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Remove Stains From Your Granite

Your granite will be sealed when it is installed. This does not mean your that your granite is stain proof, it just means that it is more stain resistant. Always clean up any spills immediately after they happen. It also highly advised to apply additional sealer one week after install and again 3 weeks after install. After that follow the directions of the sealer manufacture. If a stain does occur there are some ways to remove the stains. One poultice we tried that worked on most stains is as follows. (A poultice is another name for a paste like substance) Mix 1 cup of flour with two table spoons of dish soap. Then add water until the poultice turns into a paste. Once the poultice is fully mixed spread it over the stained area. After it is spread, apply wax paper over the spread and pat it down to the poultice (removing air). Finally, tape all the edges of the wax paper to keep the air out to prolong drying time. Leave the poultice covered for at least 10 hours then remove plastic. After it is removed scrape off the poultice then wipe clean with water and dish soap. Allow 24 to 48 hours for the water mark to dry out and repeat if necessary. As always apply this to a inconspicuous area first to make sure it will not damage your granite.