Here are 6 tips for caring for your laminate flooring

Laminate wood flooring not only looks attractive, but is durable as well. The flooring is easy to maintain and take care of. In this article, we’ll share some tips for keeping your laminate flooring in perfect shape for years to come. Be sure to call us at Superior Stone & Cabinet with any questions you have!

Laminate wood flooring

1. Use a microfiber mop to clean up

You should use a microfiber mop to clean your laminate wood flooring. This type of mop can easily glide across the floor and pick up pet hair without much difficulty.

The swiveled head of the microfiber mop makes it easy to clean large areas. They can easily go under chairs and tables. What’s more, the mop requires considerably less water to clean the floor.

This is good, since laminate flooring can easily bend if exposed to water. Learn more about how laminate wood flooring interacts with water.

2. Pick concentrated cleaners for your laminate wood flooring

When it comes to cleaning products for laminate flooring, you should only use concentrated cleaners. Avoid using cleaners that require you to add water to the floor, for the reasons listed above.

3. Avoid using vacuum cleaners that contain a beater bar

If you use a vacuum cleaner to clean your laminate flooring, you should avoid using one that contains a beater bar. Using the vacuum cleaner with a beater bar can damage your flooring.

Also, you should consider sweeping with a broom in the direction that the floor is laid. This will help in collecting the dust stuck in between the grooves.

4. Put down protective pads and floor mats

Another piece of important advice for the care of laminate wood flooring is placing protective pads under the furniture. Also, you should consider placing high-quality floor mats at exits and entrances. The mats can collect dust, oil, sand, asphalt, and grit that can damage the flooring.

It’s also recommended to place mats and rugs in high-traffic areas near kitchen sinks, vanities, and stoves. This will help you reduce the wear-and-tear on your floors.

5. Use ice to clean gum and wax

In order to clean chewing gum or candle wax from laminate flooring, you should harden the spot using ice. Be careful not to let the ice melt too much, which could introduce water to the surface. Next, you should use a plastic scraper to remove them from the floor. Make sure that you don’t scratch the surface when using the scraper. Finally, you should wipe the area clean with a damp cloth.

6. Here’s what to avoid using on your floors

Following the above tips will help keep your flooring looking great for years. Routine maintenance will help you avoid damage to your laminate flooring. When it comes to taking care of the flooring, you should avoid using oil, polish, wax, shine enhancers, detergents and varnish. Also, never use spray mops, power cleaners, or steam cleaners, as they can damage the flooring.

Learn more about laminate wood flooring by calling us!

If you want to know more about laminate flooring, you can contact Superior Stone and Cabinet.  We have a large selection of flooring that you can select according to your budget and preferences.

Laminate Or Tile Flooring: Which One Is A Better Flooring Option?

Flooring Option Laminate Or Tile?The floors are the unsung heroes of our homes. We tread on them every day without giving a moment’s thought about how they define the overall appeal and look of the house.

The type of flooring that you choose for the home will go a long way in making the look pleasant. Unlike selecting paint for the house, choosing a floor material is like solving a complex puzzle.

Apart from the colors, you have to decide on the floor material and design that is right for your home. This undoubtedly creates difficulty in choosing the right flooring option for your home.

While there are many different types of flooring, the two most common types include tile and laminate flooring. In this article, we will take a close look at the two top options for flooring so that you can make an informed decision regarding the flooring option in your home.

All about laminate flooring

Laminate flooring is also known as ‘floating floor system’ due to the fact that they do not need to be glued down or nailed to the floor. If you are looking for a low-cost alternative to hardwood, tile, or natural stone, laminate flooring is the right option for you.

Laminate floors look exactly like hardwood floors, but cost much less. What’s more, unlike hardwood floors, the color of the laminated floors won’t fade over time. The floor will look great for a long time after purchase. You also won’t have to worry about scratch marks or stains caused by pets. Hardwood floors, on the other hand, are not resistant to scratch, stain, or moisture damage.

All about tile flooring

Tile flooring is a popular choice among homeowners due to their unique design and aesthetic appeal. When it comes to durability, ease of installation, and maintenance, tile flooring is the best for a home. They cost less than hardwood floors, but slightly more than the laminate floors.

