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Add Value to Your Home with New Cabinets (Phoenix AZ)

Add Value to Your Home with New

To improve the look of your home you need to make sure that the furniture is amazing. This is why most homeowners are installing the latest and stylish cabinets phoenix AZ can offer all over their homes. The main challenge is to increase aesthetic appeal and at the same time, use techniques that can help maximize space. Not all homes are spacious enough, and it becomes a struggle for people living in smaller homes to keep things in a presentable manner.

Superior Store & Cabinet offers a wide range of options to choose the best cabinets for your home. Based in Phoenix AZ, this company has made a special place in the furniture market. Their designs are very compact, modern, and attractive. To ensure diversity, they have furniture made in oak, maple, cherry, birch, beech, mahogany, and others as well.

The best part about selecting a style for cabinets and doors is that you can maintain uniformity all over the building. Stylish cabinets and doors add richness to the house, and make it look more classy and appealing.

Some recommendations you would like to check out include:

Cherry Classic Amber

This is a simple and elegant style for both doors and cabinets. It has 2 sections in which the upper part is smaller and rectangular, and the lower section is a longer vertical rectangle. Both have a picture frame around them, which looks very classy. There is a variation of this and it is the Cherry Classic Cider style.

Cherry Classic Burgundy

If you want to use the burgundy color contrast in your home, then getting the Cherry Classic Burgundy doors and cabinets would be a great idea.

Cherry Covington Amber

Another style for cabinets Phoenix AZ residents are very impressed with is the Cherry Covington Amber design. This is a somewhat gothic style with a presidential cathedral frame in the center, with a quaint photo frame design carved into it, and it protrudes outwards like a bevel effect.

Hickory Cambridge Natural

This is a door and cabinet style, which is very intense. It has a double photo frame style worked around a central bevel styled rectangular shape. The double lines frame looks classy and luxurious.

Cherry Sableton Burgundy Licorice Glaze

This door and cabinet style is a reminder of the post medieval and pre-modernization era. It is a burgundy colored door with a rich Licorice glaze. It is traditional and contemporary in many ways, so if you want to maintain an intermediate between traditional and modern, this would be a great choice.

Laminate Nantucket White

This style is all about elegance and simplicity. It has a touch of plainness on the upper section and classic vertical lines on the lower section. It looks durable and very appealing. The white color makes it perfect for use in a variety of combinations.

These are just a few examples but there is a lot to explore at Superior Store & Cabinet to find the best designs for your doors and cabinets (Phoenix AZ).

How to Get Discount Kitchen Cabinets (Phoenix)

How to Get Discount Kitchen Cabinets (Phoenix)Finding the best offers when you shop for discount kitchen cabinets in Phoenix can be difficult. This is because not all companies offer the best designs and their prices are always too high to afford by an average person.

However, Superior Stone & Cabinet offers its customers with something unique. You can save enough money while shopping anywhere for discount kitchen cabinets, Phoenix specifically. There is no intermediary involved, and the company gets its stock directly from the manufacturer. This allows the company to offer its customers amazing discount prices so that they can choose any kitchen cabinet without toppling their budget.

All of the cabinets are made in the U.S.A., and this company sells only cabinets with high quality material, and designs that are amazing. You will appreciate the artisanship on each of the cabinets when you check them out. There is a lot of variety to choose the best cabinets for your kitchen. Once you place the order, the team of professionals at Superior Stone & Cabinet will come over and handle installation within one day so you can carry on with your normal life without any issues.

However, you need to know that apart from discount kitchen cabinets, Phoenix residents get an added advantage. Superior Stone & Cabinet will handle your entire kitchen design if you want. You can save enough time, hassle and money by hiring their services. The process usually takes three simple steps, and you can call customer care to discuss any concerns you may have before or during the kitchen design process.

Step 1: Get a free In-home Estimate

The professionals come over to your place and take accurate measurements to plan and cost the process. You will need to tell them what sort of kitchen cabinets you want. They will tell you how much material will be necessary, what your budget will look like, and how much time it will take. Then you can schedule the process without any inconvenience.

Step 2: Visit the Showroom at Superior Stone & Cabinet

Here you can check out the several door styles, colors, woods, accessories and other aspects. In fact, to help you get a better idea of what design suits your kitchen, you can get the 3D rendering service to visualize it before finalizing your order.

Step 3: Installation

After you finalize the cabinet that you want, the final stage is installation, but first the artisans have to remove the old cabinets neatly. You have nothing to worry about and they will install the new ones without any hassle.

