathroom remodeling ideas in magazines, on Pinterest or wherever and get a feel for the type of bathroom that would be perfect for you. Then, when you are ready, give us a call at Superior Stone and Cabinet. We will be with you every step of the way and help you make your dream bathroom a reality.

Effective Kitchen Design and Remodel Process in Arizona

Kitchen design or redesign can seem overwhelming, especially if you lack that design gene other people seem to be born with. Luckily, there are experts and professionals out there who have experience and design sense. They can take your cluster of random ideas and fuse them into the kitchen of your dreams.

In order for you to get the most out of your design experience with the kitchen design pros, there is a process to go through. It is important that all of the necessary steps are covered, in order for your remodeling process to run as smoothly as possible. Consulting the design experts can save you time, money, and maybe a few headaches.

The kitchen design process only has a few steps; but for an intensive project such as a kitchen design and remodeling, you will find that all of these steps are vital for a successful outcome. Sure, many people try to tackle kitchen design and remodeling on their own, but it is recommended to seek out the advice of a professional to make sure the job is done correctly, and just the way you want it.

Free In-Home Estimate

Whether you are getting all new cabinets, beautiful granite countertops, new flooring, or completely overhauling your kitchen, the process should ALWAYS begin with an in-home estimate. Your in-home estimate is a necessity for the professionals to see what the space looks like and get a feel for your expectations. During your estimate, the design expert will take measurements, and you better believe you want an expert doing this! This way, all of your remodeling materials such as cabinets and countertops will fit like a glove, instead of being a centimeter or two off, which could be a disaster, and cause your project to come to a screeching halt.


While the design expert is in your home taking measurements, make sure to be very clear about what you are envisioning for your new kitchen. Feel free to ask questions, and bounce some ideas around to help give both you and your design expert a clear picture of what you need and want. Pull out magazine clippings, or show them your favorite pins to your kitchen board on Pinterest. Feel free to be creative and put all of your ideas out there. Your design expert is sure to be honest with you and help you get the most out of the design experience.

Choosing the Materials

This is the fun part! It is important that you see the materials for yourself in person, because what it looks like online or in a catalogue might not be precisely what it really looks like in person. So taking a trip to see the materials first hand, is more than worth your time, and maybe a few dollars in gas money. Make sure to consider your previous discussion with your design expert while you are hunting for kitchen materials. Sometimes, you get so focused on the kitchen that you do not consider the rest of the house. You want your new kitchen to flow with the rest of your home, and to make sure all materials: cabinets, countertops, and flooring, blend together nicely as well.



If picking out new kitchen materials is not enjoyable enough on its own, you can work with your design expert to see what different materials would look like in your brand new kitchen for some serious design fun. This is done through a 3D rendering. The design expert will layout a replica of your kitchen on the computer. Then, they will change out different materials of your choice. They can change out the cabinets, countertops, and flooring until you find just the right combination.

By seeing the materials up close, feeling there texture, and even well, smelling them, if you absolutely need to, you will feel confident that you are picking out the perfect materials for your kitchen. The 3D rendering is a pretty little design bonus that will help you visualize your new kitchen before it is even remodeled!

All systems are a go! It is installation time!

Your design expert has come, measured, and chatted with you about your “Dream Kitchen Pinterest Board.” You have spent some time choosing your most favorite materials; and thanks to the 3D rendering, you are sure you will love your new kitchen. Now what? Well, we will tell you. It is installation time!

Depending on the intensity level of your kitchen remodel, it could take from 1 to 5 days to complete your project. (Click here for tips on surviving a kitchen remodel.) The team of expert craftsmen will come to your home and will begin the remodeling process. They will carefully remove the existing materials, make any discussed changes to your kitchen’s layout, and when everything is perfect, your new cabinets, countertops, and flooring will be installed.


Last but definitely not least, you need to stand in your new kitchen. Open and close all of the cabinet doors, twice. Run your fingers along the cold smooth granite countertops. Lay down on the beautiful new flooring, (because it will probably never feel that clean again). Now, enjoy your beautiful new kitchen!

 What to Remember

  • The kitchen design and remodeling process can be a nightmare for homeowners. Seek help!
  • During the Free In-Home Estimate, get the kitchen measurements taken, and discuss your inspirations.
  • See the materials in person, and use the 3D Rendering to help with your decisions.
  • Schedule a convenient time for the remodeling process; it could take a few days.
  • Do not forget to take a moment or two to enjoy your beautiful new kitchen.

Choosing a Professional

When choosing a company to help you tackle your kitchen design and remodel, make sure they are clear on all of the steps in this process! At Superior Stone & Cabinet, we have some awesome design experts and experienced craftsmen to help walk you through this process and make it as easy as possible. If we can help you with your kitchen design and remodel in anyway, please give us a call! (602) 437-0088. 


Remodeling your Kitchen? Be Sure to Act on Our Advice

Be Sure to Act on Our AdviceSo you want to remodel your kitchen and do it successfully. Fun this may be, but it can be tiring as well. As long as you are willing to put in some time and efforts, you can accomplish this. Act on our advice to make the process easy for you.

Evaluate your situation and ask the pros to take over a look

Before selecting any Phoenix kitchen remodeling, you should ask several of these to come over and take a look. The will inspect your kitchen and guide you about the best possible approaches for remodeling it. Ask them for a quote, which you will later on use to compare prices. One more point to note: you should ask quotes for a complete kitchen remodel as well and for changing certain structures.

As you talk to these companies, you will realize what your kitchen needs and what you can skip out.

