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Tips for Finding Discounted Kitchen Cabinets

Discounted kitchen cabinets help homeowners increase storage space in their kitchens, improve its appearance, and increase their overall value. This article will present some tips on how you can find discount kitchen cabinets in Phoenix.

Garage Sales

Let’s start with the old school methods. Garage sales and thrift shops are not rare, and most of the times, there are good furniture pieces on sale. Of course, you need to have the buyer’s eye and bargaining qualities. Not to mention, you need to be lucky as well as sometimes people are selling customized cabinets with great features.

Apprentice’s Cabinets

Make a habit of visiting cabinet shops in your locality. Of course, they may or may not have discount kitchen cabinets in Phoenix on display. But the point is that shop owners usually have apprentices in training. You can always look for kitchen cabinets that these learners produce and you will find them at cheaper rates. Of course, they would have slight defects as well, so make sure you look for the best of the lot.

Mass Produced Cabinets

Established manufacturers dish out mass produced kitchen cabinets that are available from the brand’s outlet or from big box stores. The benefit is that you will get your hands on a variety of designs at a cheap rate. However, these will be made of thin wood and plastic instead of metal. So be prepared to compromise on quality.


Nothing is cheaper than doing it yourself. However, you need the time and skills to build your cabinets. Once they are acquired, you can use inexpensive wood and save literally hundreds of dollars in purchase and installation costs.

A slightly costlier than building from scratch (but still cheaper) than buying new kitchen cabinets is to purchase ready-to-assemble pieces. These are easily available in the market, and basically they are cut in specific measurements. Purchase those according to your kitchen space and assemble them together.

Tips for Finding Discounted Kitchen Cabinets

Use the Internet

Finally and most importantly, you should learn to utilize the internet to your advantage. There are several ways in which the internet can help you save money on kitchen cabinets.

To start off, searching becomes faster on the internet. This means that you find discount options at lightning speeds as compared to walking around thrift shops and garage sales. Online shopping websites also feature used furniture where you can get in-depth information about the product before you place the order.

Moving on, since searching for kitchen cabinets becomes faster, you can always look for a cheaper alternative to your present choice without spending extra time. A lot of times, people go with a costlier option since they had no time or energy to move to the next store.

Finally, when purchasing any product, not necessarily kitchen cabinets, you should not only look at the cost but also include all the expenses that went into buying it, such as fuel. These additional costs can be saved when you purchase online.

Final Words

While these tips may help you get discount kitchen cabinets in Phoenix, remember that if you are planning to remodel your kitchen or increase its value, it is ideal to go with high-quality original products.

Using the Internet to Find Kitchen Cabinets

Using the Internet to Find Kitchen Cabinets
Kitchen cabinets not only take care of your storage needs but also bring some style to your kitchen. Kitchen cabinets in Phoenix, AZ are available in several sizes, designs and finishes, and each is loaded with certain special features.

With so many options to choose from, it is necessary that you spend adequate time assessing the major types of cabinets available. This is necessary since kitchen cabinets are not cheap. To save your time and energy, you can always use the internet.

The following tips will help you find the best kitchen cabinets online:

Look for a Reliable Website

It is not difficult to find a website that sells kitchen cabinets. You can find such websites on search engines like Google or Yahoo!, and you can always utilize other internet shopping tools as well. Almost all famous brands have an online presence and reliability is not an issue when it comes to these websites.

However, if you are buying from lesser known businesses, be sure to read customer reviews of their website before ordering anything. Most importantly, look at the layout of the website itself. Any good kitchen cabinet website will have a clear layout that allows you to view their products and payment options easily.

Enter the Specifications

Once you have found a good dealer online, you will have to search for kitchen cabinets according to your budget, preference, and most importantly, the available space. Start off by setting aside a reasonable amount for purchasing kitchen cabinets. Next, measure the length, width, and the height of the space you want your cabinets to be installed in.

Enter all these details on the website you are using and then see what options are available, and from these, you can choose the one that suits you the most. If you have a specific model or make in mind, type it down as well. Make sure that the specifications you jotted down offline match accurately with what you select online, otherwise consider your money wasted. And more than that, you need to ensure that the cabinets in Phoenix, AZ should cover your storage needs.