Along with increasing the aesthetic appeal, tile flooring can also boost the resale value of the house. Unlike other flooring options, tile floors age gracefully with time. They have a timeless appeal and will not go out-of-fashion anytime soon.

You can find different shapes, sizes, and colors of tile flooring. Furthermore, you can select glazed or unglazed tiles as per your budget and preferences. Glazed tiles are less robust; they are thinner and less dense compared to the unglazed tiles. However, they are more resistant to staining and scratches since they are covered by a layer of liquid glass.

Talk to Superior to choose the right flooring option

If you are still uncertain as to whether you should go with laminate or tile flooring, you should seek out professional help.

At Superior Stone and Cabinet, we have a team of expert professionals that can help you in choosing the right flooring option for your house. Talking to our experts can allow you to make an informed decision regarding your house flooring needs.

Carpet, Tile, and Laminate—Which Type of Flooring Should You Choose?

You’re renovating your home—about it’s about time. New kitchen counters, new paint for the walls, and new furniture. However, what type of flooring should you buy for your home? As it turns out, you have a lot of options. In this blog post, we’ll talk you through the advantages and disadvantages of carpet, tile, and laminate flooring.

We’ve chosen to discuss these three flooring types because we carry them at wholesale prices here at Superior Stone & Cabinet. If you’re interested in learning more about us, our selection, or our flooring installation process, give us a call today or contact us online.

Type of flooring: Carpet

Carpet is a type of flooring with many different color options to choose from.


Who doesn’t love carpet? It’s pretty ubiquitous throughout American living rooms and bedrooms, and it can be durable, comfortable, and warming for feet in the winter. There are some other benefits that many people don’t think about, as well, including better sound absorption and softening slips and falls. Finally, carpet is one of the least expensive home flooring options, making it perfect for homeowners renovating on a budget.

However, carpeting does have its downsides. As one might expect, it’s not as spill and stain-resistant as tile or laminate flooring. Over time, it can become dirty and torn, and it will likely need to be replaced far before tile and laminate. Finally, carpet doesn’t have quite the boost to home value or home aesthetics that tile or laminate does—although, it should be noted, that the value of carpet is always in the eye of the beholder. In other words, a buyer may love your home because you have carpet, instead of the other way around.


Many homes have tile flooring in kitchens and bathrooms, but more and more homes are installing tile flooring throughout the home, including in living spaces. The benefits speak for themselves: tile flooring lasts a long time and is reasonably durable—if not completely indestructible, it can certainly take a lot of punishment and last for years.

Type of flooring: tile

There are many different varieties of tile flooring.

Tile floors come in a wide variety of options, styles, and colors. As we detailed in our previous blog post on the subject, tile can be very affordable if you buy from the right source.

There are disadvantages to tile flooring, however. Even through Superior carries tile at relatively low prices, it’s still usually more expensive, per square foot, than carpet or laminate flooring. Tile is very hard, and it’s not pleasant to stand or lay on for any amount of time. It can be uncomfortable underfoot in the winter. Finally, it’s difficult to install, and usually requires professional installation of some kind.

When you’re considering tile flooring, be sure to distinguish between ceramic, porcelain, and other varieties of tile—each of which have their own advantages and disadvantages. This blog post has more on ceramic tile flooring.


Forget everything you might be picturing when you think of the word “laminate.” Today, the materials used to create laminate flooring have improved to more effectively mimic custom wood flooring, without the exorbitant cost. Laminate flooring balances affordability with durability, making it a great option for homeowners and property managers looking to break away from carpet without breaking the bank.

Type of flooring: laminate

Laminate flooring can very closely imitate the look of hardwood floors at a fraction of the price.

Laminate is less expensive per square foot than real hardwood or tile. It’s easy to install: many laminate floors feature snap-together planks that can be professionally installed in as little as one day. Laminate floors have a poor reputation for being susceptible to scratching, staining, and sunlight damage, but it’s entirely undeserved. It’s actually a really durable type of flooring.