At Superior Stone & Cabinet, customer comfort is a priority, which is why they offer the best discount kitchen cabinets Phoenix can provide. Even though you get a discount, the company never compromises on quality, so rest assured that you would get only the best.

101 on Wholesale Flooring Phoenix, AZ

Floor tiles and counter tops are not just ordinary tiles and tops; they are a part of your home. They are a part of you, which we have in abundance at wholesale flooring Phoenix, AZ.


Tiles are not just something which we install on your floors, we add a bit of you to your home. Whether you need unique colors to make your home stand out or simple designs for a mellower touch, our collection will not disappoint.

Benefits of Tiles

Tiles are a great way of saving time and money. There are thousands of designs available in tiles, you can play around with colors, designs, textures, and the best part is that they are affordable.

They can be cleaned very easily as well. Tiles have a unique surface which prevents stains and cracks. Since it cannot absorb liquids, it is very easy to clean up as well. So whether your toddler decided to spill his drink or you accidentally dropped your casserole, just take a wipe and clean up without fear of stains.

Measurements become easy with tiles. Large ones can be cut down to the perfect size, and if it is a bit short, it can be joined simultaneously with another tile to fit perfectly. Each tile is handled with care and installed with care as well and of course, no spaces are left in between.

Adding Variations

You can add many different variations, let us assume you selected two tile designs and want both, you can have both. This is also another great thing about installing tiles as they let you be creative and allow you to go with what you want.

Each room is unique in its own way; you can play around with many different options as there are thousands to choose from. Just pick a color and a theme and we will install them according to your exact specifications.


You may choose from many options from our warehouse. Additionally, besides tiles, we also offer carpet flooring and laminates as well. This allows you to receive more options to be creative towards designing your home just the way you have always dreamt it to be. Each person in unique, they are creative in their own secretive way, some can portray this a little better than others, this is exactly why we give you the opportunity to play designer and design your house exactly the way you want it to be, so that you may get a chance to bring out your inner artist.

With many types of flooring to choose from, you get the best designs and the best quality at the best price fresh from our wholesale flooring Phoenix, AZ. Feel free to go about in search of the perfect design for you.

For more details and location you can visit us at for an experience you will never forget.

Being in Style with Cabinets

When it comes to cabinet types that can make your kitchen the talk of the town, the sky’s the limit. With so many amazingly elegant yet fashionably stylish cabinets to choose from one can easily get confused which one to pick. Thankfully, Superior Stone & Cabinet are here to guide you to the best ones.


Cabinets are way more than just storage options. Cabinets add elegance to your kitchen, they add style, and they add a touch of you. There is a reason why this area of your home is considered its heart; it’s where your family gathers for meals, where you have your culinary triumphs and learn from the mishaps, etc. This is why people are always looking for new innovations and ideas for it and cabinets are the first item that comes to mind.

Choosing the Style

There are many types of cabinets which you can instantly fall in love with, but the real question is, which cabinet can suit your kitchen? With so many varieties to choose from it can become really hard. Not to worry, experts at Superior Stone & Cabinet can help you. With years of experience the experts can instantly give you the best solution for your cabinet problems. A new trend has been establishing and for cabinets, Phoenix has the trend you would not want to miss.


You can find all sorts of shape and sizes of cabinets once you have figured out which one is the one for you. You may have the cabinets custom made if you wish, or you can head on down or find what you are looking for online. With the vast variety available out there, you can also find various colors to choose from for your cabinets. The sizes you need will depend on your kitchen’s dimensions and how you wish to remodel it, so the first step would be to make a draft of all final designs.


Do not worry about the budget, all changes and new additions will easily fit in your budget once you have your plans finalized. You can discuss with our experts who can guide you through all the details regarding the expense on adding a touch of you in your kitchen. The experts will let you know according to your budget which changes are needed or not and will give you a layout of the final design to make it easier for you to select the adjustment details.

Cabinets for Rooms

Your kitchen is not the only room in the house which requires cabinets. You can add cabinets in your storage room, bathroom, bed room, living or dining room, basically wherever you wish to add them. You may be creative and add different cabinets in different rooms as you please, and showcase your creativity.

Cabinets have their own unique role when you decide to make the dream of your own home come true; be a part of trending cabinets Phoenix today by visiting



Make Your Dreams Come True with Arizona Kitchen Cabinets

Who does not want their dream home to come to fruition? You want a beautiful, stylish, yet elegant house, which describes you and who you really are, but, you cannot find the best way to describe elegance and style together. Just get Arizona kitchen cabinets for your kitchen and see it come to life.


