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Get Kitchen Cabinets and Make Everyone Go “WOW”

The title is not really exaggerating the situation because this is actually the kind of reaction most people receive when they get their kitchens upgraded in the right manner. There are many things that people can do in order to give their kitchen a new look including getting new utensils and buying the latest machinery.

However, the most important thing is definitely a new outlook. Other things are subtle in comparison to cabinets because they alone can change the look of a kitchen completely.

It is believed that the edition of shelves and racks resulted in cabinets that are very extensively used today. They are not only restricted to any region or specific type of a house but are used widely all over the world in flats and bungalows alike.

However, not every type of cabinet will do the trick for you. One needs to pay a lot of attention to details in order to get the right thing. There are several things that need to be kept in mind when ordering Arizona kitchen cabinets. Some of them are explained below in detail.


Cabinets are available in various designs. Additionally, they may be prepared specially keeping your requirements and available space in mind. Nonetheless, it is important that you choose a design that is trendy and looks attractive while meeting your needs. You can look at the latest designs on the internet or refer to a manual offered by cabinet providers.


Quality is something that should never be compromised on when buying Arizona kitchen cabinets. It is very important that you discuss this point with the seller to avoid trouble. Not buying high quality cabinets have various disadvantages. They will not only depreciate quickly but may also cost you a lot in the long run.


Get Kitchen Cabinets and Make Everyone Go “WOW”Cabinets should be bought keeping the color of your kitchen’s walls and flooring in mind. They all should go in sync with each other so that they look pleasing.

In addition to all these things there are several other points that one should be careful about. First, it is important that you choose a seller that is known for providing quality Arizona kitchen cabinets. It is recommended that you have a discussion with a company’s representative to have a clear picture regarding everything from the cost involved in buying and getting the cabinets installed to the discounts available.

The failure to have such questions answered beforehand may result in trouble later on. Secondly, on your part it is important that you do a good amount of research and choose a seller that knows the job well.

Lastly, the most important thing is to know your limitations and requirements clearly so that there is no sort of discrepancy. The measurements must be taken properly and all the details should be communicated clearly to the seller so that you can get the right Arizona kitchen cabinets installed in your kitchen.

Buying Kitchen Cabinets in Phoenix Online

The world is quickly changing thanks to the introduction of new technologies that make things easier, faster and simpler. The internet is one such thing, the use of which has greatly increased with a lot of people opting to shop online.

Earlier, e-shopping was limited to a minimal variety of items such as jewelry and dresses. However, with increasing demand, big online stores are opening that offer everything from furniture to vehicles. Thanks to this it is now possible to buy discount kitchen cabinets in Phoenix by using the internet.

Buying Kitchen Cabinets in Phoenix OnlineThere are many reasons why people are interested in shopping for discount kitchen cabinets in Phoenix online. Undoubtedly, the biggest advantage is the ease that online shopping offers to buyers. When one orders online there is no need to waste time in going to a furniture store. One can take a look at the images and read details to have an idea of how the product really is.

Additionally, the ease of communicating has also made things easier. In case a buyer has any confusion he or she can easily contact a company’s representative to get relevant details and have their doubts cleared.

Yet, these are not the only advantages of e-shopping. Different people will give you different reasons for shopping online. However, there is no denying that “affordability” will always top the charts as the main reason for the online shopping craze.

A great number of online stores offer discounts on their products that make them cheaper in comparison to the products available in physical stores. The icing on the cake is the fact that one gets the same quality products without having to compromise on class.

If you search the term “discount kitchen cabinets in Phoenix” you will be bombarded with numerous online stores offering kitchen cabinets at discounted prices. You can browse the multiple websites and choose one store that offers the kind of cabinets you require.

The next step is to contact the company and get a quote. Do not be in a hurry to sign the deal. It is important that you take your time and research about the company before you select it. Nevertheless, do not worry because the internet has solutions in this regard as well. It is very easy to check a company’s repute online by going through reviews and testimonials available on the internet. They will give you an idea about what other clients think of the company. It is very important that you select a reliable company that delivers what it promises.

Other points that should be discussed beforehand are the services offered, costs involved and liability issues. Not finalizing all these things in advance may cause trouble in case anything goes wrong. Lastly, make sure you take a good look at everything once the job is done and the deal is finalized.

To sum it up, there is no denying that online shopping comes as a blessing. Thanks to this option one can buy discount kitchen cabinets in Phoenix without having to bear any trouble. However, like any business, it is important to be cautious and careful in this type of trade as well.

Add Value to Your Kitchen by Using Cabinets

Add Value to Your Kitchen by Using CabinetsInterior designing is gradually evolving. Architects and interior designers are coming up with new and improved ideas to add attractiveness to a room.

The kitchen, which is undoubtedly one of the most important corners of a house, has also been under scrutiny for a while. In the last few decades kitchens have completely evolved. Now they are not only used for cooking but serve various other purposes as well.

Yet, not everyone is able to make full use of their kitchens mainly due to a lack of space. Nonetheless, there is no need to worry because there is a way to increase the available space without having to do a lot.