Here’s the downside of laminate: because it has a negative reputation and because many people believe it looks inferior compared to real wood, many homeowners don’t prefer it. This means if you’re selling your home, selling it with laminate may be a tough proposition, compared to carpet or tile flooring. Or not: again, this all depends on the eye of the beholder. This blog post from Freshome describes some of the differences between hardwood and laminate in greater detail.

So, what type of flooring should I choose?

Now, we return to the “eye of the beholder” theme from earlier. The truth is that no “perfect” flooring product exists. Selecting one is something that you’ll need to do based on your home, the kind of things you do in your house, and your own personal preference. As Superior Stone & Cabinet, we help you compare flooring types objectively.

When you stop by our showroom or schedule a free, in-home estimate with us, our professional designers will help you find the type of flooring that’s best for your home and your family.

Reasons to choose Superior for your next tile flooring project

A new tile floor is one of the best ways to cap off a kitchen or bathroom remodel, and has a positive, lasting impact on the value of your home and its interior aesthetic appeal. However, there are many different types of tile that come in a wide variety of colors, materials, and cuts. If you’re shopping around for tile flooring for your home or office renovation project, make a stop to Superior Stone and Cabinet. We not only have a wide and diverse selection, but we also offer wholesale prices, a free in-home estimate, and a convenient location in the heart of Phoenix.

Our tile flooring selection

Our massive new showroom is only dwarfed by the size of our warehouse, which means that our selection of tile is as varied and as deep as any retailer in the Phoenix metro area. We carry the following types of tile:

  • Ceramic
  • Porcelain
  • Travertine
  • Marble
  • Glass
  • Slate

Among those different varieties, there are almost an endless number of color and tile size combinations. No matter whether you’re remodeling your kitchen and looking to create a magnificent-looking backsplash or you’re looking for outdoor patio tile, Superior can help.

The best way to get to know our tile collection? Stop by our showroom and let our experts help you find the right tile, at the right price, for you. Even if you’re new to the tile-buying process, we can walk you through the pros and cons of different materials and sizes, as well as what tile installation involves. Our experts are ready to help you find the right flooring for the right price.

A Quick Guide to Tile FlooringWholesale prices

Speaking of price, Superior Stone and Cabinet is one of the wholesale leaders in Phoenix. We directly import our tile, with no middleman, which means that savings are passed onto you. This means that our tile starts at $3.99 / sq. ft. installed, with the actual price of the tile often being below a dollar per square foot.

Best of all, Superior can help you get an accurate quote. Give our team a call, and we’ll send out an expert to your home for a free in-home estimate. By taking accurate measurements and learning more about the nature of the work you’d like us to do and the type of tile you’re looking at, our professional staff can generate an exact cost for you that you can then compare with that from other businesses. Chances are that the quote from Superior Stone will be the lowest you find.

Convenient location

We just recently moved to a new location at 3479 E. University Drive. Our new warehouse is large and easy to access from the I-10, US-60, and Loop 202 freeways. Located near Arizona State University and Sky Harbor International Airport, it’s easy and convenient to stop by Superior Stone and Cabinet to take a look at our expansive tile collection.

If you are in the market for tile for your project, don’t hesitate to make the stop at our showroom. Or, to schedule your free, in-home tile flooring estimate, give us a call at (602) 437-0088 to book your appointment.

We’ve moved to a new location

Have you seen a ton of moving trucks around lately? That may be because Superior Stone & Cabinet moved to our new location at 3479 E. University Drive last week. While our team will certainly miss our old warehouse, this new facility is much bigger, has more space for our showroom, and will allow us to carry a far wider selection of the countertops, cabinets, floors, and fixtures you trust Superior to provide.

Room to grow

Even as one of the largest wholesale suppliers of granite, quartz, flooring, and cabinetry in the Phoenix metro, we were beginning to feel a little cramped in our old place. Our new building is twice the size and contains space for a much larger and more detailed showroom. This is important: our customers need showrooms in order to envision how different flooring styles will look in their home, business, or office. Now, with more overall showroom space, you’ll be able to see a wider variety of our products.

New showroom

A floor model in our new showroom.

