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Wood Laminate Flooring Phoenix AZ

Having a wooden look on the flooring is becoming the ‘in-thing’ in Phoenix AZ recently, which is why most people are looking for this option for the flooring. Phoenix AZ is one of the places in the US where people love to have the most chic and stylish look of their interior and this is why you should consider getting the wood laminate done as well. It looks great after all!

Why Laminate Flooring from Superior Stone & Cabinet

Most people are choosing the laminate flooring option because this company offers some amazing benefits to its customers. They have a 60,000 sq/ft showroom situated in Phoenix AZ where customers can find a huge variety to choose the best flooring. However, the wood laminate offers the following benefits:

  1. It is extremely affordable
  2. It is durable
  3. Easy to maintain
  4. Has great aesthetic appeal
  5. It is quick to install
  6. Maintenance is also easy

An added benefit of shopping at Superior Stone & Cabinet is that you can get a free in-home estimate, and there are monthly specials as well.

Get Professional Installation Services

Asking professionals to handle the installation process is also a wonderful option that you can use by shopping at Superior Stone & Cabinet. This way, you can get flawless installation, save your time and energy and have a wonderful experience. The professionals here ensure that your flooring work completes within the shorted time possible, and all you need to do is call them up.

They handle the measurement and give you a precise estimate of how much the entire process will cost. Once they complete the project, you will see new and amazing flooring, and you will love the way they offer their services. Just try them out and see for yourself.

They Have Laminate Special Options

If you are looking for something special for flooring Phoenix AZ services, then you might want to try the Laminate Special option. The flooring material is darker than the usual wood laminate and looks very rich. It is 8mm thick, comes in seven wood species, has a distressed pressed edge, comes with a twenty-five years residential warranty, includes the three-year light commercial warranty as well, and is free of formaldehyde as well.

Pricing the Laminate Special

Because affordability is very important at Superior Stone & Cabinet, you can select three price packages:

  1. 1 box minimum or 31 sq/ft available at only $1.69 sq/ft,
  2. 42 box minimum or 1,275 sq/ft available at only $1.49 sq/ft,
  3. 126 box minimum or 3,823 sq/ft available at only $1.29 sq/ft,

When you place an order, you may not need to pay for shipping, and if you do, depending on your location, it will still be within the affordable range. You must call them for more details on flooring Phoenix AZ services.