Decide on a budget

If you are not on the watch out, your kitchen remodeling can become pretty expensive. Decide an amount you are willing to spend on the project before you start it. Now stay within this budget and then select your countertop materials, flooring, fixtures and so on. Also be sure to factor in the price which you will be paying to your chosen Phoenix kitchen remodeling company.

Hire a creative company

The charges which a kitchen remodeling company in Phoenix asks you do matter, but more than this is the advice they have for you. Your chosen contractor must be creative and able to come up with innovative ideas for your remodeling project. Plus, they should be able to do this without crossing your budget.

Spend a lot of time in planning

Any project can turn out to be a huge success if it was planned properly. Same goes for your kitchen renovation project. Remodeling your kitchen has many aspects, and you must evaluate all of them. Figure out all the little details and make sure their combined effect is a beautiful appearance.

Go through pictures of recently modeled kitchens, and you will get a better idea of what you want.

Let your contractor know what you want

You know what you want, but your contractor does not until you tell him. We are sure you will not skip this, but you need to be sure that your contractor is getting what you are telling him. Give him a clear picture and only then he will be able to implement it exactly like you want.

Install as many drawers as you can

How many drawers do you have in your kitchen? The more they will be, the convenient it will be for you to store things. Unlike cupboards, you do not have to reach in the farthest corner when you taking something out from a drawer.

Remodeling Your Kitchen without Straining Your Budget

Remodeling Your Kitchen without Straining Your BudgetSo you have plans to remodel your kitchen, but your budget is the biggest obstacle. You just do not have enough savings to give your kitchen a new look. Is there any solution to this problem? Yes! First of all hire a reputed Phoenix kitchen remodel companythat offers the best rates in town without compromising on quality. Secondly, follow the suggestions which we have for you:

Spray paint your cabinet doors

So you want to give your cabinets a new look. Yes, you can reface the cabinet doors, which is an economical option. However if your kitchen is old, we advise you against this. When you reface the doors, you will also have to replace the hinges as well. Now as time passes, the structure of your cabinet weakens and it starts to sag.

A much better idea is to spray paint your cabinets in any color that you like.

Replace the hardware

Replacing the hardware of your cabinet gives the structure a brand new look. You can go with any design that you like and the effect is quite stunning.

Cover your countertop with granite

You are so tired with your old kitchen countertop. Now if you replace it, you will have to bear huge expenses. If you just change the top, you will get a new appearance but after comprising on the durability. Instead, ask a reputed remodeling company in Phoenix to cover you countertop with a quarter inch veneer of granite. Now, you will have the new look and retain the durability as well.

Use accent lighting to play around with the ambiance

Proper lighting is an integral part of any remodeling project. Do it properly, and you will beautify your kitchen. Install some pendants or other decorative elements to make the appearance more elegant.

Change the ceiling lighting

Does your kitchen have halogen lighting? The glare of this light is really strong. A better option is to install energy efficient LED bulbs. These have a long life and can easily be installed without any ceiling repairs.

And have enough of it

One more point worth mentioning. We have come across so many kitchens in which there is just not enough lighting. You should install more fixtures so that your kitchen looks cheery and bright. Cannot figure out what you want? Your kitchen remodeling company should be able to advise you.

Paint the ceiling

You do not have to paint the entire kitchen; just give the ceiling a fresh coat. With time, the ceiling gets covered with smoke and dirt; paint will make your kitchen look better.

So how much did you spend in remodeling your kitchen? We are sure you will have achieved this is in a budget friendly way. If you want more advice, take help from a reputed Phoenix kitchen remodel company.

Things to Keep In Mind While Hiring Services for Kitchen Remodeling in Phoenix, AZ

Things to Keep In Mind While Hiring Services for Kitchen Remodeling in Phoenix, AZ


Some people prefer to hire different vendors for their kitchen renovation instead of one contractor to get the entire job done. Either way, you need to know your way in and out about kitchen remodeling and how to choose the right service provider for kitchen remodeling in Phoenix, AZ.

In this blog, we will add the details that you should know and keep in mind while hiring the services of a firm or vendors for renovation.

Points To Keep On Your Finger Tips

When it comes down to kitchen renovation, most of the people like to go for the service providers that have the flashiest advertisements. But when it comes to work, you need to be extremely specific about what you seek from your service provider. Read on to find out how to make the right choices in choosing the right service providers for kitchen remodeling.

·        Take Recommendations

Ask your friends and family for a referral, or may be ask someone in your circle who has recently got the job done. Ask them about the strengths and the weaknesses of the contractor they hired. Don’t forget to mention that you have been referred by a friend; you might even get a special discount.

·        Interview and References

Even though you have reached out to a particular firm because someone recommended them to you, it is only appropriate if you personally meet them and have a little chat. Feel free to ask about the previous places where they have worked and don’t forget to follow up with them before signing up for anything.

·        Start Making Lists

After you have made the final decision about hiring services for remodeling, you need to make lists of the areas and aspects that need a makeover the most. You don’t want to end up focusing on cabinets more when your slabs and shelves needed more attention.

·        Make a Budget

To prevent yourself from overspending on lavish renovation items and exceeding your budget, do not hesitate in informing your service provider about how much you are willing to spend. A best contractor will suggest you what can and cannot be done within your budget. However, don’t fixate on pricing, you might have to spend a little more to get the best job done and deal with all the problems.

·        Make Sure They Have Your Requirements in Writing

To avoid any discrepancies later on, make sure that you have told your contractor about all your requirements and that they are stated on the contract.

We all have a number of factors that determine our end decision. Don’t forget to keep in account the factors that influence your decision while hiring a service provider.

If you have ever had an experience of getting the job done by a firm and know a trick or two that can add value to the experience of others, feel free to add them in the comment section below.