New products in the showroom

On the warehouse side, the extra space allows us to carry a larger inventory, including some new products. We’re now showing and installing quartz slab countertops, along with our original quartz countertops. In the near future, we’ll be bringing in granite slab countertops. Our new space allows us to take on more custom projects. One area of emphasis—in addition to our residential countertop, cabinetry, and flooring products—is on commercial and office products and setups. When you stop by our new location, you’ll find an entire section of our store dedicated to flooring and kitchens for modern workplaces.

Same quality, same low prices

We may have upgraded to a new space, but our approach to business has not changed. We still offer great counters, cabinets, floors, and wall tile at wholesale prices—our larger space means we can continue to directly import products in great quantity from the source instead of going through a middleman. Superior Stone and Cabinet remains your one-stop-shop for home and commercial improvement products.

Want to check out what we’ve been up to? Be sure to swing by our new convenient location at 3479 E. University Drive in Phoenix, AZ. We’re right off the I-10, just minutes from downtown Phoenix, Sky Harbor International Airport, and Arizona State University. Our showroom staff is ready to introduce you to our wide selection of counters, cabinets, and floors.

Types of Options for Flooring Phoenix Homes

Types of Options for Flooring Phoenix HomesThe beauty of your home depends on its flooring as well. You have to have the best flooring Phoenix companies can provide, and at the same time you need to be sure that you can afford it. Usually companies are in a rush to get you onboard and do not discuss the estimated price of renewing the flooring, until it is too late. However, now things have changed, and Superior Stone & Cabinet is here, in Phoenix, to make a positive difference. Now you can get the price quote first according to your budget, and then the flooring, that too at a scheduled time that suits you.

They have a new and unique approach, where customers can either shop online, or visit their showroom to select the best type of flooring according to your budget.

There are three types of flooring options. You can choose any of the following:

Carpet: These are one of the most common options that people choose, because they offer a huge variety and make the floor soft. There are several types of carpets available at Superior Stone & Carpet, and each one varies in pile height, texture, color and design. You can go through the online store for samples and select one that suits your home.

Tiles: Often, people choose tiles to make their flooring stand out. There are different types of flooring to choose from such as:

  • Ceramic: Tiles made of ceramic look amazing and almost like real stone. They capture attention and make the place look classy.
  • Glass: These look simply elegant and exotic. They may be a bit expensive, but they serve as breathtaking flooring options.
  • Marble: For a more retro look, using marble flooring is a very good and exciting idea. They usually come with elegant graphic designs. It makes the floor look very expensive and high class.
  • Porcelain: Also known as Fine China, this is also an amazing material for flooring. It looks glossy and it is very attractive.
  • Slate or Travertine: Most people love using natural stones for flooring and this is one of the best flooring options to add richness to your living space.

Laminate: This is a multilayered flooring material comprising of materials fused together in a laminate to create a wonderful wooden effect.

If you are worried about pricing, then know that this flooring Phoenix Company has the best and most reasonable prices, you will ever find. Tiled costs only $3.99 sq/ft, carpets cost only $1.99 sq/ft and Laminate costs a mere $4.99 sq/ft.

Most homeowners are renovating their homes to get the best and trendiest flooring Phoenix can provide because it is worth it. You need a home that looks modern and chic all the time. At such reasonable prices, most people opt for renewal every once a year, once in two or three years. Of course, your convenience is a priority at Superior Stone & Cabinet, which is why the team offers a free pricing visit. You just have to make a call and they will be there.


Wood Laminate Flooring Phoenix AZ

Wood Laminate Flooring Phoenix AZHaving a wooden look on the flooring is becoming the ‘in-thing’ in Phoenix AZ recently, which is why most people are looking for this option for the flooring. Phoenix AZ is one of the places in the US where people love to have the most chic and stylish look of their interior and this is why you should consider getting the wood laminate done as well. It looks great after all!