Superior Stone & Cabinet brings to you the best solution for making your dream kitchen come true. The first step is to evaluate your kitchen, and note down the changes you wish to apply to it. The next step is to figure out your budget, know what changes can be implemented and which are needed. You do not have to remodel your kitchen entirely to give it a new look. Decide the looks you want, the looks which reflect you and your dreams.

Size Matters

You want your kitchen to look bigger and stand out. However, this does not mean that you should break it down and expand it. Instead of taking such drastic measures, why not add space saving cabinets installed in this area of your home? The best part about having cabinets such as Arizona kitchen cabinets installed within your kitchen is that they give you a lot of storage options by taking up minimum space. As a result your kitchen will look less occupied with appliances, making it appear a bit bigger, although you have not tampered with its size at all. That’s how useful they can be!

If you wish to add small or medium cabinets, or cabinets according to your preferred measurements, you can find them at Superior Stone & Cabinet. Any size at all, for your kitchen, or any other room you wish to add this beautiful style. Our 3D image projection will allow you to make an informed decision.

Game Plan

Once you know what you want and where you want it make a rough layout of the new kitchen design. Map out what changes are needed, which you wish to make, if you wish to omit some details, etc. When you have completed all of the rough drafts, go for the final one. The final draft will include all changes you need to make in your new kitchen.

Expert Advice

Talk to our pros and show them your design. Take advice from us as well and hear us out as we have the experience which can help you in creating the perfect design for your kitchen. Go through the overview with our expert and show them the vision you seek to realize for your picture perfect kitchen.

From sizes to the color of wood, everything will be discussed step by step, one by one, until you are satisfied. For more details and orders head on to

Wood Choices for Kitchen Cabinets

Most people in US today prefer the cabinets made of wood, but selecting the type of wood that is best in terms of durability and style is a difficult decision. The reason is that cabinets account for around 50% of the total cost of kitchen remodeling. Arizona kitchen cabinets are really popular throughout US because they use appropriate wood for different parts of kitchen cabinets. We have asked the experts about the wood choices for kitchen cabinets and they have given their expert opinion about the appropriate wood selection for cabinet faces, cabinet body, and cabinet frames and doors.Wood Choices for Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinet faces

Solid wood, according to some experts, is the best choice for cabinets’ parts because of its strength and durability. However, it is really costly. Therefore, substitutes for solid wood cabinets are particle board and plywood which are inexpensive. Now, the pricing of cabinet faces relies on the type of wood used. For example, Cherry is cheaper than Teak but Maple is cheaper than Cherry. In the same way Oak is less costly than Maple.

Cabinet body

Particle board or plywood is generally used for making the body of kitchen cabinets in particular for the sections that are flat and do not require shaping to create shelves and sides of cabinet.

Classic plywood recommended for cabinet body is 9.5 – 19 mm thick. The reason for this thickness is that we expect that kitchen cabinets will retain their shape and will be able to withstand load over a long period of time so if you are looking for strength, then experts highly recommend high quality particle board or plywood due to the fact that they don’t distend due to moisture.

Besides strength, stiffness is also a major determinant of life of kitchen cabinets. Stiffness increases proportionally with the thickness of the cabinet body. You can assemble cabinet body made of plywood with nails and screws but for body made of particle wood, you need to join them with glue or groove joints.

Cabinet frames and doors

There are many options for cabinet frames and doors. You can either use solid wood (Maple, Oak, Teak, etc.), plywood, medium density fiberboard, particle board or you can use a combination. Moreover, lamination can be done or only the surface of the cabinet doors or frames can be coated. The finishing can be done with lamination. Natural wood differs on the basis of color, pattern, grain size, and finishing as well as the lighting condition.

Comparison of solid wood and particle board

When it comes to pricing, solid wood is definitely more expensive than particle board but it has high strength and durability. Solid wood can be repaired by any good furniture refinisher apart from the manufacturer. On the other hand, the particle board has to be repaired by the manufacturer. Water resistance is one factor that differentiates the two. Unlike wood, particle board will swell if water reaches the center of the board.

However, if you are looking for kitchen cabinets for a kitchen that will be remodeled roughly around every 13-16 years, then particle board will suffice. Do check the best Arizona kitchen cabinets available in the market or you can get experts’ help if you need further assistance.


The Key Factors to Look for before Buying Kitchen Cabinets

The Key Factors to Look for before Buying Kitchen Cabinets

Whenever you see a kitchen, the main attraction of the kitchen will always be the kitchen cabinets. People these days want to remodel their kitchen after every 10-15 years. However, many people have difficulty in deciding what factors to consider before buying kitchen cabinets because kitchen cabinet is undoubtedly the most expensive component in any kitchen. Particularly, if you are in the state of Arizona, then you must check the best kitchen cabinets Phoenix has to offer. However, in order to avoid dissonance after purchase, consider the following essential factors before buying kitchen cabinets.