Payment and Shipping

Once you have found the right kitchen cabinets, the final stage in the process is to evaluate the policies and terms and conditions of the website. There are several factors to be considered, such as:

  • Who pays for the delivery?

  • The duration of the shipping.

  • How flexible is the return policy?

  • Is tax levied?

Going over these things is necessary since they add to the purchase price of the cabinets, thereby increasing the total cost. Moreover, what if the delivery period is two weeks while you need to install the cabinets right away? Once you are thoroughly satisfied, click away and wait for your kitchen cabinets in Phoenix, AZ.

The tips may appear a little tedious, but they provide far more convenience compared to going from store to store physically. Also, include the fuel costs and the parking issues. Since kitchen cabinets are a significant investment in themselves, saving the additional expenses is not a bad idea.

Kitchen Cabinets: How to Buy the Right Ones

Kitchen Cabinets: How to Buy the Right OnesPurchasing kitchen cabinets is not an everyday thing. These are long-term additions to an important area of your house. These cabinets in Phoenix not only improve the appearance of your kitchen, but also add value to your property. Along with countertops, kitchen cabinets form the most important upgrades to your kitchen, which means you should spend some time in research before making a purchase.

The following information will help you find great kitchen cabinets that not only have the best design but also provide great value for your money.

How Much Can you Spend?

It is best to apportion a certain amount before you start shopping. Make no mistake about it, kitchen cabinets are not cheap. In fact, when you combine installation costs as well, you should expect a hefty bill at the end, which means it is prudent to set aside a reasonable budget right at the start.

How Much Space Do You Have?

Since kitchen cabinets are a one-time purchase for the most part, it is essential to take accurate measurements of your kitchen area. See how many cabinets you need and how many can fit in the available space. If you are hiring professional installation services, they will carry out the measuring procedure as well, after which you will be given a cost estimate.

What Type Of Cabinet Do You Need?

Kitchen cabinets are available in a wide variety, but they can be classified as:

  • Stock

  • Semi-custom

  • 100% custom

Stock cabinets are the least expensive, but they also have a limited variety of colors, designs, and surfaces. You can get more options with semi-custom kitchen cabinets even though they are manufactured in factories. Finally, you have the 100% customized cabinets. They are built purely according to the customer’s preferences, so the sky is pretty much the limit as far as variety is concerned.

Also note that there are several cabinet options as well that you have to choose from. These include:

  • Pullout shelves

  • Wine racks

  • Vertical dividers

  • Cabinet pantries

  • Knobs

  • Handles

The Quality Factor

Homeowners and builders commonly opt for stock cabinets, and there is nothing wrong with it. However, if you are redesigning your kitchen or aspiring to add additional value, you should go for high-quality cabinets that have a rich, fine finish. These have solid fronts and meticulously crafted corners.

The Design

Finally, if you are planning to install kitchen cabinets in Phoenix for decorative purposes, you can look for ideas at stores, websites, and home décor magazines. The best option in this regard seems the customized cabinet since you can work with unlimited ideas and match the cabinets with the overall architecture of your house. However, you can even use plain, natural wood cabinets. These can be painted or stained easily, thereby changing their color to suit your preferences.


There were some basic tips on finding the best kitchen cabinets in Phoenix. Hopefully, you will be able to augment the appearance of your kitchen while increasing its storage capacity.

The Philosophy of Furniture: Four Causes of Having Kitchen Cabinets

The Philosophy of Furniture: Four Causes of Having Kitchen CabinetsToday we will embark on a philosophical trip to study the causality of having kitchen cabinets. Cabinets are a common form of furniture found in virtually all households, but why do we have kitchen cabinets instead of empty walls and plain counters?

Of course, these cabinets provide storage for food items, cutlery, and the like, thus making your kitchen appear more organized. But there are in essence 4 main reasons for investing in kitchen cabinets. We have outlined these reasons below along with some tips on how to get the best Arizona kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen Renovation

Cabinets, like other kitchen additions, are not immune to damage. May the cause be water, pests, fire or natural disasters, Arizona kitchen cabinets can wear down overtime. And don’t forget that fire and water are always present in the kitchen. This is a common reason for purchasing kitchen cabinets, namely, to replace broken ones.