Why Laminate Flooring from Superior Stone & Cabinet

Most people are choosing the laminate flooring option because this company offers some amazing benefits to its customers. They have a 60,000 sq/ft showroom situated in Phoenix AZ where customers can find a huge variety to choose the best flooring. However, the wood laminate offers the following benefits:

  1. It is extremely affordable
  2. It is durable
  3. Easy to maintain
  4. Has great aesthetic appeal
  5. It is quick to install
  6. Maintenance is also easy

An added benefit of shopping at Superior Stone & Cabinet is that you can get a free in-home estimate, and there are monthly specials as well.

Get Professional Installation Services

Asking professionals to handle the installation process is also a wonderful option that you can use by shopping at Superior Stone & Cabinet. This way, you can get flawless installation, save your time and energy and have a wonderful experience. The professionals here ensure that your flooring work completes within the shorted time possible, and all you need to do is call them up.

They handle the measurement and give you a precise estimate of how much the entire process will cost. Once they complete the project, you will see new and amazing flooring, and you will love the way they offer their services. Just try them out and see for yourself.

They Have Laminate Special Options

If you are looking for something special for flooring Phoenix AZ services, then you might want to try the Laminate Special option. The flooring material is darker than the usual wood laminate and looks very rich. It is 8mm thick, comes in seven wood species, has a distressed pressed edge, comes with a twenty-five years residential warranty, includes the three-year light commercial warranty as well, and is free of formaldehyde as well.

Pricing the Laminate Special

Because affordability is very important at Superior Stone & Cabinet, you can select three price packages:

  1. 1 box minimum or 31 sq/ft available at only $1.69 sq/ft,
  2. 42 box minimum or 1,275 sq/ft available at only $1.49 sq/ft,
  3. 126 box minimum or 3,823 sq/ft available at only $1.29 sq/ft,

When you place an order, you may not need to pay for shipping, and if you do, depending on your location, it will still be within the affordable range. You must call them for more details on flooring Phoenix AZ services.

The Best Flooring in Phoenix AZ You Can Find

The Best Flooring in Phoenix AZ You Can FindAt Superior Stone & Cabinet, there is a wide variety of flooring options available for you. You can choose any of them, and the team at this remarkable company will help you install them. Before you buy any of the floorings, they will also conduct a free estimation visit, so that they can measure the entire area and tell you exactly how much you need to invest. No other company offers this service in Phoenix, and to ensure customer satisfaction, they only provide the best options for flooring in Phoenix AZ.

Superior Stone and Cabinet is the one-stop solution you need for remodeling your home. You will not only get professional advice and estimation for the best flooring for your home, but you will also get a huge variety and a proper estimate of the entire cost. Moreover, all you need to do is ask the team to help you install the flooring if you are not comfortable with handling it on your own.

You can work with any of the experienced designers, and they will help you select the right material, texture, size and color that matches your home’s interior and that fits your budget. The approach at Superior Stone & Cabinet is that the designer creates the layout according to your specifications and then provides suggestions based on your vision.

You can easily get tiles of different sizes, so there is no need to worry about making a choice. You will love shopping for tiles at Superior Stone and Cabinet because you will be able to save enough by buying tiles at such exciting prices. In terms of quality, you will only find tiles that have award winning quality

If you want to go for carpet flooring, they have the best carpet flooring in Phoenix AZ. Even for carpet shopping, you will find hundreds of options that vary in texture, patterns and colors, that too at highly affordable prices. They have a showroom (which is 60,000 sq/ft) where they provide customers the best insight as experts attend to them personally. There are ceramic, porcelain, glass, marble, and slate or travertine tiles, and each one has a remarkable pattern, texture and quality.

Recently, the Laminate Flooring is becoming very popular in Phoenix, and the main reason for this is its affordability. At the same time, its durability makes it a much-preferred option because it lasts longer and makes the interior look brilliant. Unlike hardwood flooring, installing laminate flooring is quicker and does not require much maintenance. There is a special offer on Laminate flooring, where you can get it in seven different wood species and each one if formaldehyde-free. They have a 25 years residential warranty and a three-year light commercial warranty.

If you want to use the online shopping option, then feel free to check out the samples available in all the flooring options. Shipping is not included for flooring in Phoenix AZ, so you may call and ask for more details.