First and foremost, you need to take precise measurements prior to purchasing cabinets otherwise you can face problems in the placement of cabinets or insufficient space for opening the doors and drawers. Generally, the cabinets available in the market come in different sizes and width-height-depth is a convention that is widely accepted for cabinets across US furniture market.

Type of Cabinets

Standard Cabinets

The standard cabinets are available in standard dimensions as well as material and surface finishing. These cabinets are the ones that can be delivered on the day of purchase.

Semi-custom Cabinets

Then there are some cabinets that are semi-custom and they are accessible in a broad range of styles and the ease with them is that you can give special orders for them. It assists you when you are remodeling your kitchen.

Custom Cabinets

Custom cabinets are designed according to the layout of your kitchen. It is also taken into consideration that they fit your requirement for storage capacity.

Style of Cabinets

Currently the cabinets available in Phoenix come in two styles namely face framed and frameless.

Face-framed Cabinets

These cabinets are best suited for old, classic, and small kitchens and they have frames which hide the joinery of the cabinet.

Frameless Cabinets

These cabinets come with a flat door that is hinged to the cabinet body. It is cheaper than the face-framed cabinet and works well in stylish and modern-day kitchens.


The cabinets are available in different depending on your budget. You can buy the cabinets made from metals, many types of wood, composite etc. to fit your need.


After you select the material, you can choose different colors and themes for surface finish of the cabinets. You have the option of painting, glazing or staining the kitchen cabinets. The latest fashion is white thermo-foil finish to give cabinets a beautiful look.

Place to Buy Cabinets

If you are in the state of Arizona, then you have the option of buying cabinets from home center, online retailers, specialty stores as well as ready-to-assemble furniture makers for a broad range of the best cabinets Phoenix can offer to you.

Delivery and Installation of Cabinets

Most of the time, the manufacturer will deliver fully assembled cabinets. Now when you receive the cabinets, carefully inspect them prior to installing them because you will have much difficulty in repairing them after you have installed them. If you need further help, you can take the guidance from experts.

Finding Petit Arizona Kitchen Cabinets

Finding Petit Arizona Kitchen CabinetsWhile renovating your kitchen, you may want to consider replacing the kitchen cabinets you have. Often, people want to do this because they might have changed the color theme of their entire house. Sometimes, people need to renovate to add more value to their property before mortgaging it.

Regardless of what the reason may be, everyone’s main interest is that whatever they install, it should serve two purposes, improve the aesthetics and maximize space. This is why Arizona kitchen cabinets are becoming famous in the U.S.A.

We usually have limited space in the house (bedrooms, bath, living rooms and even the kitchen). However, the kitchen is the most important place where things need to have proper organization and system. If things clutter up and get into the way while cooking, the cook will lose patience within no time. It may seem rather impossible to install kitchen cabinets and storage systems without making the kitchen even more cramped, but at Superior Stone & Cabinet, you will definitely find the best option.

What Will You Find

Call them up at 602.437.0088 and feel free tell them what you have in mind. These professionals will even visit your place to measure the area and plan out the perfect kitchen cabinets you would need. They have a huge collection of kitchen cabinets made in a variety of wood, color, style and size. They have a showroom with more than enough accessories on display, so if you can visit them at 3717 East Broadway Road #3 (Phoenix), it would be the best.

What Makes Them the Best

Superior Stone & Cabinet don’t just have a huge collection with several sizes; they also have a great reputation in terms of quick turnaround time, durable fixtures and affordable prices. This means, you get the best deals to get your place a new and fresh look with the latest interior décor concepts, and you get to save a lot of money at the same time. Moreover, they never run out of stock! If you wanted something that you saw on their website or at a friend’s, rest assured that they would definitely have it whenever you visit or contact them.

They Offer 3D Imaging

Most people are not sure about what they would like without having a clear projection of the plan. This is why the professionals at Superior Stone & Cabinet create a 3D projection using images from your place and the kitchen cabinets of your choice. This way, you get to see what your place would look like before you buy the furniture. Each package has its own unique features, which allows clients to avoid spending huge sums of money.

Check Out Packages

In order to make things as convenient for their clients as possible, Superior Stone & Cabinet has three extremely interesting and affordable price packages to offer. They have this benefit for clients because there is no intermediary. You get products directly from the manufacturer, and their smiths install the furniture for you in the most professional manner.