Kitchen Remodeling

Several factors influence the need for remodeling a kitchen. We have outlined one above (wear and tear), but the household needs are also sound reasons. For instance, a kitchen for a family will be significantly different than if a person were living alone. If you are a family member who constantly uses the kitchen, then the place needs to be redesigned to facilitate your family, and installing kitchen cabinets is part of this process.

Decorative Purposes

Kitchen cabinets not only provide functionality but also benefits of appearance. In fact, like tiles and counter tops, cabinets can also be used to display a particular theme. Simply search the internet and you will find top quality kitchen cabinets in Arizona that not only have adequate space for your storage needs but the best design to fit the overall theme of your house.

Adding Value

Although this benefit is not unique to cabinets and can be applied to various household features, these additions to your kitchen do increase the value of your house. Selling real estate is not easy now as it was a few years ago. That is why it is up to property owners to find the best methods of selling, one of which is adding value. Not to mention, adding value also helps landlords ask for their desired rents from tenants.

Adding kitchen cabinets is definitely a good way of making your property more attractive, given that you have considered factors like the location and access to facilities. While investing in new cabinets is not a guarantee for bagging customers and tenants, in the long run it will definitely help you attract prospective buyers. Remember, investing even a $1,000 on new kitchen cabinets will pay off tenfold once you strike the deal.


These were the major reasons as to why people spend money on kitchen cabinets. Always remember that investing in the right cabinets will help you reap long-term benefits. That is why you should spend some time researching all the available varieties online when it comes to Arizona kitchen cabinets.

Awesome Ways to Create The Illusion of a Larger Kitchen

Awesome Ways to Create The Illusion of a Larger KitchenSkimpy counter space, scanty places for appliances, cramped work space – does it all sound like your kitchen? Tiny is the word most homeowners fear to use to describe their kitchens, yet compromise with one. Whether you like it or not, your kitchen emanates your true style as is said by many renowned interior designers. So, if you have got the style sense, then size does not really matter. All you need is to do the next best thing: take up a project for kitchen remodel in Phoenix to create the illusion of a larger kitchen.

1. Reinstate the Solid Cabinet Doors with Glass to Draw The Crowd In

Replace your solid cabinet doors with glass as they lighten the appearance and expand the vision through to the back. This will create an illusion of an extended kitchen; however, do not clutter your interiors with knick-knacks since it will defeat the purpose. Complementing the crisp look of glass with aesthetically pleasing interiors will never drive the crowd out of your small kitchen, but draw it in.

2. Select Furnishings with a Little Footprint

Choose petite chairs, slim islands, narrow tables, and streamlined stools that do not take up most of the floor space. Also, avoid installing chunky furniture legs and thick bases that bring in visual mass. By paying attention to scanty details, your kitchen remodel phoenix project can become a huge success.

3. Design with Clean Lines

Ornate cabinetry, big corbels, and fussy details can actually make a kitchen appear gaudy. Instead, you should keep the interior well tailored and sleek in order to even out the appearance and develop a welcoming feel.

4. Deviate the Attention Upward

Select visual elements and patterns that help divert the attention of the visitors towards the ceiling. The ceiling boards and vertical lines on the walls can be used to lend an impression of elevated heights.

5. Merge the Kitchen into a Larger Space

You can also extend your breakfast area into your kitchen. This can easily be done by building a low half wall to provide a natural extension to your cooking area.

6. Add Open Shelving

Install open shelving to reduce visual weight and create the illusion of an expansive place. To give a sleeker appearance, select floating shelves over models with brackets. These shelves are widely used in small projects for a kitchen remodel in Phoenix.

7. Unleash Your Painting Skills on the Kitchen Cabinetry

Restricting cabinetry and wall paint to a single shade also constricts the visual boundaries of the viewers. According to the traditional school of thought, pale colors will certainly reflect light and create the illusion of a larger space which is in fact sound judgment. However, you should not hesitate before using dark colors either. Dark undertones including chocolate, charcoal, and navy, draw away the vision quickly, hence creating the impression that walls are much farther away than they really are. Doing so will also make it easier to fit an item or two of larger size.

