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Smart Planning Tips for Quick, Innovative and Functional Kitchen Remodeling

Living through kitchen remodeling in Phoenix is not always fun and easy. However, we can at least make the project exciting by organizing and streamlining our prerogatives. Now, since you are finally undertaking the task of kitchen remodeling in Phoenix, the irksome task is doing without a fully functioning kitchen. With some smart tips on your fingertips, you will never have to wreak havoc on yourself.

1. Allocate a Kitchen Replacement

Eating out for the next few days can not only become irksome, but will also put a drastic strain on your budget. In fact, no matter how many times you bring in take-aways, you will always have school lunches to prepare, brew coffee, pour a bowl of cereal, all of which will take space. The best way to counteract the situation is to setup a temporary kitchen somewhere in your house. For example, if you have a guesthouse or a morning kitchen, you can use it as food-prep central. You can also use a portion of your garage or basement with a few portable tables and other important equipment.

2. Reduce Your Kitchen Gear

We know that cooking and eating routines will be highly disrupted while your kitchen remodeling in Phoenix continues. However, the best way to make ends meet is to reduce your use of kitchen gear to the most necessary ones only. Manage a kitchen as simply as you can to avoid upheaval. Put away the waffle iron, food processor, and other less used items for some time and take them out only when needed.

3. Organize Your Meals around Smaller Appliances

Place your portable workhorses, including microwaves, slow cookers, electric griddles, toaster oven, skillets, coffee makers, and hot plates close to each other so you can prepare and consume your meals all at the same place. You can also move your fridge into your temporary kitchen, or if possible, borrow a chest freezer from a friend.

4. Stock Your Pantry with Disposable Items

You should make things easier for yourself by stocking up on biodegradable or recyclable plates, cups, utensils and napkins. Not only is using recyclable items convenient, these are also a good way to save time and avoid displacement of items in chaotic situations.

5. Stock on Nonperishable Items

When you are investing most of your time in kitchen remodeling in Phoenix, you will have less time and energy to prepare meals. In such times, it is best to stock up on non-perishable snacks. These will take less space and are instant solutions to curb your hunger pangs. You can stock up items in your fridge as well, such as fruits, vegetables for quick salads, ready to eat puddings, cakes, soft drinks, peanut butter, etc.


Kitchen remodeling in Phoenix is an expansive project to undertake. There are lots of ways to substitute your kitchen within your house. Garage and basements are popular areas for makeshift kitchens since you can plug in your refrigerator, put up a dining table etc.