Call them now to get your new Arizona kitchen cabinets installed!

Buying High Quality Kitchen Cabinets

Buying High Quality Kitchen CabinetsCabinets are an important design element in any kitchen that significantly impact the appearance, feeling, and functionality of your kitchen. Kitchen cabinets are available in a wide range in terms of materials, colors, and styles. Companies which offer kitchen cabinets Phoenix AZ allow you to choose from over 10 types of woods, hundreds of door styles, and several color combinations. With so many choices at hand, it can get difficult to make a decision and buy cabinets that will truly complement the design of your kitchen.

Since the range is large, it is difficult to figure out cabinets which are of high quality, and low quality products do exist on the market. If you follow our advice, you will be able to buy durable cabinets that will last several years in your kitchen.

Always opt for professionals

There are so many companies that offer kitchen cabinets Phoenix AZ. Among them, you must ensure that you are choosing a reputed name. Other than the cabinet installer, you must opt for a reputable designer and contractor. Indeed, they might charge you slightly higher prices, but their work is long-lasting and they will guarantee it.

Examine the finish

You can choose any style of cabinet you like. Whichever this is, inspect the finishing closely. If you notice any errors, the cabinet is probably of poor quality. Examine the paint and seam too, and also study the top seal. All this should give you a fairly good idea.

We suggest that you opt for a catalytic conversion finish, which offers a great resistance to stains.

Now inspect the insides

If you are satisfied with the finishing, focus your attention on the inside. Rub your hand on the cabinet frame; it will probably not be as smooth as the exterior, but it should not be too rough or rugged. We advise that you should do this carefully because if the cabinet is of low quality, the edge will be sharp and you may hurt yourself.

Also study the shelves. These should be about 0.75 inches thick and made from plywood. If the shelves are 0.5 inches thick or made from particleboard, they sag after some time due to the heavy weight of dishes.

Check moving parts

If cabinets are of low quality, it is the hardware that is impacted the most. Thoroughly inspect hinges and other moving parts. Opt for a quality brand and try to buy a cabinet that comes with a lifetime guarantee. Should it ever fail, at least you will have a replacement option.

And do not forget the drawers

Check the drawers of your chosen cabinet. Try taking them out and turn them upside down. Notice the bottom; if it is stapled or pinned, the drawer will probably fail in the time to come. Quality drawers feature plywood bottom and solid wood sides. Moreover, the sides are fitted in grooves on the bottom surface.

Organizing Your Kitchen

Organizing Your KitchenYour kitchen is probably one of the busiest rooms in your house. What does this imply? It is often cluttered and messy, and so everything is always so hard to find. And when you actually start doing this, do you tend to make an even bigger mess. We have some great tips for organizing your kitchen. We will quickly go through them here, but if you want the details, you will have to ask a reputed company which offers kitchen remodeling, kitchen fixtures and kitchen cabinets in Phoenix .

Have more drawers

Your kitchen’s functionality is dependent on the location of your fixtures and accessories. If they are located in the right manner, it will be easy for you to find everything. Drawers are especially important in this regard. You should have several of them for both your cabinetry and even under your countertops.

By the way, replace your corner cabinets’ doors with drawers. This will make it easier for you to access things. With doors, you cannot reach the farthest corners, but with drawers, pull them out, and the entire space is easily accessible.

Organize your cabinetry

Always keep your kitchen cabinets organized. Should this not be, everything will always fall outside when you open the doors. Use the upper cabinets for storing lighter items, which are used more often. As for the bottom cabinets, you can use them for heavy items like pots and pans.

Ask a company which offers kitchen cabinets in Phoenix to partition your cabinets with some shelves. This will provide you with additional storage space. Moreover, instead of using boxes and bags, you should make use of dividers. For storing your groceries, plastic containers or glass jars are a great idea.

Keep your countertops uncluttered

Piling up things on your countertops is really easy, but it makes things more difficult for you, not to mention messy. Free up your countertops of all clutter and place only necessary things on it such as a toaster or a coffee machine. If your kitchen is spacious, you can keep these things elsewhere rather than on your countertop.

There are some countertops available that feature a top-out tray underneath the sink. This is a fairly useful space for your dish clothes and scrubbers. Other than this, your countertop should also have drawers below it, which will make it easier for you to organize your things.

Install tall shelves

A great way to add more storage to your kitchen and keep it organized is to get your cabinets extended till the ceiling. If this option is not available, you can also go for tall metal shelves. In the lower parts, store all items which you require daily, whereas the upper shelves can be used for items, which you do not often need.

So act on our advice, and you will soon have a very organized kitchen.