Remodeling Kitchen Cabinets – Functionality, Style and Design

Kitchen remodeling is a costly and extensive process. Kitchen cabinets Phoenix AZ are one of the biggest purchases among your kitchen items so it is not a choice that you should take lightly. Functional, stylish and trendy kitchen cabinets are definitely worth the investment, whereas a poorly constructed set of cabinets will cause regular frustration.

1. Choices and Quality

Remodeling Kitchen Cabinets – Functionality, Style and Design

When remodeling your kitchen, half of your budget would constitute to expenses for cabinetry, so cost is an important factor. If you are looking to cut costs, you can definitely do it without compromising too much on the quality and design. However, remember what you invest in is what you will get. The cheapest cabinetry work is constituted of substandard materials that easily get damaged and need replacement, whereas they are made in ways that makes them frustrating to use.

Kitchen cabinets Phoenix AZ can be easily divided into three distinct categories; custom, semi-custom and stock. Stock purchase is walking into a home improvement store and purchasing the items right away from the shelves, whereas there are few or no choices for upgrades or improvement. For a lot of people, this is the most budget friendly option as they can get the exact kind of cabinets that they want. Semi-custom cabinets are those that allow you to select your choice of cabinet models from a list of options; however, these are more costly but allow you greater control over your purchase. On the other hand, custom cabinets are designed completely according to the instructions of the customer. In fact, these are the most costly among all options, but they give you the freedom to design your kitchen cabinets with great control.

2. Materials

Materials used in kitchen cabinets Phoenix AZ have considerable impact on the overall costs as well as on the quality of the product. You can choose from MDF, particle board, metal, solid wood, plywood, melamine and laminate. MDF and particle board are low cost varieties and these can be covered with veneers to give an impression of solid wood. Contrarily, plywood is much more durable comparatively and can be covered completely or used in its natural form for a contemporary look. Solid wood is luxurious and expensive as well. Depending on the furniture manufacturer, you can select from cherry, oak, maple, bamboo, or mahogany or even some other exotic woods.

3. Hardware

The hardware becomes totally invisible after installation, but has a huge impact over the functionality of the cabinets. The slides of the drawers differ slightly, for example, the best slides use ball bearings while others make use of rollers or nylon wheels. The location of the slides, either bottom or side mount, affects the vacant drawer space. Also, the pivots on the kitchen cabinet can be mounted completely on the interior or using a piece that shows on the outside which gives a more traditional look. Some pivots are manufactured to work as soft-close in order to reduce knocked-fingers and noise.

The Benefits and Functionalities of Having Kitchen Cabinets

The Benefits and Functionalities of Having Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are vital objects of the kitchen, regardless of the size of the room. Kitchen cabinets provide great functionality to the users since there are lots of items to be kept into appropriate places. You have a wide variety of utensils, cutlery, etc to keep safely. Gone are the days when people used boxes and shelves to store their kitchen items. Today, kitchens have modern cabinets that are custom made to suit the lifestyle and taste of the homeowners.

There are wide varieties and designs of kitchen cabinets in Arizona available for sale. These are made with advanced design technicalities and usually have appealing looks that enhance even more when you contain them with different items.

Kitchen cabinets in Arizona are made up of simple pull up and down windows, glass doors, and pantry shelves. These are beautifully made up, using several modern designs and styles from wood to chrome and glass. Some of the most commonly used designs include shaker, cottage, rustic, and French country.

You can make your kitchen cabinets in Arizona even more pleasant-looking by adding different accessories to them. For example, locks, holders, and hangers add to the beauty of cabinets as well as offer places for putting up other items that do not fit anywhere else.

There are several benefits of installing kitchen cabinets, for example, you get lots of clutter free space and your kitchen items do not get stuck which makes them more easily accessible. You have the choice to keep your kitchen cabinets single layered or tiered since it basically depends upon the needs of the homeowners.