Understandably, space is limited. One cannot technically make a 300 square feet kitchen turn into a 600 square feet kitchen by magic. It is all about using the available space in the right manner.

So what is the solution? Nothing but cabinets! One can find hundreds of shops that offer cabinets in Phoenix mainly due to their ever increasing demand. A great number of people have realized the benefits of cabinets and are using them not only to make their kitchens look attractive but also to use space intelligently.

Without cabinets, a kitchen would look stuffy and messy. Imagine cooking and dining utensils just lying around in the kitchen. It would not send a good message to the visitors. This is why cabinets come as a breath of fresh air. One can put the items inside the cabinets. They are easily reachable. Whenever you need something you may get it from the cabinet and put it back when you are done. This also helps keep the kitchen neat and clean.

Cabinets in Phoenix are available in different designs and colors. It is recommended that you choose them carefully so that they add value to your house. Believe it or not, the presence of cabinets can add such value. If you put your house for sale, the availably of cabinets will help you fetch a higher price.

Wooden cabinets are very in with a huge number of houses having them. By contacting a reliable contractor you may get them constructed for you especially keeping your demands and requirements in mind. Nonetheless, readymade cabinets are also available in the market that can be easily fitted into your kitchen.

In addition to all these, cabinets in Phoenix are also very easy to maintain. One does not need to put in any extra effort to keep them clean. A simple cloth or brush can be used to dust off them. Plus, they can also be polished easily to make them look like new.

To sum it up, there is no reason why one should not have cabinets in a kitchen. They are affordable, easy to maintain, attractive and literally help keep everything neat and clean. Additionally, they actually help you save a lot of money in the long run because they are durable as well.

New Cabinets vs Refacing Your Old Ones

Most people think that they can save money by refacing their old cabinets instead of installing new ones. The fact is when you buy cabinets, what you are paying for is the doors and drawer fronts. So when you do refacing you are still paying for the doors and drawer fronts plus the additional charge to have them all custom made to match your boxes. Then extra charges of taping all the exposed frames and custom made drawer boxes must be added. The other issue most people do not realize is that when removing old light weight laminate tops and applying a heavy granite top the old cabinets may not be able to handle the weight and may cause the slab to crack. This will not be warrantied by your granite company. The only time refacing is recommended is if you already have granite installed and you do not want to remove it. Most of the time removing installed granite will crack it.

Wiping Down Your New Cabinets

When you receive new cabinet in your home it is important to follow proper cleaning instructions to maintain the integrity and beauty of the wood. Cabinets made today are usually not made like your fine wood furniture that you have in your house. Cabinets today are sealed and have a spray on finish over them and are clear coated to protect the finish. Due to this process of sealing the wood, certain oils and polishes should not be used on the cabinets.

Oil based polishes are designed to be soaked into the wood to provide a shiny surface. Due to the sealing of the cabinets these oils will not be absorbed and with just dry on the surface causing a residue that is very hard to remove. Removal of this residue usually is done with a small amount of Murphy’s Oil Soap along with lots of elbow grease. For this reason it is recommended to use just a damp cloth to dust the cabinets and nothing more. If you have oil splatter around the stove area generally a little Murphy’s Oil Soap will do the trick. Always try this out in a inconspicuous area first before doing a main area.

Your cabinets will last years and years if  properly maintained.

Cleaning Your New Cabinets

After you have new cabinets installed in your home eventually you will have to clean them. Lots of consumers make the mistake of using the wrong chemicals on their cabinets. Most cabinets made today are quite different then the way they used to make them. Cabinets are sealed very well, then have a stain sprayed on, and then a clear coat of laquer is applied.

Due to this staining process, using oil based polishes on your cabinets is not a good idea. The way an oil based polish works is, it is absorbed into the wood resulting in a shiny finish. Today’s cabinets will not absorb this oil. The oil will just sit on the surface resulting in a dull appearance. Once consumers see the dull finish they usually apply more oil polish. This build up is very hard to remove and takes lots of elbow grease.

So what is recommended by most cabinet manufactures is to just us a damp cloth to dust the cabinets. Areas where there is oil splatter from cooking use a small amount of Murphy’s oil soap mixed with lots of water. Your cabinets should keep there shine for years to come if you properly maintain them. Always call the cabinet manufacture before applying anything to your cabinets.

How do I improve my bathroom?

Bathroom Improvements

If you want to improve your bathroom there are many different avenues to take. Options like painting, new tile floor or shower surround, re-stain or new cabinets, new plumbing fixtures or towel bars, change your mirror to a framed mirror, install a new sink and counter top, or maybe just some accent pieces.

– Choose some tile. Not only choosing a great color but choosing a different install pattern or use different color inserts

– Changing the counter tops. This is a big step but will definitely will give you a bigger return on your investment if you go with a granite top

– Changing out the sink. A new fresh sink can add a remodeled look to a bathroom as long as your counter top is in good shape

– Updating the cabinet. If your cabinets are in good shape a good cleaning and refinishing may do. If you are changing the counter top though, sometimes new cabinets are less money.