The Best and Professional Flooring in Phoenix

The Best and Professional Flooring in PhoenixFlooring is important anywhere, because it makes the walking space feel and look very refined and comfortable. In homes and offices especially, the flooring has to affect people in a positive manner. This is why the people at Superior Stone & Cabinet make it their mission to provide the most affordable and high quality flooring in Phoenix.

At this online store, you will be able to find a wide variety of never-seen-before flooring options. Most of them are categorized into three: tiles, laminate, and wood. There are other options to choose as well, all you need to do is talk to the professionals here and tell them what you are looking for. Based on your expectations, the team will provide many more options to make sure that you find the best flooring for your home or office.

In fact, because their customers’ satisfaction is their priority, they will even install the flooring for you. Before they do this, however, they will have to visit your facility and measure the space where you need flooring. After that, they will like to know what sort of flooring you want for your floors and then they will prepare a budget. You need to feel comfortable enough to discuss your needs with them so that they can work out something to match your budget.

The best part about hiring the service of this company for flooring in Phoenix is that they are affordable, they handle the process for you without any hassle, you do not have to cut corners to save costs and they offer high quality and customer satisfaction. Moreover, you do not have to visit them to get what you need. Simply visit their website, go through their catalogue of samples, choose one, and call them up.

They will schedule a visit to get measurements, and install the flooring for you without any waste of time.

If you choose tiles, then there are multisided tile options available you can avail. You can discuss them with the experts and they will be more than willing to help you pick the right tile size for your home or office.

Placing carpets is also a splendid idea. There is a huge variety available at Superior Stone & Cabinet, and you will love each one of them. Going for the laminate is also a good idea, and the team here is always willing to help.

If you choose to use laminates, then you can check out the wood laminate. It looks amazing and is just like wood. In tiles, you can choose any of these: Ceramic, Glass, Marble, Porcelain, Slate or Travertine.

Now you have no need to worry about finding the best company for flooring in Phoenix. Simply visit the website, or call and speak with the team of experts and they will come over to give you a free estimate within no time. Renewing the looks of your flooring is so easy now!


Shopping at the Ideal Carpet Flooring Phoenix Company

Shopping at the Ideal Carpet Flooring Phoenix CompanyFinding the perfect carpet for your flooring is probably one of the most challenging things to do. It has to complement the walls, furniture and curtains of the house. Most importantly, the quality has to be great so that it can last much longer.

At Superior Stone & Cabinet online store, which is one of the best carpet flooring Phoenix companies, you can get carpets at only $1.99sq/feet. This means you can get both high quality and amazing prices, which are completely affordable. This company prides itself in providing only superior carpets and installation services as well. If you want help with installation, their team can come over and handle it for you. If you choose to tackle it on your own, then you can do that too.

You need to consider three things when you shop for the perfect carpet:

Carpet Color: You can find any sort of color to match the setting of your home. Make sure you pick one that complements the entire look of your house.

Texture: The feel of the carpet is also important. If you want something soft or not so soft, you have to be specific.

Patterns on the Carpet: There are several patterns in the market, and you can get any sort of design for your carpet. Just make sure that it is what you want and matches your taste.

There is a 60,000 sq/ft showroom at Superior Stone & Cabinet, which is something other carpet flooring Phoenix companies do not have. By visiting this showroom, you can get a better idea on what type of carpet would be perfect for you. If you need more advice, you can always talk to the experts here for some professional tips and trendy ideas.

If you choose to stick with online shopping, then you can go through the online samples or In-store options. You will be able to explore the various top brands available and get the perfect padding for your floor.

Of course, one other aspect to consider while shopping for the best carpet is that you need to be sure about how much traffic would move across it. If there is limited traffic, then you can go for those with more pile height. Sometimes, a lesser pile height is ideal when there is less traffic, but only an expert can advise you appropriately. Besides, the location at which you want to use the carpet also matters.

You need to shop at the right place if you want high quality, affordability, durability, and convenience. At Superior Stone & Carpet, you will get a free measurement and estimate of cost once you call them. Their team will come over and provide an accurate estimate so you can place the order and get the carpet installation done without wasting time and without any hassle. This makes Superior Stone & Carpet the best carpet flooring PhoenixCompany.