When it comes to the functionality of kitchen cabinets, the list is quite exhaustive. However, the best feature is that you can store anything that you want. These are good for storing spices and seasonings, helping users to source them within an arm’s distance. Moreover, you can use these cabinets to store your dinner plates and glasses that are aesthetically pleasing. This way you can flaunt your collection of crockery and utensils as decorating items as well. However, you should store such fragile items on the top shelves of the cabinet so that they are safe as well as visible to everyone who comes across them.

Also, a lot of kitchen cabinets in Arizona offer a distinct feature called soft action which ensures soft opening and closing of the drawers. There are several uses of incorporating this feature into your kitchen cabinets such as, they prevent finger slamming as well as keep the sharp motion from shifting or rattling the internal contents.

Also, removable cabinet inserts are widely used in many kitchen cabinets. These can be easily shifted according to the varying requirements. Some inserts also include utensil trays, mug holders and plate holders and dividers. You can get them from kitchen remodeling companies very easily.

Kitchen cabinets are extremely flexible since there is no specific standard established for them. You can build and modify them as you want according to the space available to you as well as your budget. In case you are looking for durability, you should go for metal cabinets.

Selecting the Best Kitchens Cabinets for Your Home

Cabinets are vital parts of contemporary kitchens today. There isn’t only one benefit or functionality of having cabinets installed in your kitchen. Perhaps no kitchen would appear aesthetically pleasing as well as more resourceful without cabinets incorporated into its modern design.

Since cabinets are resourceful enough to contain your most essential kitchen items, you should pay extra heed to how better you can have them to get the most out of them. Firstly, before you make selections, look at the size of your kitchen because you will need a lot of space for them. Secondly, ascertain your budget wisely, since kitchen cabinets in Phoenix can be your next big and expensive furniture purchase.

Selecting the Best Kitchens Cabinets for Your Home

There are lots of things that you need to keep into consideration before shopping for your kitchen cabinets in Phoenix. The most important thing is the quality of cabinets you are going to install. If your budget is higher, then you can surely get high quality cabinets from kitchen cabinet makers that will suit your needs. Every designer has a wide variety of designs and preferences available to cater to people coming in from different financial stratums.

Some kitchen cabinets in Phoenix feature plain counters and cabinets along with a few other accessories to complement the look. On the other hand, there are other flexible designs as well, where each cabinet unit can be altered and organized according to preferences and needs of the homeowner. One of the most sought-after kitchen cabinet styles is the drawer that can be easily opened without having to pull on handles or knobs, whereas people who want traditional looks, furniture retailers can give that too.

Moreover, quality of the kitchen cabinets is just one factor. You will have to take other factors into consideration as well, such as the overall appearance of your kitchen. If you are looking to replace the design with a newer look, then it would be better to go for a similar design but with changes in color and features. However, if you only want to bring in a new set of kitchen cabinets, then it would be better to go with the same kind of designs and colors to sustain the previous look of your kitchen.

On the contrary, if you are planning to change the complete set up of your kitchen, then you have the freedom to experiment with new colors, themes and designs. However, whatever you bring in, make sure that it all goes well with the size of your kitchen and the essential kitchen equipment installed such as oven, refrigerator or maybe dining table.

While larger kitchen cabinets in Phoenix are quite in fashion, you will still have to ensure that there’s enough space for you to do your chores easily. While the cabinets installed over the top will not be obstructing you from walking in your kitchen, inappropriate lower cabinets will certainly impede you from making easy moves.


Kitchen Cabinets Explored

Kitchen Cabinets Explored

Your kitchen is your private space just as the other rooms in your house are. It is your personal space where you can store, cook and enjoy your meals with your loved ones. However, this is mostly confined to spacious, luxury kitchens where there is lots of space to contain a dining table, bar stools and other kitchen contemporaries.

Budget kitchens usually offer fewer choices when it comes to range and style of cupboard sizes and other features. However, this is no longer an issue, since more furniture retailers are incorporating designs that are flexible and provide greater space and comfort to fit in more things strategically. With new designs, you can now easily mix and match door fronts and create extra features, such as stepped island unit or breakfast bar.