– Choosing a new plumbing fixture. This is a great thing to update your bathroom if your fixtures are old and worn out. Giving the appearance of a full remodel.

– Changing to a framed mirror. Taking out a full mirror (builder grade) and installing a new framed mirror can really update your room. Just be careful removing the old one.

Refacing VS New Cabinets

Most people look at refacing as a less expensive option of cabinet upgrading. The truth is, in most cases refacing or resurfacing can cost the same if not more than new cabinets. When you buy cabinets the primary cost you are paying for is the doors and the drawer fronts. The cost of the cabinet box is almost free. So if you are refacing or resurfacing you are still paying for the doors and drawer fronts but are also paying to have them made custom sizes and the labor of applying vinyl print to the face of your cabinet. In addition when the refacing is done the insides of your cabinets are still old and bacteria filled. Cabinets are made of wood and particle board and will absorb water though out the years of floor mopping and water spills or leaks inside the cabinets. When you do refacing or resurfacing this absorbed bacteria will not go away.

Why would anyone do refacing then?

The only reason why anyone should consider doing refacing is when new countertops have recently been installed and they don’t want to change them. In most cases countertop removal will cause breakage and it cannot be reused. It is always recommended to put in new cabinets if you are doing new countertops because of this fact. Refacing is not new cabinets.

Installing your own cabinets

Installing your own cabinets

When purchasing new cabinetry it is a great cost savings to install your own cabinets. Just remember that it is a risky situation. Most companies will not warranty the cabinets once you take them from their facility. Also, cabinets must be installed solid and level to assure proper counter top installation and risk of falling with the weight of heavy dishes and cookware in them.

Tools and materials

The hardest part of installing cabinets is lack of tools. Some tools you will need are a table saw, miter saw, nail gun (18 gauge), drill and drill bits, level, jig saw, screw driver and other small hand tools. Materials that you will need is some 18 gauge nails, 2 1/2″ screws, raw lumber (2×4) and some shims.


Step 1 – Layout all of your cabinets on the wall to ensure a fit to the kitchen. Mark cabinet edges on wall with a pencil mark. Mark the bottom of all the upper cabinets on wall as well

Step 2 – Find all the studs and mark the uppers just under the line on the wall to be visible after putting the upper up

Step 3 – Always start in the corner and work your way out when installing

Step 4 – Set the upper on some type of cabinet jack or cut some 2×4’s to rest the upper cabinets on while leveling it

Step 5 – After the cabinet is level screw the upper to the studs at the top and the bottom inside

Step 6 – Put the cabinet next to this one up and screw the face frames together. Always pre-drill first.

Step 7 – After they are screwed together repeat step 5 and step 6 again.

Step 8 – Once you get to the end of the run and you have a small gap left it is time to rip down a wood filler to install in the open area. Usually this is less than 3 inches.

Step 9 – After the uppers are done it is time to install your bases. Again starting in the corner and working your way out.

Step 10 – Set all your bases in place and put a level across all your cabinets to find the highest spot.  This highest spot needs to be moved to the corner you are starting with.

Step 11 – Shim your first cabinet a little higher than your highest spot in the room. This will insure you don’t have to redo this later or have to cut the bottom of a cabinet off.

step 12 – Install these just like the uppers level first, screw together than screw to the wall then move to the next one.

Step 13 – Once you get to the end of the run rip down a filler to fill the gap that is left.

Step 14 – Now that all the cabinets are installed you need to trim it out. Cut all the material to length then nail it on with the 18 gauge nail gun

Step 15 – Do the crown molding last. This is tricky to cut and is easiest to cut upside down to get the proper angle and is more accurate.

Step 16 – Last you need to putty in all your seams and nail holes with colored putty. This isn’t required but does look a lot better.

These are the basic steps to install. Please do not attempt this unless you are handy with tools and know all the safety practices. If you have questions during the install your local home improvement store should be glad to help. Remember it must be level!

How to add space to a small kitchen

If you are redoing you kitchen it is important to remember that you don’t have to follow the exact layout and configuration as you currently have. Styles and function change though out the years and your kitchen may be out dated. Here are some tips to help you take advantage of modern designs and technology.

Add cabinets to the backside of a peninsula or island. This is a great place to store rarely used items

– Install a lazy susan in the corner. A lazy susan will take advantage of usually unusable space

Build up the island or peninsula on to two different levels. This will give you higher cabinets on back and more counter storage.

Take the uppers to the ceiling. You can increase the height of the upper cabinets all the way to the ceiling if you have a gap above them.

Add pull outs. This can be drawers in the bases or a pantry as well as a pull out spice rack

Add in a pantry cabinet. This is the best idea for gaining mass storage if you have the room.

Increase the depth of your uppers. Uppers usually come 12″ deep. You can increase them to 15″ and still not interfere with your movement.

Avoid using glass door cabinets. Although they may look nice they do not provide usable storage. They are just for displaying items for show. Usually not used dishes.

These are just a couple of tips. There are a lot more options for increasing your storage. Talk with a cabinet representative to get more ideas.