Stock kitchen cabinets in AZ are less expensive and easily available as well. Mainly, there are different ranges of door styles available, however, if you aren’t too picky about them, go for commissioning doors and off-the-peg car-cases from your carpenter. This is the easiest way to get the kind of looks that you have been looking for in a low budget.

You can benefit from more choices of units by going for mid-range kitchens since these are available in 10cm increments with variable heights in order to utilize the space in the best possible manner. You can get a wide range of kitchen cabinets in AZ in customization at great prices. A tailor made kitchen is not restricted by different sizes. You can easily use your custom-made units to contain your kitchen accessories and other related items, whether it is a huge chef’s pantry or a base cabinet. Moreover, you can also incorporate wall cupboards in your kitchen, while at the same time utilize the small spaces with your specials, including spice drawers, wine racks, window seats or tray slots.

The quality of material used behind the doors is also very much important just as of the front door is. More than a feature of visibility and style, it is mainly a matter of rigidity and stability. The boxes behind the doors are called kitchen car-cases. They vary in thickness according to the price and quality. Car-cases that are made up using 18mm thick IMDF fireboard are good choices to go with as well as are more suitable compared to solid wood that can move or wrap. Car-cases should have rigid, solid backs as well as fully adjustable legs which can also look after uneven floors and safeguard the units from penetrating moisture.

Select car-cases which go with the color of the kitchen doors as well as are compatible with aluminum and steel door fronts. You can also choose pale gray versions which blend into the background of the kitchen. Furthermore, the drawer boxes should have solid sides, manufactured using metal or wood along with smooth-action roller runner and strong bases.

With all the choices available in the market, you should first familiarize yourself with the kind of kitchen cabinets in AZ that you actually need as well as your kitchen specifications, such as background, size, walls, and other interiors installed.

How 3D Cabinet Designing Makes Everything Simple and Easy

The rise in technology has resulted in several good things. It has made life easier for everyone. The good thing is that technology is on a constant rise with new ideas coming out regularly. Things like the internet and cell phones are all a result of the ever changing technology. It allows one to save time and get better results without putting in much effort.

How 3D Cabinet Designing Makes Everything Simple and EasyLike everyone else, architectures and cabinet providers in Phoenix, AZ, are also using the latest technology to allow their customers or clients to have better results. Thanks to the availability of mockup tools it is possible for sellers providing cabinets in Phoenix, AZ, to show to their clients how exactly their kitchens will look like once the job is done.

Mockup tools allow clients and service providers or sellers to work together to get the perfect kitchen. Instead of drawing cabinets manually, one can do so by using the latest 3D technology that shows a mockup version of the kitchen onscreen that can be seen through different angles. The technology allows clients to get an idea of what their kitchen will look like once it is remodeled or the changes have been made.

This new service is beneficial for both the parties. The depiction clients look at is very close to the final product, hence, there is a reduced risk of things going wrong.

It will not be wrong to state that due to this technology both the parties are happy because there are now lesser problems among them. They both agree on the design beforehand so that there is no discrepancy at the end of the day and quality is provided the way it is expected.

This technology is also beneficial for sellers that sell cabinets in Phoenix, AZ. There used to be several issues between sellers and clients earlier with “I did not order this!” being a major bone of contention. However, this new technology has reduced such problems because they both agree on the same thing before starting the job.

If they need any changes they can do so on the mockup design. This allows clients to anticipate the right thing and makers can design cabinets keeping a client’s requirements and the prototype they have on the computers in mind. In addition to this, just in case any problem arises then any of the parties can turn to the mockup design to see if the final product is on the same lines or not.

Thanks to this technology there are fewer tussles now and both parties are happy. Due to this reason a large number of companies dealing in cabinets in Phoenix, AZ, are using this technology. If you are planning to get cabinets in Phoenix, AZ, then you should look for sellers that use this technology so that the job can be done easily and you get the right cabinets without having to bear any trouble.

Make it a point to discuss this in detail with the seller. You may be required to have a few meetings with a company’s representatives to help draw your kitchen with the help of a mockup tool.